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21-09-2007, 17:00
For background for a story I'm working on, I'd appreciate any information anyone could point me toward regarding chimeras -- the IG tank/personnel carriers.
Things such as: how many crew, how heavy, how armored, top speed, and so on.
I've seen blueprint/schematics for SM tanks: land raiders, predators, etc. Anyone ever see anything like that for chimeras?

Sir Daniel of Smeg
21-09-2007, 17:48
your likely to find all that info and more in IA1, i dont have it myself but i know it has a lot of background stuff on imperial guard tanks.

21-09-2007, 18:19
This is what it says in CA2004:
Weigh - 38 tonnes
Lenght - 6.90m
Hull Width - 5.70m
Height - 3.72m
Ground Clearance - 0.45m
Armor - 80-150mm
Max. Speed - 70kph on road, 55kph off-road
Crew - 3, 2 drivers, 1 gunner
Passangers - 12 Imperial guardmens or 6 ogryns (or 6 terminators, as stated in the Armored Company list)
Fording Depth - Amphibious
Models - Pattern I-XVII
Forge World of origin - Mars, Gryphonne IV, Stygies VII, Ryza, Voss, M'Khand, Armageddon, Tolkan, Accatran, Triplex Phall, Graia, Metalicus, Vanheim, Paeton and many others.
Armament - Hull heavy bolter and multi-laser with 1,500 individual laser shots.

21-09-2007, 18:47
Thank you, very helpful.