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19-09-2007, 23:56
ok this is my first HOC list so please do what it takes to help me. this is a 1500pt list that will go against Dark Elves. As mentioned before this is my first list so if ive screwed it up im sorry and i will need your help to fix it. so here goes. please rip up and use for loo paper and any and all advice is welcome.

Exalted Champion of Chaos
Additional hand weapon
Gaze of Gods
Enchanted sheild

Chaos Sorcerer
Lvl 2
Mark of slanesh
Dispell scroll
Sceptre of domination

Chaos Warriors x 10
Full command
Banner of Wrath
(Exalted champ here)

Marauders x 20
Full command

Chaos knights x 5

(Sorecer here)

Blood letters x 10
Full Command

Nuglings x 2
- 80

Spawn of chaos x 2
Blood beats of khorne

This list comes in at about 11 pnts shy of 1500. it is my first list so be nice!

Thanx in advance for the help


21-09-2007, 02:24
bump bump anyone please rate this

24-09-2007, 18:13
can somone please rate this?

24-09-2007, 19:57
I dont have a ton of games under my belt but heres what id recommend

- Sorc in chariot is going to get shot to pieces in that chariot you can leave him in there but id grab a 2nd chariot.

-Warriors are not very good for there points and ten of them is even worse
smallest unit should be twelve 6x2 with xhw. and the only time i would consider it is in a tzeentch army. So id say drop them.

-You can put the general in the unit of maurders they can benifit form his ld. Also im a big fan of the helm of many eyes and great weapon combo for heros in a maurder unit. Plus i doubt you will be going up against to many things you will need the ward save plus if you do the strike first w/ 4 attacks and str7 will dispatch most other army generals.

- Ive never used bloodletters but Im a big fan of minotaurs for around the same points there you can have a unit of 4 minotaurs thats 12 str 6 attacks. Will make a mess of alot of those heavy armourd units out there.

- I would try to see if you can find some room for a unit furies and some warhounds for screening. Furies can screen first turn and go after warmachines in the second.

thats about all i got

Little Aaad
24-09-2007, 20:12
Ok nice first attempt...

To start off the exalted champ is fine but i think that a 4+ ward save is unnecessary against dark elf. I only play Dark Elfs and Chaos atm and Chaos have a good enough Armour save to protect from all of those Str 3 men.

The Sorcerer I have no problem with except maybe I would try saying having 2 Scrolls and that will help so so much against Magic Attack.

Here is something that needs to change... Chaos warriors are good. There is absolutly no point in making them chosen. 6 points a model is so so not worth it for +1 Attack and +1 Armour save at this amount of points. I would lose this to buy more Warriors and Definatly not put your hero here... Marauders need his killyness and Ld. Marking them Khorne is a good cheaper Substitute for Chosen too.

Marauders are fine but Light Armour could help here as now we need survivability if the General goes here.

Chaos Knights need a mucician. When Cav. runs off they dont tend to come back easier.

Chariot is fine.

I personaly think that the bloodletters could be replaced with an identical unit of marauders and a 5 man unit of furies for mage hunting and WM hunting. These will be more likly to gain back their points.

I dont know much about Nurglings so im not going to comment here.

Spawns could suit better as slaanesh? 3D6 movment beats str5 in this army.

1 note. You cant take a hero of a mark unless there is a unit of the same mark.

Hope I helped