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21-09-2007, 14:21
I'm considering playing this partly by proxy in a friendly game with my tomb kings as well as a few vampire models I have picked up. I wanted to try out an all necromancer list and try to overwhelm my opponent with zombies. Any comments?

Master necromancer, cursed book, ring of the night, black periapt, lvl 4.
Necromancer, staff of fiery death, lvl 2
Necromancer, power familiar, lvl 2,
Necromancer, Book of Arkhan, dispel roll
13 power, 8 dispel dice, one dispel roll, 2 bound spells +periapt

(The necromancers would stay up front until enemies get close to charge distance, then will fall back to small zombie unit)


30 zombies, banner
30 zombies, banner
30 zombies, banner
30 zombies banner
15 zombies, banner
10 ghouls, ghast


5 black knights, barding
5 black knights, barding
3 giant bats
23 grave guard, banner, war banner.


2 banshees

Basically the idea is to put the grave guard and big zombie units out front, with the master necromancer eventually behind in the small unit, so as many enemies as possible suffer from the effects of the cursed book. the black knights and banshees get to hang back to protect the flanks and eventually attack units engaged by zombies in the flank. Ghouls are there to flush anyone out of difficult terrain, and the bats are always useful to hunt war machines, or to sacrafice.

21-09-2007, 17:08
hi there
Wow thats a lot of zombies.
Ok firstly whats a magic harmonculus. the list looks quite...erm i'm not too sure really. i think you should be ok with it on account of you will be able to outnumber almost everyone without even raising more. i would suggest changing the Flamey death stick for the staff of damnation as it will help your zombies survive a bit more in combat. well maybe a little anyway. would be quite intimidating to c n the battle field i think.


21-09-2007, 18:33
I wouldn't put the necros out in front... unless your enemy has no shooting.

21-09-2007, 18:44
I meant to have the necromancers initially out in the first rank of the big zombie units, not alone.
I have the book in german here, since the friends I play with are Austrian and use the german book. I think its a magic familiar in English. Gives +1 energy and dispel dice. I'll change it in my text.

21-09-2007, 18:52
That would be a "Power Familiar".
And in english, they're called "power dice".
So just swap "magic" with "power" and "energy" with "power" and you're set!

May the fo...erm...power be with you!

21-09-2007, 19:25
Thanks! I`m all powered up now!

25-09-2007, 09:22
Add musicians to your zombie units, then swap out the black knights, bats, grave guard and banshees for more zombies...maybe a few more ghouls too.

THEN you'll have a genuinely crazy zombie list. ;)