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25-09-2007, 01:00
i am on the fence as to how deadly the windrider host can really be, for apocalypse my main army will be marines, why? because i like them more and i already have over 3000 points of them. now i also have an eldar army and just to add flavor i plan on adding the windrider host and the cloud strike as allies to my marines. now i know that cloud stryke can be awesome but i am on the fence about windrider.

i want to know what are the opinions out there about this special formation consisting of only guardian jetbikes and vipers?

will only one box (1 autarch, 3 jetbikes of 3 and 2 vipers) be enough of should i add another box (or two

Delicious Soy
25-09-2007, 05:47
Well you'd need to throw some shuri cannons on the jetbikes. That and I'd use them in formations of 6 (two cannons per squad) to get the most out of them. It just dpends on how many points you want ot play.

25-09-2007, 06:03
I don't see the windrider host particularly deadly.
After all, they're just guardians with shuriken cats.
Two vypers and an autarch aren't enough to shore
up their deficiencies.

25-09-2007, 07:47
they'll be a nasty little formation....can pop up and annihilate light infantry bases...

As a full army....not terribly useful, as they have 0 anti-tank, of which Apoc will have a LOT

I find that release more just a hope that Eldar players will buy them for regular armies. Also, probably getting rid of old model stock, as new jetbikes should be out soon.

Brother Antonios
25-09-2007, 08:12
Depends on what you face. Against troop heavy IG and Eldar or DE it's not bad. Nids Orks it's ok. Against SM, CSM, tank heavy guard they are dead meat.

If you use them to distract fire from other units they might work all around.

25-09-2007, 08:16
i understand thet they have almost 0 chances of taking on armor, but what i really want to know is if this is enough to make a flank/corner/rear of an army crumble or even cause a dent in it.
i really want to use this formation as it fits my idea of the eldar coming from nowhere and helping a chapter of space marines for "seemingly" no reason at all other than to foil the bad guys day.

in other words, do i need to get another box or two or is it a mistake to get one in the first place?

i usually run a close combat heavy eldar army and have never really used guardian jetbikes before, so can anyone comment on the real effectiveness of the unit in small/large numbers.

25-09-2007, 08:49
I use an autarch on jet bike and two units of 3 jetbikes in my tourney list, so far they have not let me down significantly. In fact my regular opponents target them now more than waveserpents and holofielded tanks because of their trickiness to pin down and kill off.

The autarch is excellent on his own hunting tanks with fusion gun and haywire grenades, whilst the jet bikes excel at getting side and rear armour shots. With their proposed move anywhere on board re deployment, they could cause all sorts of problems. The vypers can have bright lances and are cheap enough in apocolypse games to be throw away.

However expect any fire power aimed at them in apocolypse to damage them extensively. Get your invuls if possible, ensure they can't be seen to much and remember the jump back move in the assault phase.

25-09-2007, 08:53
Above all, they're really really cheap. And while they lack punch, they have pretty solid defenses (a marine which can move in the asault phase).

Personally, I like them, but never have an important role for them. If they die, they die. If they do something before that, great! But I never relied on them. I'd just get the box and see if more are worth it.

25-09-2007, 08:54
Their value is their 'flank march' asset - the ability to come in from reserves BEHIND the enemy army. Think about all those strength 6 Shuriken Cannons against all that AV10 rear armour.

Plus, your flying Seer Council can come on with them :D

25-09-2007, 12:56
The great thing about the Windrider Host datafax is that you can redeploy the entire formation once per battle. You can take mostly Vypers if you prefer, in which case you could redeploy to hit opposing vehicles in the rear armour, with multiple heavy weapons. :eek:

Then again, Vypers are expensive to buy in bulk. Don't expect jetbikes to win games for you. Just like Guardian squads, jetbikes are more of a supporting unit. They're designed to work in unison with other Eldar units.

25-09-2007, 13:12
Yeah, this formation has several strengths

Shuriken Cannons - you can get a lot of S6 shots in the unit, and most eldar players have enough shuriken cannons lying around for you to convert up a shuriken cannon jetbike for 1 out of 3. S6 can hurt almost any infantry in large numbers.

Flank March - As others mentioned, if you run the mathhammer, if you get shots at side or rear armor, a vyper with 2 shuriken cannons has a higher chance at killing a vehicle than one with a brightlance. Yes it is 2 lower strength, but you get 6 times as many shots, and is a lot cheaper.

Chosen Reserves - in Apoc, you get half reserves on turn 2, half on turn 3, of your choice. If you save the wind rider host for turn 3, it can be a great unit for arriving behind the enemy and racing/redeploying on an objective. Remember, winning an apoc game is about grabbing objectives, not killing the enemy (but killing them does make it easier).

Farseer/warlocks - while they don't come in the box, you can convert them, there is an online guide for it. Adding bike-mounted farseers/warlocks adds a great deal of flexibility to this force, including S9 singing spears for anti-tank, heavy flamers, as well as a host of farseer powers.


25-09-2007, 13:13
Dont mean to hijack the OP's thread, but I was seriously considering getting 1 of these, just to start up as a jetbike heavy eldar army, with no use in apocalypse. Just wondering if the set is worth it for that. It certainly saves a lot of money. Also, would 2 be worth it, considering my low budget, and just starting eldar?
I hope this might help the OP in some way...


25-09-2007, 13:17
The Windrider host will cause bloody havok amongst the infantry heavy support troops your oponunt will leave near his board edge,

i doubt the imperial guard player will be too pleased when a dozen jetbikes appear behind his heavy weapon platoons or the tau players broadside batterys get shredded by a power weapon armed autarch and a few of his vyper jetbike chums

25-09-2007, 18:47
anyone else looking to pitch in?

02-10-2007, 14:02
I was wondering if there is any Shuriken Cannon armed jetbikes in the box?

Captain Micha
02-10-2007, 14:17
The Jetbikes are alot like how eldar -should- be. Elegant finesse requiring things. Which makes them vastly unpopular along with guardians to a great many players. (anyone that takes even 1 falcon is not an eldar player in my opinion) The people that know how to use them swear by them. (like sm biker players too I might add) The rest of everyone else is like the typical opinion of De. "they are the suck"

I plan on getting a windrider host *assuming they don't update the de dex next year like I suspect* and doing some converting and yes.. commit heresy by using possibly Eldar rules for dark eldar...

or using De rules with some Eldar models... (converted they might be)