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24-09-2007, 22:44
I am just finishing off my Tzeentch mortals army and was looking to expand it a bit with some daemon support. I'm not looking to build a tournament winner, that's my mortals job, this is just meant to be a fun alternate list, although I don't want to waste a whole lot of money on expensive horrors if this won't work. Any advice? This is not an exact calculated army list, just the general idea of around 2000p. Thanks for you help in advance.

Daemon prince with Mot. blade of ether and maybe spell destroyer.

Exalted Champ with mot, sword of might, armour of damnation and shield.

10 chaos warriors with mot and full command, either with xtra hand weapons or chosen with shields, depending on how many points I have. Exalted goes here.

5 Chosen knights with mot, standard, musician and warbanner.

2 chariots with mot.

2 units of 10-12 horrors with 3 flamers each. Which size is better. I thought 12 as this means the bound spells are level 6 and their shhoing spelll thing is strength 3 rather than only 2.

5 screamers

2 spawn, if I can squeeze them in, although I seriously doubt this.

Any suggestions? thanks in advance for any advice.

bigbear bailey
25-09-2007, 09:22
I like the army but how do you use the demon prince...

25-09-2007, 09:30
12 Horrors is defintiely better, for the reasons you give. 15 is even better, co you get another rank.

I have to say I dont think the Warriors will do much, and the small unit of Knights can quite easily be countered / avoided.

I do like the chariots though, and I love screamers. Spawn either do amazingly well or die very quickly in my experience. I used to run with 1, as a firewyrm...

25-09-2007, 16:20
Thanks for the feedback. I have the knights and the warriors to add powerdice and because I already have them from my mortal army. What do you think would be better in their place? I would put the horrors in units of 15 but I just don't think I wil have the points in 2000 games. Maybe in 2250 point games though.

Bigbear, I have a daemon prince instead of my usual lord to keep in the deamonic theme. He is just there to fly around, casting off spells and to add some ether blade cuttiness. He should be able to get in a lot of kills with 5 strength 5 no armour saves attacks.