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22-09-2007, 03:38
It's always rather entertaining to hear some of the views and thoughts of the players on this site about Army Lists, so I figure I'll post up my current Tournament list to hear/see everyone's thoughts and comments before I post up the record for the Army...

1x Exalted Daemon: Undivided(315pts)
*Lvl 1, Fire, Diabolic Splendour, Spell Breaker

9x Chaos Furies: Undivided(135pts)

16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (291pts)
*Lt Armor, FC

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav

21x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (371pts)
*Cloud Flies, Stream Corruption, FC

4x Bloodcrushers of Khorne: (320pts)
*Hvy Cav

4x Plagueriders of Nurgle: (320pts)
*Cloud Flies, Poisoned, Hvy Cav

1x Chariot of Khorne: (190pts)
*Scythed, Xtra Juggernaut

1x Chariot of Nurgle: (180pts)
*Scythed, Xtra Daemon-Beast

Power Dice: 3
Dispel Dice: 3 + 1 Spell Breaker

All comments and suggestions, questions, and the such are welcome, however I'd like to keep the thread positive...

22-09-2007, 04:52
Hi theDarkGeneral,

So this is your infamous tournament list eh. Well having read most of your battle reports which are really good by the way so keep them coming, i've got an idea what the record will be for this army. But i'll make a few comments anyway to get things going.

1. 3 Dispel Dice and 1 Scroll

Doesn't seem like it would stop a moderate or heavy magic army how do you limit the enemies magic against your list.

2. Exalted Daemon

Besides giving you access to effectively a dispel scroll and that you need a character for your general whats the plan for him during the game? As he isn't equipped for fighting beyond his stat line.

3. You've got 4 frenzy units and only 2 units the flesh hounds being frenzied themselves and the Furies that can shield them so they don't go chasing off after shadows in the woods or fast cavalry.

How do you keep your force together and not end up having your frenzied units getting split off and taken out of the fight for a few turns?

Well apart from that the only other thing i'd be interested to know is how you deploy your infantry blocks ie 5*4 +1 for the plaguebearers 2*7 + 2 for the Bloodletters?????

Its an interesting army but i suspect the record for it is more due to your superb generalship in the way you handle it than the army itself....


22-09-2007, 06:20
Some very good questions Flamewave! I'll see if I can answer them as best as possible...

1): 3 Dispel Dice and 1 Spell Breaker does seem quite small, but it effectively allows me to stop 1 spell a turn, and a second one just once. The MR of the the Khorne units helps a bit, but most of it has to do with keeping track of what spells my opponent has, which mage has them, and how dangerous is each spell that turn...I'll often let Fire Ball, Dark Hand of Death, etc. through, knowing that most of my Daemons are fairly resilient. Even against a 2nd Gen. Slaan, I'm able to still make it to Close Combat and dominate the game. Most spells that are really dangerous can't be cast into CC, so that's why my list tends to be fast. Also, I mage hunt, so if a Mage is hiding in a unit, I have no fear of attacking that unit (knowing I'll loose CC) just to direct some attacks at the Mage in hopes of killing him off or at least getting him near death...

2): The Exalted Daemon is there because I have to take him...i'd much rather have an Undivided Daemonic Herald as the general, but we can't do that. He does however pose a "threat" to most Armies simply because he Flys and causes Terror. Sometimes I'll drop the Diabolic Splendour in favor of Soul Hunger and fiddle the other points around a bit. Combined with the Furies, he's able to take out smaller shooty units with ease, or I'll just keep him nearby the Furies just to lend his LD (9) to them. About once a game, I'll get off my Fireball spell, and it tends to do well for me at that moment. Even though I constantly remind my foes that he's "just an Exalted Daemon", most players put a lot of emphasis on the model, and either spend a lot of effort in Magic/Shooting at it, or trying not to get Flank/Rear Charged by it...so it's a great distraction at the least!

3): Deployment! I tend to "out Deploy" my foe, and thus force my opponent to take huge risks in forcing Frenzy Charges from me. Also, I usually (but not always) line up my Flesh Hounds tail to nose forming a long single file line with the lead doggie facing a nearby piece of Terrain that blocks LOS. This effectively creates a MR(2) screen that is about 16" long, so I can plop my Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers behind if I wish. Furies add any extra screening if needed for things like the Chariot of Khorne, because unless they Charge, it can't be forced to charge even though it's a Large Target.

After a good Deployment, I make sure to "force the issue" and move and manuvere my units in such a way that i'll have multiple regular Charges as well as forced Frenzy Charges...this helps keep my Army going all in one direction, and keeps my foes often backing up for fear of Combo Charges, especially from the Chariots.

As for the Infantry, they're always 5 models wide, with the rest filling in the rear ranks as normal...so the Bloodletters are 5 in the front, have 2 Ranks and 1 straggler in the 3rd incomplete Rank, while the Plaguebearers are 5 wide, 3 extra ranks deeps, and 1 straggler in the rear as well...I try to keep the Static Combat Res as high as possible with Daemons, as failed Instability is a killer on one bad dice roll! Usually the Plaguebearers will march side by side with the Bloodletters forcing the issue with my foes...

I do thank you much for the compliments, and I'm glad to know that you enjoy the Battle Reports!

22-09-2007, 16:37
Thanks for the informative response there theDarkGeneral,

I'm always looking at how other people look at things for new perspectives. So i can consider the way I try and play and see if I can improve for next time.

Hopefully you'll get a few responses from a few others on here as I'd be interested to hear what they think of your list too.


PS. If you've got the time I posted up a list which i haven't tried out yet thats over on the next page at the moment if you'd take a look and tell me what you think i'd appreciate it as none seems not have made any comments so far.


26-09-2007, 01:05
Thanks for the comments Flamewave! I'll go take a look at your list...

29-09-2007, 05:04
As promised, I'd post this Army's Win/Loss/Draw ratio...


I've won 5 Overall's from RTTs, 3 Best Sportsmanships from RTTs, 1 Best Themed/Balanced from an RTT and share 15th Place at my first GT from Las Vegas.

Thanks for looking!