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01-09-2005, 08:31
Just made a CoP list that I might bring to the october tournament. Alltho, Ive never played the cult before so I could use some comments;

Druchii Anointed @ 376 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh,Magic Level 1,Great Weapon
Enchanted Shield, Quickening Blood, Blood Armour
Steed of Slaanesh

Sorceress @ 190 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Magic Level 2
Wand of the Kharaidon

Sorceress @ 180 Pts
Magic Level 2
2 Dispel Scrolls

16 Devoted of Slaanesh @ 257 Pts
War Banner, Command, Speed of Slaanesh

20 Warriors @ 185 Pts
Shield, Command

10 Warriors @ 120 Pts
Repeating Crossbow,Shield

10 Warriors @ 120 Pts
Repeating Crossbow,Shield

5 Shades @ 70 Pts

5 Dark Riders @ 127 Pts
Repeating Crossbow, Mus

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers @ 200 Pts

1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

5 Chaos Furies @ 75 Pts

Casting Pool: 7
Dispel Pool: 5
Total Army Cost: 2000

I might replace one repeater bolthrower with a Spawn of slaanesh and an extra Dark rider, and perhaps the furies with another spawn.

Ill probably try to stay defensive as Im packing alot of shooting, the anointed will probably try to get behind enemy lines to cause as much mayhem as possible. (Killing chariots, small units, warmachines, characters, fast cavalry etc, anything but large blocks).

The spawns (if i decide to bring them), will act as speedbumps either charging headlong into the nearest unit without some nasty character, or just trying to force the enemy to charge the spawns.


1) As the spawns use random movement, they dont care about difficult terrain right?
2) If i run the spawn against impassable terrain it will just stuck and stay in place? ( :evilgrin: )
3) Am i allowed to pivor the spawn on the spot after i move him, to face any direction and thus make it possible to use "eagle tactics" with him?

Comments and ideas are appreciated!