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24-09-2007, 03:06
This is really the first list I've put together. It's pretty much based on the models I currently have:

Warrior Priest, 2nd hammer, armor of m. iron-119
Captain, BSB, full plate-83
Level 2 Wizard

20 Halberdiers, full command-120
20 Swordsmen, full command-145
-detach. of 10 handgunners
-detach. of 8 milita
(not sure who will get the attachments)

12 Inner Circle Knights, full command-352

Steam Tank-300


How do you think this list will do? Should I just drop a knight to cut those 14 pts?

24-09-2007, 03:22
As to your list, the fact you're restricted by your available models certainly limits ways to tweak things.

Ideally putting your BSB on a barded horse improves his save and lets him move around to provide his re-roll to areas of the battlefield where it's needed. As your current model is on foot, he'll do fine as is.

I'd also think you could do well with a dispel scroll depending on who you play against. The 4 dispel dice you'll have really won't take you far against a determined opponent.

For your troops:
I'd consider getting another box of troopers to make sure you have enough models to give both infantry units detachments.

The block of 20 is fine in a game under 2k but many will suggest you increase this to 24-25 to soak a few casualties and maintain maximum rank bonus.

I'd strongly consider changing the knights to plain (not inner circle) to save points.

The other thing I'd do is make them MUCH smaller.

I'd consider fielding them as two 6-man units instead.

If you did one as inner circle and one plain (without command) it'd save you 18 points.

As to your artillery, in a 1500 point game, a cannon and a steamtank is probably more than you need. Dropping the steamtank would allow you to field a much larger army with better flexibility, however since you're limited on models you may want to stick with it for now (or play smaller games).

I definitely think if you intend to play a 1500 point game your army should be equal to or less than 1500 points.