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22-09-2007, 18:41
ok, here is my first 2000 point army i actually have almost everything in the list, only thing i am missing at the moment is the savage orcs.
black orc warboss with heavy armour, Shield, Martogs Best Basha, Warboss Umms Best Bags At 199

Gobbo shaman level 2 with staff of sneaky stealin 140

Gobbo shaman level 2 90
20 orc boyz with shields and STB and musician 135

20 orc boys with add weapon, STB, and musician 155

15 savage orc boyz with spears and shields and Big Un stb and musician 225

10 gobbo wolf riders with spears and shield and stb and musican 158
8 orc boar boyz with stb and muscian 158

20 black orcs with shields and STB and musician 298

2 gobbo spear chukkas 70

2 gobbo spear chukkas 70 (was thinking mabey switching this one out with rock lobba)

Giant 205
TOTAL 1942
so i have a few points to play with and i was thinking about possibley dropping the big un on the savage orcs but at this point for shooty armies im not sure of what they would shoot at first lol. Hopefully the giant becasue most people do worry about that big guy giving the rest of my army a few turns to march up the field. With the cover of my 4 spear chukkas (or 2 spear chukkas and 1 rock lobba) I would have the orc boar boys and goblin wolf riders on one side of my army using my wolf riders as flany chargers as my boar boyz attacks head on. so let me know what you guys think, all post are welcomed good and bad!!

23-09-2007, 09:45
erm I would keep this and possibly think about a doom diver and 4 spear chukkas.

Giants I find to be unreliable + you would have to lose a unit to fit it in ( while doom diver is only a couple of models.)

Rest of the list is pretty sound I think.