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21-09-2007, 01:49
In the Beast rulebook, and I am sure it also applies to Mortal armies, it states that a character must have the same mark of Chaos as any unit it joins.

Therefore, an Undivided Beastlord cannot join a unit of Khorne Bestigors. A Khorne Beastlord cannot join a unit of Undivided Bestigors, and so on. This seems obvious to me and I state it as an example of the rules.

My question for you guys is this, can a Khorne Beastlord join an unmarked Beast Herd. The Herd of Gors and Ungors has no mark so what's the rule? Is it considered Undivided and therefore can only be joined by Undivided characters, or is it a blank slate...

Along these lines, assuming it has no mark and therefore can be joined by anybody, can two characters with different marks be in the same Beast herd. Can I take, for example, a Khorne Beastlord, join the unit, and then join it with a Tzeentch Battle Standard Bearer and an undivided Shaman? Or does it somehow take on the Mark of whoever joined it first and then that prohibits anyone else?

21-09-2007, 03:40
A unit without any mark may be joined by characters with any mark. E.g. a beastlord with mark of Khorne can join a beastherd. Having no mark is not the same as having mark of chaos undivided.

Your second question is more of a controversy. Some say two differently marked characters can join the same unmarked unit, other say they can't.

I think they can't. When a character joins a unit he is in all respects a part of that unit, thus when a second character comes to join the unit there is in it a different mark and therefore he is not allowed to join.

Here (http://warseer.com/forums/fantasy-rules/82021-mark-of-chaos-question.html?)'s a link to a previous discussion of the topic.


21-09-2007, 04:03
Yeah thats a little tricky, the rules dont say anything against it and when a unit has a charicter of a different mark in it it doesent make the unit also lets say blessed by khorne however some of the abilities transfer into the unit but that doesnt mean they are marked are they? Tecnically unless the FAQ says something against it id say it would be allowed but it doesent seem right.

21-09-2007, 19:39
This has been done to death.

Lets not go through it all again.

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