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31-08-2005, 15:01
wood dragons have poisonous breath, that is s2 -3as,and i think s4 breath is lot better. with all the logic they would be poisoned attacks but the rules dont say so. so how it is?

31-08-2005, 15:11
Why is the breath not a poisoned attack? Because normally poisoned attacks need a Hit roll (or WS roll) to see if they are poisoned or not. Dragon breath is mostly made up of automatic hits, so at no time can you roll a 6 to Wound, getting a Poisoned Attack.

Is that what you meant? I'm having a bit of trouble reading your post right, sorry.

31-08-2005, 15:18
riiight i forgot that :p but i still think its worse than s4...

31-08-2005, 15:59

this largely depends on the target.

12 Hits against heavy knights (T3, save 2+) give you 2-3 casualties if hit with S4.
12 Hits against the same at S2, -2 save give you a bit over 3 casualties.

it gets better with Save 1+ knights:
12 S4 attacks: 1 Casualty
12 S2, -3 save attacks: 2 casualties (a perfect doubling!)