View Full Version : Falling Giant, and Beast Herd questions

21-09-2007, 06:34
Question #1: When a giant falls on a unit, lets say it hits 3 full and 4 partial models. Lets say 5 die. The unit that it fell on has not gone yet, and at the start of the fight there were 3 models in BTB with the giant, and 3 spears in the 2nd rank that were going to swing at it. How many models now get to swing at the giant that turn, now that it is laying in the middle of the unit? What about the next turn while he is busy standing up?

Question #2: In a beast herd with full command, what happens to the musician and the standard when the herd takes enough damage to have killed all the Gors? To the ungors pick up the horn and the standard? Do the 2 Gors that were the standard and musician get to live since the standard and musician are supposed to be the last models in the unit to die? Are the standard and musician lost and the ungors can't pick them up?


21-09-2007, 06:43
Answer One: The giant is still located exactly where it was before it fell. Everyone can that could strike at it then can strike at it now.

Answer Two: Once all of the gor's die, the command is lost.

21-09-2007, 07:28
While the Giant's rules for falling over are quite colorful and certainly stirs the imagination, in practice he isn't actually moved. As G says, the giant stays where he is.

If you have models that have yet to make their attacks when the giant falls on them you should take care to make sure the damage is worked out separately for the models that are eligible to fight and those that are not.

Eg: The giant falls on models that can fight (2 complete, 3 partial) and models that cannot (1 complete, 4 partial). I'm sure you can work out the rest.

Regardless: The Giant is just a big gay* guy, and you should keep that in mind when using or fighting him.


*) As in "fun"!