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24-09-2007, 15:36
Right, the slightly belated report for my first proper game with Dwarfs, against another of my regular opponents, H, with his (entirely converted) Beasts of Chaos army.

My list (again credit for the list goes to Lord Firmshaft at Bugman's Brewery):

Runelord, great weapon, shield, gromril armour, RoStone, RoResistance, Anvil
Thane, BsB, MroGromril, RoCleaving
20 Longbeards, shields, full command
20 Warriors, shields, full command
10 Quarrellers, shields
10 Thunderers, shields
10 Hammerers, shields, standard, RoBattle
10 Slayers
Bolt Thrower, engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning, MRoImmolation
9 Miners
Organ Gun

H's list

Doombull, with a nasty sword of some description, MoKhorne
3 x Beastherd (5 Gors, 5 Ungors each, smattering of musicians etc)
~18 Khornegors, full command
~18 Bestigors, full command
4 Minotaurs, great weapons, MoKhorne
2 x 5 Centigors, musicians
2 Beastmen Chariots
6 Furies
3 Dragon Ogres

(H's list is from memory, and I've very little knowledge of the Beasts book, so apologies if anything's not quite right)

I'd played against H's Beasts a fair few times before, so I knew a little of what to expect. The lack of any magic at all, and the addition of the Khornegor unit however were both new, and pretty unexpected.

Anyway, to Battle!

(Spot the mistake....)

I won the roll for table sides, and opted to take the hill. Unfortunately, because of his greater number of units, H was able to put the juiciest targets (the chariots, the big bestigor and khornegor units, the giant) well away from my shooting.

I also won the roll for first turn, and chose to take it (looking at it now, this was pretty stupid. Only my Quarrellers and Boltthrower could shoot into his deployment zone, and their targets were very limited - but hey, first game, right?)


Trying to be proactive, I advanced on my left flank with my slayers, hammerers and longbeards.

My anvil, trying to slow down the rightmost beastherd to try and block up that flank, on it's first ever attempt, misfired :( Fortunately it would be able to try again next turn. In other shooting my Bolt Thower managed a wound on a Dragon Ogre.


Showing me how the proactive thing should really be done, the entirety of H's army floods forward, with the skirmish screens hastily scooting out of the way. On the left flank, the Centigors and a Chariot target the Slayers, while the General's unit, the second chariot and the Bestigors manoeuvre to better face the hammerers and longbeards. In the Centre, the Dragon Ogres fearlessly head straight towards the waiting dwarf guns. The Furies and Minotaurs advance rapidly on the right; meanwhile the Centigors, too busy peeping through the windows of the nearby house, bump straight into the screening beastherd, stalling both units.


The mistake is realised: where is the Gyrocopter? Turns out that I'd completely forgotten to deploy it, as it was in a separate box due to it's odd shape. H sportingly allows me to place it now, and move it as normal.

My miners fail to turn up this turn - maybe that drill would be worth getting...?

Spotting an opportunity on the left flank, I advanced my slayers as close as possible to the Centigors (I was hoping to anvil them into the centigors, break them, and pursue into the giant for some high strength action).

Faced with an ominous array of units, the Hammerers retreat, slightly. The warriors with the BsB wheel to be of use to the Quarrellers, in the vain hope that they don't get pulverised by the looming Dragon Ogres. The thunderers wheel to try and get a better view of the minotaurs for next turn.

In shooting my Anvil succeeded this time, sending the slayers crashing into the Centigors. The Quarrellers and Bolt Thrower traget the Dragon Ogres, taking one down and wounding a second. The Organ gun goes to finish the job....but misfires :wtf: No shooting this turn.

My Slayers fail miserably. 1 wound, with several taken in return from the multi-attack Centigors. So much for that plan...


The Chariot on the left flank charges into the slayers, the corner of their unit just peeking out enough to be seen. The Dragon Ogres charge the Quarrellers, weathering the stand and shoot with ease. The furies swoop into the Organ gun.

The rest of H's army advances relentlessly, with the Giant, the general's unit, the Bestigors and a Chariot converging on the increasingly exposed-looking Longbeards and Hammerers.

In combat the slayers take more damage, but this time do a wound or two in return - not enough to win the combat, but it's always nice to kill stuff :)

In the centre however both the Dragon ogres and Furies fail spectacularly - the Dragon ogres casuing only 3 wounds, with 1 received in return, the Quarrellers holding. The furies fail to kill any of the organ gun crew, and take two wounds in reply - failing their instability test, the furies vanish in a wisp of embarrassed-looking smoke.


My Miners arrive! I send them on from the left edge of the battlefield to try and aid the slayers. The Gyrocopter advances to flame some centigors. The Longbeards and Hammerers shuffle backwards, but it may be too little too late...

The Anvil sends the Miners into the flank of the Chariot. The Bolt thrower wounds a Minotaur, while the Organ gun lets rip at the approaching beast herd, killing 6 and panicing the unit - finally, a taste of what it can do!

In combat the Quarrellers somehow hold against the now quite bemused Dragon Ogres, while the Miners fail to do enough damage to convincingly win the combat - the Centigors and Chariot lose narrowly, but hold.


Crunch time, charges all over the place. The Giant and chariot (after some deliberation) charge the Hammerers, looking to follow through into the Anvil. The Doombull's Khornegors and a Beast herd emerging from the woods charge to Longbeards. The second Centigor unit charges the Organ Gun crew, and the Minotaurs end their long flank march, charging into the Bolt thrower.

The paniced herd rallies, and the remainder of H's units advance in support of the units now fighting.

Starting from the left: The Miners, despite killing the chariot, can't stand watching their disgraced kin get cut down by the centigors, and flee. What slayers remain contiue hacking away ineptly at the Centigors. The Chariot and the Giant combined are too much for the Hammerers - outnumbered by the Giant, they break automatically and are run down by the Chariot, which crashes into the Anvil. The Giant can't make it this turn, but is poised for next. The Doombull causes an obscene number of wounds on the Longbeards singlehandedly - despite valiant attacks back against the flanking herd, the Longbeards can't possibly hold, and are trampled underfoot by the Khornegors.

The charging Centigors fail to wipe out the Orga Gun crew, who pass their Stubborn test and hold. The frenzied Minotaurs massacre the Bolt thrower crew. With his dying breath, the engineer invokes the Master Rune of Immolation, killing one of the beasts and wounding another.

All looking bad for the Dwarfs, but amazingly the Quarrellers beat the Dragon Ogres in combat, and they flee, only just escaping the pursuing Dwarfs, who have possibly never moved so fast.



The Gyrocopter charges the Centigors to rescue the Organ gun, and the Warriors, led by the Battle Standard Bearer, charge the Khornegors. The Quarrellers attempt to charge the fleeing Dragon Ogres, but the Chaos beasts easily outdistance them.

The Miners rally, and prepare to return to the fight with the Centigors.

The Thunderers, desperate to do something in the game, open fire on the only visible target, the beast herd, with little effect.

In combat the slayers and Centigors are equally incompetent, with no kills to either side. The Beast chariot kills one of the Anvil guards and takes a wound in return from the Runelord. Outnumbered, the chariot holds. The warriors and Battle Standard cause 4 wounds on the Khornegors, but the Doombull is still rampant, slaying 6 dwarfs on his own. Losing narrowly, the Dwarfs hold with a re-roll. The Gyrocopter pilot misses with both attacks, allowing the Centigors to whittle the Organ Gun Crew to just one Dwarf.


The Giant charges into the Anvil, the Minotaurs charge the vulnerable Thunderers, and two Beastherds simultaneously charge the Quarreller unit, front and rear.

The Dragon Ogres fail to rally, and run to within an inch of the battlefield edge.

The Minotaurs again show their prowess, besting the Thunderers with ease, pursuing them off the table. The Centigors fighting the Organ gun polish off the crew, breaking the Gyrocopter in the process, causing it to flee and auto-destroy in the lurking Beastherd.

The Warriors again held the Khornegors, as the Doombull at last failed to kill everything in reach. The Chariot and Giant killed another Anvil guard and managed a wound on the Runelord. The stalemate between the Slayers and Centigors continued for another turn, as both sides began to forget why they were fighting.

Again however, the most interesting combat involved the Quarrellers. Having bested a unit of Dragon Ogres, they managed to fight off two Beast herds, pursuing and chasing down the larger, which had been in their rear, bringing them within striking distance of the Khornegors' flank....

(contd. below)

24-09-2007, 15:54
The aftermath of the Beasts Turn 4:


In the Dwarf Turn 5, my miners charge the Centigors (again), and the Quarrellers charge the Khornegors' flank.

Another failure to hit anything at all, combined with the long-overdue end of the slayers sees the miners break and flee off the table :(

The Quarrellers have more luck, causing two wounds themselves, preventing easy kills for the Khornegors on the flank. The Doombull slays in earnest, but with the flank attack and extra ranks, the Khornegors lose, and break, and the Quarrellers chase them down!

The Runelord keeps on at the Chariot, only one wound left on it now, but the Giant manages another wound on him, squeezing past his rerollable 1+ save.



The Beasts turn 5 sees H regroup, and bring his forces to bear on the surviving Dwarfs, with one unit of Centigors threatening the jubilant Quarrellers, and the second supporting the Bestigor in an advance on the Warriors. The Dragon ogres rally on the very brink of leaving the field.

The Runelord manages to kill the Beast Chariot, and survives the Giant's onslaught, for the time being, at least...


The 2 remaining Dwarf units prepare to take the charges of the Beastmen units, hoping that they can survive the turn.

Alas, the brave Runelord finally succumbs to the Giant's ministrations, stamped to a bloody, but noble, pulp on the stone steps of his ancestor's Anvil.


The Centigors and Bestigors charge the Warriors, and the 1st Centigor unit charges the Quarrellers.

The Minotaurs re-enter the fray.

Combat sees the Warriors withstand the onrushing tide of Beasts, with the help of the Battle Standard.

Tragically, the Quarrellers, who had achieved so much in the battle, were ignominiously broken and destroyed by the 2 surviving Centigoron from the left flank :cries:


With only one unit left on the field, the Dwarfs were soundly beaten :(

24-09-2007, 18:23
go quarrelers! seriously though, seems you learned a bit, always good.

Gabacho Mk.II
25-09-2007, 03:43

Dwarves were badly positioned... Should have been placed rather closely together (somewhat packed) and a refused flank would not have been a bad idea. Additionaly, by fielding the Dwarves onto a corner of the field (see below*) the Dwarves would have had at least an extra round of shooting, which might have done more than what transpired in this battle, as well as presenting less ground for the enemy to exploit for flank charges...



* = field
D = Dwarven unit(s)

[even with this list, the Dwarves would have put up a good fight, but they needed to have worked together, instead of being parcelled all over the battlefield awaiting a fast-moving, outnumbering enemy to pick off their (Dwarven) units one by one]