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Lord Merlin
23-09-2007, 01:56
The fluff for my daemon hunters, SM army is that a chapter of non-codex space marines who are obsessed with close combat and librarians welcome an inquisitor and her (Bought the hereticus model, it looks better) and her stormtroops into their midst. On the inquisitors advice the chapter takes its best psyker aspirants, the kind too powerful to tame their powers. Normally they would be shipped off to the blackships but instead they are loaded up with purity seals, and given rudimentary psychic training then set loose on the enemy. I count these guys as demonhosts and I was wondering what you thought about the plausibility of this idea. I justify not having gray knights because my chapter considers them weak.

Born Again
23-09-2007, 07:31
Sounds ok in principle to me, although I still think the Inquisition and SM wouldn't get on too well.

23-09-2007, 08:08
Why would the Marines just take the Inquisitor's advice? Why would they waste precious psyker aspirants? The kind of psykers too powerful to tame their powers would be usually executed on the spot, I'd imagine.

[SD] Bob Plisskin
23-09-2007, 08:27
The one major problem I would see with this fluff (or question I would ask) is; why did the SM simply welcome the inquisitor into their midst? Maybe if you said it was something that was thrust upon them, the inquisition noting their unusual number of libbys and marines getting shipped off send a inquisitor to find out what was going on. The inquisitor is a radical one and sees that the large number of psykers can be put to good use (they'd have to be radical really to go anywhere near psykers and not just purge them), using radical technology they try to gain some control over the raving marines that can't control their powers, maybe treating them as suicide bombers, just running them at the enemy and then deactivating the technology causing them to lose control of their powers amidst the enemy.

Lord Merlin
23-09-2007, 12:25
The rationalization for the inquisitor is that the chapter has to always have an inquisitor in their midst(They have been accused of heresy multiple times.) Most of the inquisitors just stay in their quarters with their staff. But this particular one earned the respect of the chapter master when her ship took down the battle barge that was currently deploying marines. The chapter pledged her an honor guard and she came up with the idea of the crazy psykers.