View Full Version : 2000 pts Chaos Undivided Mortal (cheese check?)

20-09-2007, 04:31
An army list I've written recently, going for an 'Elite' chaos army... think it's a goody but can smell the faint whiff of something we all hate so felt it best I check the general opinion before I spend money on making it happen;

(ps.. because I think it's good i imagine chances are anyone experienced have seen a million identical lists so apologies in advance ;))

Chaos Lord (undivided): Hellfire Sword, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of protection - 310 pts

Aspiring Champion (undivided): Battle Standard Bearer; Banner of the Gods - 230 pts

Chaos Sorcerer (undivided): 2 dispel scrolls - 135 pts

5 warhounds - 30 pts

5 warhounds - 30 pts

14 marauders: great weapons, light armour, full command - 151 pts

15 marauders: great weapons, light armour, full command - 160 pts

18 Chosen Warriors (undivided): shields, champion and musician - 396

6 Chosen Chaos Knights (undivided): War banner - 345

6 Furies - 90

Spawn - 60

Spawn - 60

Total: 1997 pts

esentially my tactic would be to stick the lord and aspiring champion in with the chosen warriors having an unbreakable core (the lord being there to protect the BsB with timely challenges) with the two, now stubborn, regiments of marauders on either side basking in the lords leadership... with the knights rolling up a flank as they tend to do and the spawn and warhounds blocking and distracting as they please....

cheesy or fair game?


20-09-2007, 05:07
If you want to improve the effectiveness of that list, there is one simple change I can suggest

And that would be taking off the Talisman and Ench shield on your general, and giving him the Helm of Many Eyes. Picture this, even if you get charged (Which is most likely going to happen, as Warriors are rather slow), your general strikes first. Even further, with the Hellfire sword, if you issue a challenge, most likely whatever he accepts with will take the full amount of wounds for combat resolution (# of wounds model has + 5 overkill). On even a regular unit champion, that is 6 CR, added to your ranks, BSB, and standard.

Without that, there is a much greater possibility that your hellfire sword will be wasted on one wound models, making it easier for your unit to break.

Also, if you aren't facing any armies that have LoS from a large target's viewpoint, you should consider putting your Aspiring Champ behind your infantry block, that way anything that charges your warriors cannot direct attacks at him, thus ruining your unbreakable tactic.