View Full Version : Ordering Inquisitor Models

23-09-2007, 09:29
It seems my brethren in the states have a much much wider array of Inquisitor toys available for them to order.. le irritated.

Would I be able to order off the U.S. site and have it sent to the U.K.?

23-09-2007, 10:28
Yeah, but you pay more for shipping then the model itself.

23-09-2007, 11:20
yeah but there's no hope of gettin th models from gw UK i've tried :-(

23-09-2007, 19:08
Some contacts stateside have put me onto a company called FRP. This company does a surprisingly full range of INQ products, plus a whole bunch of other cool stuff (including some great counters that are perfect for INQ).


Myself and some fellow UK INQ players are preparing a group order that I am coordinating. If you (or anyone else, really) is interested then send me your wishlist by the end of Monday (24th September 2007) and I'll send you a quote covering your order, postage from the US to me and from me to you by the close of Tuesday.

The object is to get to around $1000 in our order as FRP have offered a 10% discount on an order of "close to" this size.



P.S. For US Warseers, can I just throw in a general recommendation to check out FRP as a very helpful and friendly company who offer great service and a good deal and who deserve your custom.