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22-09-2007, 00:45
Although looking at the rules for the Giant usually just hurts my head, couple of questions from a game with the Beasts of Chaos Giant's Mutant Monstrosity:
1) The rules say if you roll the same score twice then it falls over. Does this mean you have to roll the exact same number on the dice, or would the same result twice be enough, for example rolling a 4 then a 5..?
2) If you do manage to get the thing to fall over, then does it still make its usual attack as well, e.g. if you roll a 4 (Thump with Club), then another 4, do you still roll the D6 S6 hits and then make it fall over, or does it just fall straight over instead of swinging its club?

22-09-2007, 00:57
He counts as falling down,so doesnt get to attack.
Seems to mean the same score,not the same roll...as you arent rolling twice,your just rolling an extra dice to see if he decides to dive into the enemy.

22-09-2007, 01:13
You have to roll the same. If you roll a 4 when fighting normal infantry and then roll a 6 on the mutant monstrosity test, he does NOT fall over. Has to be another four.
The rules say "If the score is the same as the special attack roll..."
If it had said 'result' instead of 'score', it would have been a different matter, since the special attacks tables are divided using the word 'result' and not 'score'.

Would also seem weird to me if the chance of him being entangled by himself would differ in accordance with the size of whoever he may be fighting.