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22-09-2007, 05:32
Because of the new codex, i have been re-doing my background. Can you give me some constructive criticism please?

The Alpha Legion, as a Legion, poses a large threat to the Imperium, with bases spread throughout the Galaxy. One of the warbands which fights in the colours of the Alpha Legion is the warband calling itself the 7th Company of the Traitor Legion, led by an individual styling himself Commander Curgan. This warband has plagued the forces of the Emperor for millennia, yet it is unknown how they have been capable of this feat, since what it known of their attacks has led to the conclusion that they do not reside in the Eye of Terror.


Those records of the Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion that do exist in the data-cores of the Ordo Malleus do refer to the Commander of the 7th Company being one Nathaniel Curgan, and he distinguished himself under Alpharius’ leadership. When the Heresy broke out, the last reliable record of the 7th Company’s strength shows them having been heavily mauled at the battle for Eskrador, the Company having lost a large proportion of their equipment.

In the centuries that followed, the Ultramarines, and their successor Chapters record having sustained numerous raids, in which ships respond to emergency distress calls; the ships subsequently disappearing without trace. They noted the problem, but it was only when a strike cruiser in the colours of the Alpha Legion was destroyed by a Battle Barge of the Sons of Guilleman Chapter in M33 that the mystery was solved. When the Hulk was investigated by tactical squads of The Sons of Guilleman, it was discovered that the cruiser had previously been the Sword of Guilleman, one of their own ships. From the investigations, it was surmised that an Alpha Legion band had been capturing Ultramarine and Ultramarine-related ships and stealing the weapons and equipment. When the Battle Barge was subsequently attacked by a fleet of stolen vessels in Alpha Legion colours, calling themselves the 7th Company, the Battle Barge fled, so that they could inform their battle-brothers of the threat which was posed to shipping.

Over the millennia, attacks by the same band continued to fill the records of the Ultramarines, and it has become evident that the warband deliberately sought battles against Space Marines descended from Guilleman. If and when reinforcements arrive, they often, but not always, find the bodies of stripped Ultramarines, with very little military technology left on the field. This MO has meant that Ultramarines in particular are wary when they travel in areas known to have been attacked by this particular warband, knowing that there is a grudge against them.

It is known that they have also attacked the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and from the composition of their forces, it has led to the conclusion that in that particular raid they have been able to gather technology not normally found among the renegades.

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Pretty nice mate (y).
I need to get round to doing some fluff for my Skyrars Dark Wolves.

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Thanks. I'll post the rest later (as soon as i have done it)
Does anyone have any ideas for expanding it, 'cos i think its a bit short for a history that spans 10,000 years:)
BTW, has anyone done what i have and gone through the book, changing the Icon of Chaos Glory to Icon of Chaos Undivided? I just think it sounds better...