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01-09-2005, 01:34
She was running for her life in the dark forest. The trees seemed to move with an unseen force, as if taunting her. The moon was up high, the only light in the darkness that seemed to comsume her as she ran through the branches and bushes, running to deliver the information she had found.

Her orders was recon and to report back her findings. For three months, she was an elderly blind woman beggar, trying to make her way through the pitiful earnings she recieved from begging. She was the perfect target this night.

As she was on her way back to the hotel she was staying at as Mistress Elizabeth the Fifth, she was jumped by five men. She allowed them to take her away and then she changed back into Eliza, the Callidus assassin.

As she finished them off, something fell from the sky. She and it dueled, it was unnatural, moving with grace and agility of a predator, only striking in moments of weakness. She could not outmatch it, it was beyond her assassin training! It was beyond supernatural! As she then turned to run, it striked, a dark talon ripping through her left arm sockect, taking the arm clean off. She escaped and was now in the woods.

As she ran faster, she could no longer hear it coming for her, the forest was a hauntingly quiet and it chilled her to the core. Blood was running freely from the arm sockect and numerous other wounds, it was all a matter of time before she either died or it caught her. She had to make it, had to report this to the Inquisitor!

Suddenly three dark objects fell from the sky and landed before her. She yelped and with her good arm attempted to strike the being, but it was too late. She was killed in less than twenty seconds, all of her blood being drained from her body.

The objects melded back into the darkness, having their fill.

Eliza was found dead the next morning.


Mysha awoke in a prison cell, looking round she saw others in individual cells and she was alert. Where was she? How did she get here? What was going on?

These questions ran through the other captives as they awoke slowly, having been drugged, knocked out, or simply beaten unconscious.

Nothing seemed to be answered as of yet.

A report landed on the Inquisitor's desk. He opened and sighed. Eliza was dead and there was no reason to her death, expect for two teeth marks on her neck.

OoC/Welcome to the Hunt. The first part is a quick story to set the mood and to well, show you that we are in for some fun. Now you have awoken in a jail cell react.

Brother Smith, you are in your office going over the reports etc. Ok?/OoC

01-09-2005, 05:19
Jesper awoke, he looked around not knowing where he was, it appeared to be a cell of some sort, but he didnt know how he got in here, he looked over and saw others in the cell, he didnt recognise any of them bar one.

Spector looked over from the shadows, he could see Jesper in the corner, it had to be Jesper, no one else had a suit of dark blue carapace armour surgically fused to their body to replace their skin.

Jesper saw movement in the shadows, who was it, he couldnt tell he started to walk over. It was that damn kid Spector. what was he doing here. Had he got him stuck here, he never trusted him, he had made to many mistakes and stolen to many of his bounties.

Spector closed his eyes for a second trying to remember how he had been caught, and where he could be, he heard someone moving in the cell, but didnt pay any attention to it. He felt himself lifted from the floor, his throat being squeezed. He tried to open his eyes, but for some reason he couldnt.
"What did you do, you Iridonian Grox meat." Jespers voice seemed to echo through the cell. "You got me caught didnt you." Spector felt his body violently shaken. "Didnt you kid, tell me now what happened." He felt himself thrown across the room, and hitting the wall on the other side.

Jesper watched as Spectors body impacted on the wall, and walked over towards him, kicking him with the ceremite feet. Spector was defiant and stood up again, bleeding from his back.
"Dont touch me again Jesper, i know nothing of what is going on here,nothing at all."

Brother Smith
01-09-2005, 14:28
Maledictus watched over the inmates via the staions cameras. Mostly scum, he thought, which was exactly what he needed.
He ordered Charon to take a squad of stormtroopers to the cells to check on them, and to install their location chips, forcibly if needed.

He ordered the preperation of a shuttle, ready to transport his new retinue to Kartmoor VI.

He had a few rings in his hand, he did not know why he held them so, but he had a feeling that they were important in some way, as he had recovered them along with a suit of marine armour enscribed with the defaced markings of the Hell Reapers chapter, and the name 'Helion'.

He looked on a the suit, which was hung on his wall, with intruige.
Charon opened the cell rooms door, looking at the myriad of assembled mercenaries, bounty hunters and other unsavoury characters..

He stated to that that co-operation would mean survival, and that if they choose to resist, then they would die.

01-09-2005, 19:29
Rubens eyes flickered open, he imediatly closed them again. He was lying on a hard concrete floor, a pool of murky water suroounded his head. Bleak light filtered in causing his eyes to flicker. he sat up and rubbed his sore head. 'what did I do this time' he thought as he stood up. He was in a small concrete box with a bared window the size of a microwave oven and a matching cell door, obviously larger. He grabbed the rusty bars on his cell door, Some of the orange rust flaked off onto the floor.

Stern banged on the bars, "Get me out you ******s, I'll smash your faces in" He howled as he rattled the bars. he headbutted the bars ignoring the blinding pain. "You frakkers, I'm gonna pulvaraize ya, I'm gonna eat ya alive, Im gonna, I'm gonna-"
A guard walked up to the cells and smashed him over the head with a baton, the blow did nothing and Stern grabben the guard from bettween the bars and slammed his head into them, knocking the comparibaly small man unconcious. Two more guards ran up and shot him with a tazer, finaly sedating the brute.

Brother Smith
01-09-2005, 19:47
Charon looked on at this 'Stern' character without mercy. His white armour gleamed under the pale lighting of the room.

'Execute him' he ordered as three of his squad fired their hellguns, searing his flesh and boiling his torso. He lay on the ground, dead, his body smoking.

'Did I not say that you should co-operate?' Charon said, calmly to the assembled scum.

Commander X
01-09-2005, 20:24
"Well, that's one less to worry about. Wasn't too smart of him to begin with."

Manch was staring through the cell-window, watching a revolting Ganger getting executed. Urgo was just sitting there, scratching something on the concrete walls, and wondering about how they - and more importantly, he - had ended up in here.

"What did he do?" he asked, then got up to watch the corps being dragged out.

"The fool attacked a guard, he could have expected that to happen."

"You were right, that wasn't smart of him, and he was a fool."

The cell door opened and they were lead in front of the Inquisitor together with all the other assorted scum. Unsure what was going on, they just stood there and waited...

01-09-2005, 21:08
[damn, i had something in mind for him]

Ruben rattled on the bars. "Whay am in here, what did i do" He shouted.

01-09-2005, 22:08
Dawn woke up in a dark Cell she looked around her vison was hazy she didn't know why she was here. But it didn't look good She looked around and saw all the scum of her small town and even some other people. For some reason the town didn't like it said she was Imoral and there a hertic. Sorry that she served there ale to them.

She look at her arms and saw there were some bruise she didn't rember how she got he but it looked like that she fought back. She smiled. She never went down with out a fight. She felt her cheek and it felt bit swollen but not bad. She heard the man that just got Killed theys guys weren't fooling around she didn't know who they where but she knew it would be a bad idea to mess around with them.

__________________________________________________ ______________

Drago Woke up his head hurt like he got shoot he put his hand to his head and he felt a deep wound. Mabye he did and it grazed him he reached to his hip


Where was his weapon? He needed Marv. If he had Marv he would be able to get out he allways could count on on marv even when his other freinds would let him down Marv would shoot true. He looked around he didn't see anyone he reconized fine by him but if anyone reconized him this could be more trouble then he was asking for and by the sound of the man that just got killed it looked like it could he wispered to the next cell

"hey whats going on here" the other guy looked like he got hurt real bad

"I don't know these guys beat me up pretty bad i can't feel my legs" the man looked over at him

"wait your.......Drago" The mans eyes widened and he knew what was about to happen just when i man openened his mouth to call for help Drago Grabbed the man's mouth Drago Grabbed it shut and grabbed his thoart so he couldn't scream he looked aroun the rest of the people in the cells weren't looking he then choked the man to death he didn't need some idot squealing to these people who he was he knew they meant business and after all Drago was a Business man of sorts.

01-09-2005, 22:56
Ruben looked around. "hey when ca i get out of this chiken **** cell" He whined.

02-09-2005, 02:16
Lothar looked at the white armored man silently, he was a coward in armor, without his weapons or armor he was they all were, human, and could be killed just as easily, even in his fancy armor, Lothar already found 5 weak points in the mans armor that could be penetrated by a sword or knife, "A coward hides behind threats" a voice said from next to him, getting up quickly Lothar snapped, "Shut up girl!, do you want to get yourself killed" looking at the stormtrooper with his blank eyes "She ment no disrespect, she is young and does not know when to keep her mouth shut" he said, "She will not say another word, and if she does, i'll save you the ammunition and kill her myself" Lothar looked at Lacy and glared at her, she returned the glare, with a swift movement, he backhanded her, "Learn to know your place," he snapped, looking back at the stormtrooper he glared, "But please, someone in your position does not come just to shoot one scum, may i ask what your purpose is?"

Thane McHammer
02-09-2005, 18:14
Thane lounged in the corner of his cell, watching the guards and other prisoners with ease. He pulled out a small knife from the sole of his boot and calmly began to clean his nails with the point. As the guards walked by, he didn't even raise his head to watch, apparently lost in his own thoughts. He was in here for a small credit scam he had been heading, and didn't think that the others would want to bother him. Not that they would. He scratched his smooth chest, chainlinks jingling. With a sigh, he put away his knife and pulled out a half-used cigar. Striking a match against the hard floor, he lit is, and took a puff.

The Hammer was bored.

02-09-2005, 21:03
Ruben tapped on the bars annoying the guards. "hey pal when i get out i'm gonna kill at leat one person, and i only kill people who i don't like" Ruben threatened, the guard did nothing.

03-09-2005, 23:58
Mysha was sitting in a lotus position, quietly mediating to herself, easing her troubled mind. All around her, other things were making noises and such things were troubling her. She would not let it affect her.

Her eyes explored the cell slowly, watching for other signs of life. She was alone and for that she was thankful.


Chakra appeared beside Charon and bowed slowly.

'Killing scum already?' Chakra asked with a slight chuckle. 'I would refraim myself.'

Chakra slammed his hand into the man's throat and Charon fell to the floor.

'The Inquisitor will need them alive. The more alive, the more chances we have of suirival,' Chakra said before disappearing.

04-09-2005, 16:17
Ruben sat on his bench. "Come on let me out, I did'nt do nothin" He wailed.

04-09-2005, 16:22
"Don't be stupid, we have all done something, or we wouldn't be here right now, so don't act innocent, you are just as guilty as we are" Lothar said, "And for the emperors sake, act like a man, not the snivveling coward i am looking at right now"

04-09-2005, 16:35
"Coward, ha, look pal i'd kick your ass any day. I just have a job t do. These ******s must have kidnapped me or something, I'll have you know im Inquisitor Maledictues personal bodyguard" Ruben bragged.

04-09-2005, 16:38
"Don't hide behind excuses, i'll kill you as soon as i wont be shot by these troopers here" Lothar smiled, "Maybe if you beg, i'll let you live"

04-09-2005, 16:41
"I'll shoot you first" Ruben threatened.

Commander X
04-09-2005, 18:40
"You're not shooting anyone. If you had really been the body-guard of Inquisitor Maledictus, you would have known that."

Manch and Urgo were both less than impressed of the man's lies and bad excuses. That man would be the first to get an 'unfortunate accident' as soon as the Inquisitor looked the other way, they were sure of that.

"Hey you," Urgo shouted at one of the guards, "can't you kill that one for being a whiner or something? That'll make the rest of us a lot more comfortable at this place.

04-09-2005, 18:43
"what are you on about, I am the inquisitors bodyguard, anyway no ones talking to you" Ruben spat coldly.

Commander X
04-09-2005, 19:04
"It's better that way, the less persons that talk to me, the less persons that are able to betray me. And you know what, I doubt you will survive the first day here, most of us don't like wannabe criminals."

Urgo stared at the man, now being sure he wouldn't live very long. If it was neccesary, he would even do it himself...

04-09-2005, 19:27
The Inquisitor allowed the cells to be opened and everyone was moved to a large briefing room.

'You all are scum of the Imperium and are undeserving of life. However, the Emperor has given you one last chance. Sign up with me and you will be able to take that chance. Do not sign up and I will perform the Last Rites on you,' the Inquisitor said quietly.

He then pulled out a scroll and looked at everyone.

'Here is the quill, sign up or stay sitted where you will be excuted.'

Mysha looked round and grabbed a quill. She signed it and was taken to a small room where she was given odd looking clothing and her weapons.

'Here is your room key. Get changed and make your way to the briefing room,' a large man said. Mysha nodded and did as she was asked.

OoC/Right all of you will be given your equipment and odd clothing, as well as a room key. The rooms are spartan at best ok? So get changed and if you don't sign the scroll, Chakra will kill you./OoC

04-09-2005, 19:38
Ruben signed the papers "hey, I've been bodyguarding maledictus i don't even know why im locked in here" Ruben complained before heading to hie room. He lay on the spring bed and looked around at the matching metal cabinet and concrete floor.

Commander X
04-09-2005, 19:45
Urgo walked up to the man and signed the quill. It was the easiest way off this place, so probably worth whatever the quill said. He was about to walk away when he noticed Manch standing about a bit hesitating.

"What's the problem? Just sign it and you're done."

"That's the problem. I was tought to shoot and fight, but never to read or write..."

Urgo grinned when the man said this, he was a bit privileged himself by knowing how to do such things. He scribbled Manch's name down on the quill too, and they both left to their respective rooms.

Brother Smith
05-09-2005, 16:52
Maledictus looked at Chakra and sighed.
'Leave Charon - he is a good friend of mine and an honorable man. If we are to survive this then we need to destroy anything that could endanger us, including our own men.'

Maledictus also saw one 'Ruben' and knocked him to the ground with his fist, pressing his boot against his face.
'You are not the man I once knew, slave.'
Charon got up, and glared at Chakra. He had half a mind to order his termination, but resisted. This man would no doubt be of much use.

05-09-2005, 17:00
. "My lord, I have done nothing to betray you, I only wish to protect you" Ruben pleaded.

05-09-2005, 17:00
Lothar signed the paper as he had taught himself to read and write, and did the same for his daughter, she could neither read or write. They were sent to their respective rooms and Lothar made himself at home, settting his shotgun by his bed he lay down and thought about what lay ahead

__________________________________________________ ___

Lacy headed to her room quickly, she was afraid without her father around, she slammed the door quickly, locked it and sat on her cot, this was worse then what she was used to on board their ship, but there was little she could do about it, sighign she lay down and went to sleep.

Thane McHammer
05-09-2005, 20:35
Thane stood calmly as his cell door was opened. He took a puff on his cigar, and slowly walked out, towards the man holding the pen and parchment. The guard behind him prodded him in the back with the nose of his lasgun, growling for him to move faster.

Quicker than anyone could react, Thane had spun around, removed the gun from the stunned guard's hands, and broken it down into its basic components. Handing the now broken stock, barrel, muzzle, and chamber to the stunned guardsman, Thane patted him on the cheek.

Turning before he could get a response, he nodded to the Inquisitor, and took up the pen. In elegant High Gothic, he put down his name, and made his way to his room.

In a puff of aromatic smoke, he shut the door, and lay down to rest.

Brother Smith
05-09-2005, 21:23
As Thane lay down, he felt a dagger plunge into his side, he looked up, and saw the guard. He was strapped to the bed, unable to rise.

The guard knelt down and whispered in his ear,
'If you try anything like that again, i'll gut you alive'.

The guard then knocked Thane unconcious with a blow to the head (from a fresh hellgun).

It's not fatal, more of a reminder of who's in charge.
I understand I can't go around killing everybody, or Thane would be very dead by now. Just try not to look for trouble eh?

Oh and don't hate Maledictus for all this, stormtroopers are very capable of independant thought.

Thane McHammer
06-09-2005, 16:47
Wincing, Thane chuckled as he heard the door close. So...they had to strap him down before they could do anything? He flexed his muscles, and heaved. The straps snapped and he sat up. The dagger was small, and hadn't gone in deep. Assessing the wound, he knew it would heal properly, as the knife was sharp and the wound clean. He undid the straps on his legs and stood, grunting from the pain. The stormtropper must have been rather rattled, or his pride must have been mightly wounded for him to try something like that. Thane shurgged. It wasn't often that trained soldiers had their weapons taken off them and broken down in under 5 seconds.

Chuckling to himself, he relit his cigar, and took a puff. If that's the best they could do, he would have no problem with anything they could pass his way.