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22-09-2007, 11:59
OK, so I've got a PDF of a playtest version of the new HE army book, and just spent my afternoon playing with it, using the rules as they seem in this playtest version (though other rumourmongers have different playtest versions, so my list may yet be wrong, but only by a degree or two at most)

My army list was really aimed at exploring the new options while using mostly my old units.

Archmage with Book of Hoeth on Moon Dragon. (:D)

Caledorian Dragon Mage, lvl 2, Seer Staff (as Seer, but now a magic Item)


24 Spears, FC
24 Spears, FC and Lion Banner
18 Seaguard

5 Dragon Princes, Banner of Ellyrion
18 Swordsmasters
18 White Lions, Banner of Sorcery

I was up against, vaguely:
2 Butchers
1 Combat Hero guy

1 Unit of 8 Ironguts with Greatweapons
1 unit of 8 Bulls
1 unit of 3 Bulls
3 Units of 2 Leadbelchers
40 or so Gnoblars

Slave Giant

22-09-2007, 12:14

During set up, I schemed to place a large wood plus a ruin to almost entirely disrupt my Right flank. Meanwhile, a similar ruin with forest was placed toward the middle on the Left flank.

Then I deployed my Spears toward the Right flank from the centre, the center anchored by 2 x 9 seaguardsmen. On the Right flank, the WLs and DPs sat slightly forward, and behind them sat both Dragons, while the Swordmasters sat by themselves on the left, staggered further back from the seaguard.

He had responded by placing the Ogres in 2 Big Blocks of 10 Ogres, each with 2 characters in, coming down the centre of the board, with Gnoblars on his left (my right flank) with 2 units of leadbelchers, the Giant and the small 3 strong Bull unit to oppose my dragons.

So Final Setup looked something like

22-09-2007, 12:47
This game hung on one rather hideous combination.

Archmage on Dragon, Book of Hoeth, and Unseen Lurker.

He moved all his units forward, and My spear units took some casualties from scraplauncher and the irritating Ogre magic phase.

Then, my Dragon Knights (with their new and improved statline) charging down the entire Right Flank (thanks to unseen Lurker) and wiping out the 3 Strong Bull unit, and overrunning off the board, while the 2 Dragons surged up the Right flank behind them. The Lions moved up with them, swinging around the ruin amidst the forest on the Right flank, ready to fall on the Ogres flank, but aware of the Giant and Leadbelchers poised against them.

Turn 2 and The Entire Right flank of the Ogre army forgot the enemies in front of them, and turned to face the 2 dragonsmoving down the Right flank. The Main battle units opposite my spears moved forward in spite of the threat, while he set up his giant and Leadbelchers ready to destroy my Dragonprinces when they returned.

22-09-2007, 13:02
The dragonprinces returned to fall into the hideous trap. But once again, the Book of Hoeth send them thundering into the Gnoblar flank, wiping it out and following up into the massive Ogre unit's flank.

Meanwhile, the DragonMage of Caledor jumped behind the Giant, and the Mighty archmage of caledor jumped in front of the Gnoblar unit, using its breath weapon, and because he needed to be in range to use the unseen lurker.

The Ogres responded by countercharging the Dragon Prince flank, wiping them out, and by a fluke of luck, the Ogres did not overrun into the Archmage's dragon, while the forward unit was mere inches away from the Spearelf battleline. Leadbelcher units attempted to destroy the Archmage, but while they succeeded in wounding him greivously, they did not finish him off.

(sadly, my painting program is playing up, so I can' really show you that last one.)

THe Ogres succeeded in destroying the Dragon Princes, but failed to bring their hideously effective hero choices to combat. Further, their positioning left them open for a flank charge by both the Swordmasters (with their hideous new statline) and the White Lions, who flanked the other unit. Meanwhile, the 2 Dragons also charged at the same time into the flanks of those two units.

Any lesser army would have fled, but the Ogres simply copped it, stood up and hit back. The Lord's unit was stubborn, and refused to run in spite of the hideous punishment meted out by the swordmasters and the Dragon. ThLesser unit however did run, but the pursuing Dragon and White Lions failed to run it down.

At this point, however, with my main battle units still awaiting an opening, (i.e. had not beein used in anger) my opponent conceded, as his flanking units were steadily torn apart by the flanks by elite elf infantry and Dragons.

Victory to the new High Elves.

(P.S> sorry for the poor quality of this report, twas done in excitement with little forethought.) :)

22-09-2007, 13:20
Isn't the Book of Hoeth only available to Teclis now?

22-09-2007, 13:24

My playtest version still has the BoH in it, and I will cry if I can't use it again.

Obviously you have access to a newer playtest version than mine, and i guess we'll just have to wait and see...

22-09-2007, 13:29
Oh well, hopefully you're right, there's been a few different lists floating around (Silver Helms still get a 2+ save apparently, after months of talk of them being down to 3+, ha). Nice battle report, two dragons though, you monster :D

22-09-2007, 13:51
Nice report there. Could you tell me how much an Archmage, lvl4 on Moon Dragon is likely to cost? I'm testing out some army lists using the rumoured points values and this is one character I'm unsure about.

And, are LSG likely to be any good considering their points cost? I've a decision to make between 15 LSG or 24 Spearelves and don't know which to go with.

24-09-2007, 02:48
Archmage lvl 4 on Moon Dragon with full loadout of magic items is likely to cost around 660 points. And for the price of 24 spears and full command, you can actually get 18 seaguard (without shields). And I'm thinking of swapping out those spear blocks for seagaurd, as I never seem to get these spearmen into combat with anyone. 18 Seaguard with a warbanner is a pretty decent investment, something awful to charge against, annoying to leave alone, and gives you a lot of tactical flexibility.

I used a very similar list versus a Skarsnik Night gobbo army and got massacred btw. The little sun dragon mage charged a goblin chariot, which fled. Then, it got countercharged through a forest with squig hoppers. I still wasn't afraid (flaming sword should chop them down before they strike) but alas, the cunning greenskin used his powerdice to dispell the flanming sword, and killed my mage, leaving the dragon impotent on the other side of the table. (monster reaction = guard corpse) - this list really only has 1.5 dragons in it - it ain't that nasty.

I've never fought vs gobbos before, and he rolled very well, too well with his fanatics, (6 fanatic strikes vs Moon dragon kills the archmage, followed by a charge from a 40 strong goblin unit. To its credit though, the dragon itself lived, but fled off the board - through two of the fanatics that hit him the first time.). Plus the terrain didn't include any significant sized forest. Which was what really screwed my plan, IMHO.

Still, I'm really looking for the officialized rules - I hear that Swordmasters will always strike first!!!

26-09-2007, 04:42
ALL the elves will always strike first

26-09-2007, 04:56

how can i get these play test rules?

27-09-2007, 19:32
I think someone should get feinstar a copy of the rules before he playtests them again!

29-09-2007, 06:03
yeah can u post the test play rules online 4 us?

30-09-2007, 21:19
pleasezz? i would really like to see them