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21-09-2007, 06:43
Hey all!

Going to a tournament in 2 weeks or so, with special scenarios and whatnot, the scenarios worth half the points of the games.
To this end, there are a few things that are worth-while having in this tournament and that is:

1) US5+ (at the end of the game, characters never count).
2) Units that cost more than 100 points initially and comply with #1.

The above are criteria for being a scoring unit (claiming table, quarters, zones, objectives and so on).
There is also a maximum of 9PD that can be spent per turn, first bound item counts for 1 PD, each subsequent one counts as 2PD spent.

With this in mind and some restrictions concerning how many of the same type of troops were allowed, I made the following list:


Chaos Lord, General, Chaos Steed, MoCU
Sword of Might
Armour of Damnation
Gaze of the Gods
@ 317 p.

Bray Shaman, MoCU, LvL 2
Power Familiar
@ 166 p.

Bray Shaman, MoCU, LvL 2
2xDispel Scroll
@ 166 p.


6 Chosen Chaos Knights, MoCU, Standard, Musician
@ 325 p.
Lord's unit.

2 Chaos Chariots of Tzeentch, MoT
@ 140 p. each / 280 p. total

5 Marauder Horsemen, Musician
Throwing Axes
@ 101 p.
Added the Throwing axes to make these chaps a scoring unit.

5 Chaos Warhounds
@ 30 p.

5 Chaos Warhounds
@ 30 p.


Beast Herd, 7 Gors/6 Ungors, Champion, Musician
Gors w. add. hw.
Ungors w. shields
@ 104 p.
Will add a measure of protection for the shamans and will also count as a scoring unit.

7 Furies
@ 105 p.

3 Screamers
@ 99 p.
To make this unit scoring I would have had to take a minimum of 5 for the US5+, and then I'd have to make sure none of them died til the end of the game to have them count as scoring - I thought the points best spent elsewhere.

3 Minotaurs, MoCU
Great Weapons
@ 138 p.
I know they'd be better off being 4 strong and all, but I opted for 3 for more points to spend elsewhere.


3 Dragon Ogres
Great Weapons
Light Armour
@ 237 p.

2 Fiends of Slaanesh
@ 75 p. each / 150p. total

2248 points total

9 PD
5 DD
2 Scrolls

Feel free to comment on everything! I want to hear what you have to say, be it good or bad... :angel:



21-09-2007, 12:22
What? No replies?

*starts to cry*

21-09-2007, 12:51
Well I am not an expert in big battles, but I would change this:

Chaos lord into exalted champion with only a halberd, you could add a magic weapon if you want. What you can also do is make a exalted deamon as a general to help your other deamon units.
What you can also do is to field a chaos lord with dragon, to help your airborne units.

I don't think the 2 lvl 2 mages with undivided magic will be so powerful, you could keep a 1 lvl 1 with a dispel scroll, this is the well known scroll caddy tactic.

6 knights + hero would be to wide I think, I would drop the number to 5, you can also make the knights marked khorne instead of chosen, it is cheaper and you will be immune to psychology, as well as having another dispel dice. Also I would add a war banner to this unit.

For the freed up points you might be able to buy a second unit of 5/6 chaos khorne knights if you would like.

The chariots will slow you down in this battle as I see you only have got fast units other then them, I wouldnt use them.

I am not sure about the marauder horsemen, but they could help out if you use them for flanking, then it might be better to add a rank?

The warhounds are good to screen, you might want to get another unit to leave behind for the victory points, unless you face heavy shooting where you may need extra cannon fodder.

The beast herd is a good unit to take shots as well, altough it would be better to add some more ungors, you won't need shields for the ungors I think.

The flying troops are good, and I believe that each screamer adds 3 US so you can use them to flank as well as hunt for war machines.

The minotaurs and the dragon ogres are good units with devasting charges, only make sure they do not get hit before they can charge.

Spawn are good, they can tie up the enemy, but with this big army you'll have, they could walk in the way, altough I think they would work very well with your units who are especially good in the charge.

I hope this is useful information for you!

21-09-2007, 14:24
Hey Mark - thanks for your reply.

The reasons for choosing a Lord over an exalted champion/daemon are as follows:

-Added leadership.
-More points to spend on magic basically. I want my general to stay in the game and he has a higher chance of doing so with the gear that he has now. An exalted daemon is too flimsy for my taste, no armour save and a regular 5+ ward save at best. I have however considered the dragon lord.

The 2 shamans have 9 PD to play with, which is the maximum available per turn at this tournament, and I, personally, see some great tactical options in the lores available to them. Most turns I should successfully cast 3 spells, which he will then have to deny somehow. I suspect that some players will go very easy on the magic defense in this tournament, seeing as there's a cap on the PD.

I've chosen the 6 knights+lord setup for several reasons. First and foremost, 2 of these knights will have to be taken out of action before my lord loses his 'Look out, sir!'-roll. Same reason that I haven't taken a champion here. Furthermore, they're chosen, so they have a 1+ armour save. That means that I'll have to be wounded by strength 5+ or strength 4+ with AP for my armour save to be worse than 2+.
You suggest Khornate knights. Not a bad idea, although I would be worried about being baited. Also, this would leave me with no room for my Lord, unless I make him Khornate as well, and there goes all my Tzeentch and Slaanesh stuff. ;)
Also, ItP isn't always a good thing ;)
The chariots are indeed slower than the rest of my army, and in this case I'm sorta glad they are. They'll be running alongside the herd, lending flank protection and extra powerdice to the shamans and will then act as 'second wave' units, lending punch where it's needed.
Seeing as I'm short on points, I'm reluctant to add another rank to the marauder horsemen. I'd rather get a second seperate unit instead. They're mostly there to act as bait in a colaborative effort with the hounds, using feigned flight as well as they can. If there is no need for this, or if priorities tell me otherwise, they'll harrass the flanks.
A third warhound unit could be a good idea if I decide to change some stuff and have the points available.
Screamers are US 1, sadly :( Otherwise I would've added a fourth to make it a scoring unit. As it stands now, I'll need 5 of them to make it a scoring unit, and only one of them will have to be knocked off for that advantage to be taken away.
Minotaurs have actually been my biggest worry so far in playtesting this list. They're so damn fragile, especially vs. wood elves, and I've been contemplating dropping them more than once.
Dragon Ogres OTOH are much more resilient with their 4+ armour save.
I think you must have miscounted my army or something - it's not big at all. Not big enough for the spawns to get in the way anyway - not unless I forget what I'm doing completely.

Thanks a ton for the C&C Mark - given me lots to think about and always nice to see what immediate reactions to a list from someone else are like.



22-09-2007, 01:18
More comments please! I need them! Badly! :D

23-09-2007, 10:18
I like your list, TruckStopper - and your reasoning. Seems pretty well rounded (albeit small - but that's Chaos for you).

I would like to see you have 4 moo-moo's though, but I understand that the points would be a bit hard to find without messing something else up.

I think you're on the right track.


The SkaerKrow
25-09-2007, 06:56
The scoring system that you have to adhere to creates some interesting situations that might not otherwise exist in a list designed for pitched battles. Then again, I bet that's why they use a scoring system.

I'm not a Chaos player, but I have faced my share of agents of the Ruinous Powers on the tabletop. I'm wondering about your inclusion of Warhounds. They are cheap, but they're not impressive in combat, don't function as a "scoring unit" if I understand the criteria, and can cause other units in your army to panic if they're destroyed. I don't know how much an individual Minotaur costs, but it might be worthwhile to consider losing them and instead taking a fourth Moo-Beast.

Otherwise, it seems to be a solid an interesting list. Good luck in your event!

25-09-2007, 10:33
I think the warhounds are there for screening and baiting purposes mostly, something he would otherwise lack in abundance. Most of his army is either ItP or has MoCU, so panic tests shouldn't cause him that many problems. A fourth moo-beast could be good though.


26-09-2007, 11:58
Thanks alot for the feedback, guys!

The warhounds are indeed there for screening/flanking/baiting purposes, not to act as a scoring unit. They're supposed to be my "expendables" in this list, hopefully drawing a bit of fire.

I've tried dabbling with the list, hoping to be able to squeeze in a fourth minotaur, but I can't seem to come up with any satisfactory solutions.

Any ideas or further comments?