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20-09-2007, 01:33
At least, the goal is to make it non-Cheesy. Please don't beat me up too hard over this though; I'm still pretty new at this, and I have the tendency to underestimate the value of some things!

I really wanted to include a Master Engineer, but after re-re-re-looking at it, there was just no way to justify putting him in. So instead I have the Outrider Champion and Handgunner Marksman both "engineer" items to make up for it.

The idea obviously is to avoid a "gunline" even though I have a lot of blackpowder shooting. In addition to all that shooting, I have 125 Halberdiers (chosen more for the fact that they're the 'most common state troops" rather than actually being good), so I figure that gives me an excellent melee infantry element, both to defend my line, and if necessary go digging for enemy troops if they decide to avoid my fire.

The Steam Tank is just far too cool to not put in, the original idea was to have 2, but I've been told that that's ridiculously overpowered, and I don't want to be overpowered >.> just aiming for a theme here!

General of the Empire w/ Armor of Meteoric Iron, Pistol


25 Halberdiers w/ Full Command
5 Handgun Detatchment

25 Halberdiers w/ Full Command
5 Handgun Detatchment

25 Halberdiers w/ Full Command
5 Handgun Detatchment

25 Halberdiers w/ Full Command
5 Handgun Detatchment

25 Halberdiers w/ Full Command
5 Handgun Detatchment

10 Handgunners w/ Musician, Marksman, Marksman w/ Hochland Longrifle


Great Cannon

Great Cannon

5 Pisoliers w/ Outrider, Musician

5 Outriders w/ Outrider Champion, Musician, Champion w/ Grenade Launching Blunderbuss


Steam Tank

Helstorm Rocket Battery

Total: 1999pts

So what do you think; is this a reasonably balanced Engineering army? Or am I still looking at a giant hunk of cheddar?

20-09-2007, 07:25
No cheddar in my opinion, if anything, the list is underpowered due to its lack of characters and more importantly, Magic. 2 Dispel dice....thats not going to help against anyone except dwarves or Khorne. A Slann, High Elf Seer council or undead will have a field day.

Fluff wise, its great to see large blocks of infantry although No Engineer characters is a bit odd given the fluff. I know the outriders champion is better! but still... Expect the outriders/pistoliers to be decimated by magic missiles and regular fire. Empire Knights might help, you could convert them on clockwork steeds or something (no ingame effect, just looks cool).

You have no gunline, well done :) All the handgunners will provide enough excellent cover fire, but dont expect wonders from the hochland. The hellstorms great, but why not 2 steam tanks if you want? People who scream and cry about two steam tanks usualy have a 2nd Gen Slann with skink army of Doom or a Skaven Skyre horde. Just because your using your armies better units doesnt make you a bad player, they are just sore loosers (Steam Tanks are not that uber!).

Good Luck, I love big empire infantry armies!

20-09-2007, 09:31
Hehe, thanks <^_^> I'm not sure if I'll ever actually do this one - its an idea I know I'd like to try eventually, but its one of those low-priority ones.

Still, its fun to muck with lists now and again, and I love the Empire's black powder stuff. However, I'm one of those sorts that sees the State Troops as the backbone of the Empire war machine, and only a few types of armies I can imagine wouldn't include at least a couple blocks of em >.<;

The lack of Magic is actually intentional, I know its not a good idea really, but the reason is that I want this to be a sort of "Tech over magic" type army. I'm not sure if its a matter of them being excessively pious and thus loathing of witches and wizards, or if its a matter of them putting their faith in physical objects, unreliable as they may sometimes be.

Knights though might be an idea... if I do the clockwork horse thing, I'll definitely be converting them pretty darn heavily >.> I love the idea of the Clockwork Horse, but I HATE the model <;_;> (I'm sure everyone has said that though eh?) Needs more gears and levers and perhaps a big boiler >.>;

... Ooo...

Or mini-steamtanks.

*evil thoughts*


(Thanks for listening to my rambling and looking over the list. I really appreciate it!)

21-09-2007, 15:34
Not sure... it just kind of strikes me as a bit of a boring list. I understand the want of fluffy, but Empire Halberds really do suck. That being said, the Hockland is much better as a deterrent than it is at killing things. It makes wizards stay out of its live of fire, less they lose a head.

The army would be balanced were it not for the complete lack of characters and the one-trick troop blocks. Having a block of Swordsmen and/or spears would mix things up and give variety. Other than that, the specials and rares aren't far off from a standard army list, minus Greatswords.

Expect to be outmaneuvered and out-magiced. Not a huge deal if you're playing Dwarfs or Chaos, but will be a nightmare against any Elves, Lizzies, O&G, and undead.