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12-04-2005, 10:36
So I'm planning on visiting some tournaments this summer. This is the list that I'm thinking about, and with two different changes I can imagine doing.

Milissha [Sorc]: Level 4, Tome of Furion, Scroll, Crystal of Midnight, 320 pts
Kython[Noble]: Halberd, SDC, HA, Shield, Wand of Kharadarion, 125 pts
Dharlene [Sorc]:Level 2, Scroll, 155 pts
Crallaqhan [BSB]: Sword of Spite, HA, SDC, 130 pts

19 Warriors: FC, Sheild, 177 pts
19 Warriors: FC, Sheild, 177 pts
10 Warriors: Corssbows, 110 pts
10 Warriors: Corssbows, 110 pts
5 Darkriders, 90 pts

5 Shades, 70 pts
10 Executioners: Champ, 122
6 COK's: Champ, Standard, 210

2 RBT's, 200

Total: 1996

List 2:
Take away the COK's and one warrior, replace it with a Hydra.

List 3:
Take away the COK's and one warrior, repace it with 10 Crossbows w. Shield and 10 Executioners with Champ.

12-04-2005, 18:03
In my estimate Mage heavy armies do rarely well in tournament environments.

The thing is with 6 Levels you will get 3-4 spells per phase off in the first 2 phases of the game and if the opponent has even remotely set his army up in a magic defense (and to my experience most armies do that) with at least 1 scroll caddy, often 2, you will lose one of your major options.

Defensive play, as your list suggests, is to my experience death for almost all DE games since they can't take much punishment and any mediocre infantry unit which is geared towards infantry killing (additional hand weapon, multiple attacks) will chew through DE infantry like a scythe.

In tournaments it is vital to make as much points as possible..unless it is purely scenario driven and killing enemy units doesn't matter at all you will have a hard time scoring enough points to be called sucessfull. You are slow (mostly infantry) and can't take much beating..major recipe for desater against a fast or shooty army.

I'd build up the 6 COK to at least 8, better 10 and include a hero or even the general for added punch so that you can capitalize on the fear rule.

Add a Hydra or 1-2 chariots for another heavy hitter and you have 2 fast moving heavy units backed up by infantry blocks to give numbers. The only trick will be to coordinate everything for an all out assault phase to overwhelm the opponent while minimizing own losses.
The second thing is that you lack major punch..only 6 COKs and those will be peppered with missile fire until they reach the enemy line (if they reach it).

08-05-2005, 13:37
What happened to the good old chariots Zebbie? The list lacks something that can deliver punches quite fast.. Or help the units stuck in combat, for that matter.

Out of the options listed, I`d go for list 3. COK are... BAD if you ask me, I`d rather have a chariot than those Execs in both your list and the optional, but since you don`t want that, I guess I should shut up about them now ;)

09-05-2005, 07:20
Since I have a Lustrain Theme in my Army, Saurus/Skink Shields on units/characters with shields. Banner topps from the Snake Swarm, Weapons on the Champs and Crossbows that are skink weapons etc. I have removed chariots, I don't see it as normal to bring chariots in to the Jungle...

So trying a evolution thead thing, my list has changed a bit:

I have removed one unit of Crossbows and replaced it with 10 Corsairs (w. Champ).

I'm still not sure on what to do with the rest of the list, the Hydra is nice, it's converted and I have the model. It's sort of a chariot... But I'm also thinking of getting some Witches (10 with hag, musician and Witchbrew is 173pts) it will also give me room for some Harpies... If I lose a warrior or two...

09-05-2005, 14:03
Is the Wand of Kharaidon not an Arcane Item? Stop me if I'm wrong but does it not need to go to a Sorceress?

I've found Hydras to be a wonderful distraction for the enemy, but they can do very little apart from that on their own. They're surprisingly fragile, but at least they don't go down to a single S7 wound! Good for backing up infantry blocks really.

10-05-2005, 06:54
No it's an Enchanted Item. So it's perfect to use it on a Noble... Espesially if you misscast as much as I do. Usually hindering the sorceress from casting more magic that turn.

10-05-2005, 09:53
Witches and Harpies instead of the COK seems like a nice idea...

I think the Hydra is kind of useless, only use it if the converted model looks ace ;)