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23-09-2007, 15:45
This interesting situation came up in a game the other day between my lizardmen and an ogres player. The saurus that my slann joing had lost all but 6 models, leaving a rank of five, one saurus to the far left of the second rank, and the slann to his right. The unit looked something like this.


In effect the slann takes up two spots in the second rank and two spots in whatt would be the third rank. My questin is, where would you measure the arc for side/rear from. I'll do my best to show where the charging unit was.


If that makes any sense to anyone that can help me that would be great.

23-09-2007, 16:01
Well, there are two answers to this: Either you imagine the unit a rectangle and measure from there or you measure from the actual position of the models.

I know which one I'd prefer...

If you cannot decide, roll a die :)


23-09-2007, 16:07
"The last rank is filled from the centre" pg 6 is the only guidance in the rules. There are no other rules that can resolve this. So a dice roll is needed.

My personal solution is:

The rear zone is measured relative to the Slann since he occupies the back rank. This however narrows the rear zone somewhat and doesn't seem right. So a compromise is needed

T = Templeguard; S = model space occupied by the Slann

TTTTT - The rear zone lies between / and \.

I have 'adjusted' his position so that he is exactly in the centre i.e. between 'normal' positions and extended it slightly.
Other players might centre the Slann in accordance with diagram 6.1 i.e. with the base edges running straight down ranks. This will mean that the Slann is offset either to the right or left.

23-09-2007, 17:02
Well, the rulebook doesn't cover this: The provided example (p20) assumes the charged unit has no incomplete ranks.

The usual procedure for units with incomplete ranks being engaged to the flank is to bring a model in the rear rank into contact with the enemy.

I suggest pre-empting this procedure by moving one of the rear models to establish the flanking zone before moving the chargers.