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20-09-2007, 15:53
So I've recently started playing dwarfs, and with the GT heats round the corner I thought I'd better get some practice in so I don't embarrass myself too much :rolleyes: So I arranged a game with one of my regular opponents (J), who is also using a new army at the GT, my very own High Elves

Having been very frustrated by my own attempts at planning an army (not enough special slots) I had a little look on Bugman's Brewery, and thought I'd try out this list, as it had most of the elements I wanted in my ideal force.

All credit for the list goes to Lord Firmshaft at Bugman's.

(Oh, and I'm doing this from memory at work, so points values may have to wait till I get home)

2000pt Dwarfs

Runelord - shield, RoStone, RoResistance, RoPreservation, Anvil of Doom
Thane, MroGromril, RoFurnace, RoCleaving, BsB
20 Warriors, full command, shields
20 Longbeards, full command, shields
10 Quarrellers, shields
10 Thunderers, shields
10 Hammerers, standard, RoBattle
10 Slayers
Bolt Thrower, engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning, MRoImmolation
9 Miners
Organ Gun

High Elves (I know the book pretty well, but not 100% sure on the items my mate chose)

Prince, heavy armour, shield, Lance, Helm of Fortune, Reaver Bow, Ring of Corin, Griffon
Level 2 mage, barded steed, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand, Lore of Light
Level 2 mage, Jewel of the Dusk, Seer, Pure of Heart, High Magic
20 Spearmen, full command
2 x 6 Silver Helms, shields, heavy armour, 1 unit had a champion
6 Dragon Princes, full command, Banner of Sorcery
5 Ellyrian Reavers, musician
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
2 Great Eagles

So looking at what he had chosen, I felt fairly confident, so long as I didn't flee in Terror I thought I'd be ok. Anyway, to battle...


J won the roll for table sides and chose the side with the convenient hill, mainly to deny me access to it, fair enough really. Having learned (or so I thought) from my previous game (loss vs Beasts of Chaos, report coming soon) I deployed in a tighter formation, with the missile units getting as good as possible fields of fire, and the anvil as out of the way as possible.

J loaded his left flank with his cavalry, supported by the Griffonlord, who was also the general.

J also won the roll for first turn (going well so far)


J's faster units on the flanks advanced rapidly, threatening my missile units, with the remainder of the cavalry being more cautious. His RBTs targetted my thunderes and quarrellers, combined with fire from his lord (3 s5 hits a turn all game - ouch) and any magic missiles that got through my magic defense. 2 panic tests, both passed (one with a longbeard re-roll). Revealing the Ring of Corin, the Griffonlord neutralises my BsB's armour runes.


Little movement from me, just the thunderers correcting some poor deployment - if the eagle or Griffon charged, I at least wanted a stand and shoot. The gyro also went on ahead, to threaten the RBT and Spearmen

Not to worry - the Organ let rip, reducing the Eagle to a pile of feathers. My attempted Wrath and Ruin on the Griffonlord backfired, but only no runes this turn. A bolt thrower shot at the Griffonlord caused one wound on the mount, and some potshots at the spearmen took out a couple. Choices choices with the gyro - in the end the temptation of roasting some spearmen was too great - 13 hits, 2 wounds :eyebrows: In hindsight, I definitely should have focused on the RBTs more, but more on that later...


J's Reavers advance to threaten the bolt thrower and potentially the anvil.
The Griffonlord runs for cover, while the remaining Eagle gets behind the lines to threaten the Bolt thrower crew. The spearmen turn to let the mage have a view to the lurking gyro, while the rest of the army advances slowly, trying to get more magic in range without risking return fire.

Again focussing on my shooting units, the Organ gun went down in hail of bolts and magical fire (12 hits from the Ring of Fury, sheesh), along with some more thunderers and quarrellers. The BsB loses his RoCleaving.


BIG MISTAKE NO.1 - I charge my Gyro into the spearmen, in the hopes of killing the pure of heart mage. I figured I had a good chance of doing at least a wound, and with 3d6 flee I should be able to fight another day.

No sign of my miners as yet. The slayers U-turn to deal with the Eagle. The rest of the army worries about the prospect of a Griffon on the doorstep, but, realising there's little to be done about it, stays put (BIG MISTAKE NO. 2 I should have been advancing from this point - taking it to 'em!).

The slayers charge the Eagle, a la anvil. The rest of my shooting is massively ineffective, with the bolt thrower missing the flank of a far off unit of Silver helms a particular disappointment.


In combat my slayers see off the Eagle, which flees off the board. Meanwhile my Gyrocopter pilot fails to even hit the mage, flees a mighty 5" and is destroyed :wtf: No more suicide missions for you, methinks.


J's Reavers want to charge my bolt thrower, but the shape of the wood won't let him. He reluctantly declares one on the slayers, only to fall short. They'll be in next turn though....
The Griffonlord changes his mind and returns to behind his own lines, which all advance slightly to keep the pressure on.

Magic and shooting sees to the end of the thunderers, most of the quarellers, and some Hammerers. The Hammerers lose their RoBattle to add insult to injury.


Still no sign of the miners, who have obviosuly gotten slightly lost. I (finally) start to get my army moving forward, but only a little. The slayers spin round again, to help out the bolt thrower with a little help from the Anvil....

....which they would have done, if it hadn't BLOWN UP! :wtf: Only it's second outing, and down it goes (or possibly up, and then down, followed by much bouncing around and general breakage.) Oh well - should be safe for the next 34 games, right? Right?

Hiding my disappointment, I take a pot shot at the Griffon with the bolt thrower, dealing 3 wounds and taking it down! Result! Good thing i dispelled Healing Light in J's last turn...


J's Reavers get their charge on the bolt thower. The now ex-Griffonlord makes for the hills, while the rest of the army re-assess the situation. (Read: I can't quite remember what they did here....)

J's shooting switches to my Hammerers and Warriors, thinning the ranks before the charge. Magic sees the game's first miscast (woohoo!) dealing a wound to the mage on foot and killing all spearmen in base contact. Also, the Ring of Fury runs out, although it'd be fair to say it'd done its job.

In combat the Reavers stamp on 2 Bolt thower crew, who take out one rider in return. Losing the combat, the crew hold firm regardless.


The Slayers, under their own steam now, charge the Reavers to (hopefully)save the Bolt thrower.

The miners finally arrive. Given the situation now, I bring them on on my own table edge and send them forwards to guard my longbeard's flank (BIG MISTAKE NO.3 I should have stuck with my original plan and brought them on on J's edge, to net me an RBT and a table quarter)

Realising (too late) that I really need to get to grips with J's troops, I send eveything forwards, hoping that I still have the support available to take his charges and flank him.

No shooting to speak of now, and in combat the slayers (using GWs now) fail horribly, allowing the Reavers to hold and kill another crewman, leaving just the engineer left alive.

20-09-2007, 16:07
...is that the end? Go High Elves! I assume you meant the Anvil blew up, a Bolt Thrower blowing up is not only impossible but not the end of the world ;)

Bit of an odd list really, it's nice seeing an attempt to use an Anvil in a balanced list at 2000 points, but without any dispelling runes you were really not going to get far.

Might want to add the Griffon to the Prince's equipment too. Good report so far though!

20-09-2007, 16:20
(Continuing the story....)


This is where we realise BIG MISTAKE NO. 4 has happened - somehow I've managed to expose the flank of my warrior unit to one of J's Helm units. It's very tight, and in the end we roll for it, but it turns out they are in the flank arc. Faced with a front and side charge, I decide to flee, with a reasonable chance of not being caught....only to roll the full 12", the only possible result that could have gotten me off the board, the 11" move just clipping the board edge :cries:

Meanwhile, J's Dragon Princes had also declared a charge on the Hammerer unit - however, the terrain and the two failed charges next door prevented them reaching the target, leaving them stranded in front of their intended victims.

The bolt thowers and mages pile on the casualties where they can, with good use made in particular of Curse of Arrow Attraction. The last quarellers go down, along with some Hammerers and miners.

The slayers managed to remember that those heavy, sharp things they were carrying were in fact axes, and hey presto, one broken Reaver unit.


Resisting the urge to charge the stranded Silver Helm unit with my longbeards, as they'd only flee and leave me exposed in turn, my only charge was the Hammerers into the Dragon Princes - who promptly fled, cowards!

My longbeards advanced on the spearmen unit, miners in tow as support.

The rather lonesome engineer singlehandedly cranked the bolt-thrower round, and, whispering 'This one's for you, Snorri!' (the recently deceased loader had been his special friend) promptly let fly, slaughtering 5 Silver Helms in a single shot.


Hilariously (for me anyway) the proud Dragon Princes (including a mage, and carrying the banner of sorcery) failed to rally on Ld 10, meaning they were still fleeing at the end of the game :D The Reavers rallied, but couldn't move.

The Spearmen backed away from the oncoming dwarfs, allowing one more turn's worth of shooting and magical attack. The miners and Hammerers felt the brunt of it, but no panic checks were needed.


At this point I realised that there wasn't actually anything I could do. I couldn't reach the enemy, or in fact anything else, and my bolt thrower couldn't fire this turn (the engineer was busy crying over Snorri's hoof-printed corpse). So that was that.

All that was left was to count the cost, with the High Elves coming out ~700 VPs ahead, making it a solid victory for J. All in all, a good game, and plenty of lessons to be learned (or not :))

Thanks for reading!

20-09-2007, 16:26
Cheers EvC, have edited the first part to make more sense now :)

I think the list is fine, it's more my general ineptness (or should that be inept generalness ha ha) using it.

With the Anvil I had 7 dispel dice, which should have been enough to see off the worst of the flak coming my way. A few bad rolls though, and the nasty surprise of both rings (given that I'm HE player, not saving 1 dice for the Ring of Fury was a bit dense - but I couldn't have predicted 12 hits on the organ gun :)) meant I took a bit of a pounding at times.

21-09-2007, 00:22
Nice report, here's what i make of it...

Well, one second ago i had paragraphs of stuff then i thought otherwise :)

I just think against an army that has more points invested in ranged attacks than you that is also more manoeuvrable will always be tricky. Your anvil will be crucial and blowing up on its second misfire was terrible. Against a similar opponent i'd think about just rushing forward and surprising them. This should put a bit of pressure on, just be careful about being surrounded. When combat gets going though things can start ending up all over the place and this could result in a unit being within a turn and anvil charge of an important enemy's flank.

I probably don't know what i'm talking about, i really don't approve of dwarfs and camping around a hill is all they seem to be half decent at. Good luck :p