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31-08-2005, 19:57
Have a pretty good 2000 point Chaos undivided army put together to go against a very skilled beast general shortly. My question is the last 150 points or so. Options:

2 Slaneesh spawn, 5 hounds (180 pts)

15 Halfling archers (BS4, S3 bows), 1 'normal' spawn, 5 hounds (180 pts)

3 Ogre Leadbelchers, no spawn, drop the hounds and also drop 1 Gor in a beastherd, but pick up throwing axes for the 5 marauder horsement 178 points

My thoughts - I usually take the Slaneesh spawn to hold up units, cause fear, hounds to shield - but against another non-shooty army, the shielding isn't as necessary.

The halfling archers have 24" range, BS4 so would do OK against some of the more unarmored beast herds, but this generally has been known to bring 8 tuskgor chariots (just for the hey of it) and obviously the archers would be pretty lame against that (and god forbid they ever get in CC with WS2.

the three belchers would hopefully throw out a lot of shots at the appropriate point, get the bull charge, and pick up the throwing axes for the marauder horsemen.


31-08-2005, 20:07

31-08-2005, 21:01
I like the spawn option myself. Always been fond of them.

Ethereal Alpaca
31-08-2005, 21:25
I'd go for the Belchers, though it would help if we knew the rest of your army was made up of. Mainly because they can do a fair amount of damage both with missiles and in combat. The spawn option alos looks nice though...

31-08-2005, 21:52
Currently stands at:

1 Ex Champion General; Steed, Enchanted Shield @ 126 Pts,
Goes with:
5 Chosen Knights, FC, War Banner @ 300 Pts

16 Chosen Warriors, FC, Shields/HW @ 366 Pts

1 Chaos Sorcerer, Lore of Fire, Level 2, 2 Dispel @ 170 Pts
20 Marauders, FC, LA/Shield @ 165 Pts

1 Chaos Sorcerer, Fire, Level 2, 1 Dispel @ 145 Pts
20 Marauders FC, LA/Shields @ 165 Pts

5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician @ 81 Pts

18 Beast Herd 9 Gors, 1 Foe Render, 2 HW, Musician 8 Ungors @ 127 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

6 Chaos Furies @ 90 Pts

1 Tuskgor Chariot @ 85 Pts

2 Fiend of Slaanesh @ 150 Pts

31-08-2005, 23:47
I would go for the slaaneshy spawns.

Beastmen are fast, so with the other good choice, the leadbelchers, you wouldn't get much opportunity for shooting. Besides, 4 fiends can mess up any army's plans, (charge thorugh woods, etc). ;)

I would equip the champ with the Bane Shield and would give him a great weapon. There is no much things in a beast army, that could seriously threat one with a 1+ AS, but the extra S4 hits could come handy, just like the GW, esp when he meets those chariots. :D

That way he could join the marauder horsemen or go on his own. This would give further flexibility/options to your force during the battle. The Chosen Knights have no much need of his talents anyway. ;)

Next to my Chaos Sorcerer, usually I field a Lvl2 Bray Shaman with Shadow Lore and equipped with the Staff of Darkoth. Sometimes I give him a chaos armour as well. He is adept to help my beast herd commando reaching its target, or with the right spell can help positioning the tactical warhound packs.

Another useful build is; Lvl2 Shaman with Shadow Lore, Bray Staff, Chaos Armour, Goretooth. This way he is much more a combat monster, alternatively can switch the herd's Foe Render into berserk mode. You can either keep him at Lvl1 or if you don't like the remainiing shadow spell, switch it to the Steed of Shadows. That way you can send off your shaman to hunt for war machines, lone wizards, to charge fleeing troops, etc.

I would include at least one more pack of hounds. They are great tools to lure enemy units into the right position, to set them into the right angle, etc. Furthermore, they can be affected by the Staff of Darkoth. :)

01-09-2005, 00:35
No Helm of Many Eyes! Seriously, and undivided hero with the Helm and a Great weapon will butcher that chariot army. Stand him in front of the tuskgor chariots and watch him smash them to pieces.

01-09-2005, 15:39
Thanks for all the help. Like the HOME/GW combo, actually forgot to put that on him (although the last time I did, even with undivided, he went stupid the very first turn, got the unit of knights locked behind another unit which certainly blunted their effectiveness. On the fiend of slaneesh note, I didn't realize they could move through woods - not sure you mean they are unaffected by terrain??

01-09-2005, 23:56
AFAIK, they are unaffected. Or at least everyone in our group think so. But not just that. With spawns, you have nominate only the direction is which they move. So if you roll high enough, you can reach, therefor attack units hiding in or on the other side of wooded areas.

Sneaky move? Err.. perhaps. Useful? Yessss!! :D

02-09-2005, 03:27
hmmm, absolutely correct on direction and then 2D6 or 3D6 (slaneesh), but I don't see anywhere in the rules where they ignore difficult terrain (look up halflings - they have it written for them)

Panzer MkIV
02-09-2005, 09:19
You should drop the Enchanted shield for a normal one. The combination of chaos armour, barded steed and shield already gives your champion a 1+ save. Use the rest of the points to buy him a great weapon.

02-09-2005, 12:18
thanks, giving him the HOME and a GW, nasty.