View Full Version : 2000 pt TK list fighting OG, D, and HE

He Who Is Him
21-09-2007, 01:51
I'm doing a mini-campaign pretty soon and was trying to come up with a list that included the Bone Giant. This is my first list with a Bone Giant in a loooong time (last time he fell victim to the worst dice rolling possible, literally, and we haven't spoken since). I wanted a list that's really mobile and takes the fight to the enemy. So here's where I'm at:

Tomb King - 170
Liche Priest - 115
Liche Priest - 115

12 Light Horsemen - 168
4 Chariots - Standard - 180
4 Chariots - Standard - 180

4 Ushabti - 260
4 Carrion - 96
Tomb Scorpion - 85
Tomb Scorpion - 85

Bone Giant - 220
SSC - 90

Total: 1764

So that's where I'm at right now. I don't know if I want to add an other Liche Priest or a Tomb Prince to lead the chariots. Also, I haven't equipped anyone, units or characters, so I'm going to probably need to shave some points to get the banners and gear I want. Any feedback would be helpful.

21-09-2007, 05:07
Why 12 light horsemen? The logic escapes me. I would rather have 10 heavy. or two units of 6, so at least I can sacrafice them with a good conscience. If you need to shave points simply play with 5 of these guys.
Otherwise I like your list. As far as your last character goes it is a quandry. A priest could really help your constructs in combat, but a second prince in a chariot makes both chariot units very deadly. If I knew I was facing a lot of shooting or magic I would take the priest, if I was more facing melee type armies the prince.

He Who Is Him
21-09-2007, 22:16
The 12 light horsemen were there to add a little shooting for the turns it would take me to get to the enemy. I was thinking of switching them to 10 Heavy, but I wouldn't want to run them at 6 because they'll get torn up before they have a chance to do anything. I never run TK calv less than 10 if I can avoid it. I was also thinking of switching them with a unit of 2 or 3 swarms. It would shave 33 or 78 points and give me some tactical options, but would force more missile fire onto my other units and take away my ability to outnumber once down the field. Do you think I'm better off with the heavy calv or the tomb swarms?