View Full Version : Argh! Lucius!!!

20-09-2007, 04:30
So I wanted to try out Lucius with my Fabius Bile list I'm thinking of doing. He get charged by some Templars... ok, that was kind've what I wanted (at least in this instance). Oh look, he killed 3 of them, nifty. Now giggle as his armor kills the rest of the squad. The Templar attack me, 2 wounds, no problem... TWO 2S!!!!!! Son of a.... Powerfist... okay, 5+ invulnerable... 3?!?!? Come on Lucius, all that martial prowess and amazing wargear kills 3 marines?

That was my rant about Lucius performing like a lame grot... thanks for reading.

20-09-2007, 04:32
Hehe, you're just mad b/c my Templar rocked his sado-masochistic world XD