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bigbear bailey
25-09-2007, 09:26
I was wondering on how ou guys use the things. I love the idea of them but I keep seeing MILLIONS of better ways to spend my points... Can you scarred vets show me what's up?

25-09-2007, 11:20
I want to use my Prince, I really do, but I, like you, keep finding better ways to spend my points.

The main drawback of the Prince is his inability to defend himself properly. The 5+ ward save just isn't enough in my book (even with diabolic splendour) to protect a 500+ point character. His second drawback is his US 3. He can't serve as a decent flanker either, since his US isn't enough to strip ranks or anything. Furthermore, his flight move will, more often than not, take him beyond 12 inches of most of your other troops, leaving them without the Ld-bonus he would usually incur.

He does have some strong points though:

-He causes terror
-Given the MoSlaanesh he always strikes first, which gives you a chance to take out the potential danger before his 5+ ward save comes into play at all, if charged.
-Master of Mortals, Diabolic Splendour, Soul Hunger and Blade of Ether is a nasty combination.
-He can be a LvL 4 flying wrecking ball, which is always nice.
-He's not a large target.

In conclusion, if you do bring him to the field, be cautious. Use terrain and troops to shield him from enemy shooting and don't make the mistake of thinking that he can take on everything singlehandedly. A cannonball will mess him up.
If you can use your own troops and the terrain to your advantage, he can be deadly, but one lucky shot or bad round of dice rolling is enough to take this bad boy out.

Hope it helps.


28-09-2007, 14:14
Hi bigbear bailey. I run daemon princes all the time in my khorne daemonic legion and mixed hordes of chaos army. Your question reminds me of a question asked of me at a tournament a couple weeks ago. A judge came over and asked if my daemon prince ever made his points back. Being honest, I said, "No, but he's cool."

My answer is not entirely true because there are some viable builds that I have found for a daemon prince, although there are more economical choices in the army list. If you want to take a prince, here are some of the ones that I have run in the past year:

Khorne prince in a daemonic legion
Pro points:
- With blade of ether, might of khorne, and soul hunger he can annihilate enemy cavalry units. Be careful of challenges when positioning him though because he does not do well in combat resolution
- With a little support from other fast daemons, he can turn most combats
- Mark of khorne means that he can join khornate units to protect him from shooting.
- He contributes an extra dispel dice
- If he joins a khornate unit, he gets to use their magic resistance
con points:
- His frenzy means that he could be drawn into disadvantageous combats. His 20" flying move means that you will have to screen him to prevent this. I use flesh hounds or bloodcrushers to do this. You can also flip him backwards and "peek-a-boo" him, but this is a gross violation of the spirit of playing khorne in my opinion
- He does not break ranks, so at around 425 points, anything he can do a bloodthirster could do way better
- If he gets lured into an unsupported combat, he will always lose

Undivided daemon prince:
- I give him soul hunger and diabolic splendour, and then either blade of ether or chaos disruption depending on the rest of the army composition
- Great mobility. He can land nearly anywhere and cause terror or rain down spells
- He can use spell dice generated by units of Tzeentch
- He can turn a crucial combat with a rear or flank charge. He will also restrict their mobility because he can easily fly over enemy lines and threaten the rear
- He can mix and match units in his army from different gods
- Lore of death and lore of fire are very nasty when you have lots of dice to power them

- The biggest con is that he is totally unable to join any daemonic units because the only undivided daemons are furies. This means you need to be really careful screening him and keeping him out of missile fire

Tzeentch daemon prince:
- He is pretty much the same as the undivided one, except he has a weaker spell lore and can hide in units of daemons marked by Tzeentch. I like him because he doesn't have to get into combat to have a large effect on the game (he should for over five hundred points)

I guess that my final advice is to remember that despite the cost, the daemon prince works best as a support unit. He is tough, but you need to use him carefully and pick your fights well because he can be easily killed. Use his massive mobility to your advantage, and you should be o.k..

28-09-2007, 16:17
I made good experiences with my Slaanesh Deamon Prince.
Level 4 Spell Caster, Diabolic Splendor, Soul Hunger, Blade of the Ether,Master of the Mortals. I played him at a tournament with restrictions in using Chaos Lords and Exalted Champions. He did pretty well, although he only survived one Game-one time he killed himself with double-1-miscast,one time he was killed by a speculum hero-also bad luck -5 wounds and no save :/ and in two other games he lost cr by one and I rolled double 6-though next round he would have been reinforced...
Well he is a nice Slaanesh mage, he does not cost that much more(like an exalted Sorcerer+ ExaltedChampion) and he is a nice fighter,causes terror and...is cool :D
You have to play him carefully against shooting armies but he can be really helpful when playing against a shooting army-the slaanesh Spells can cover your important Units pretty nicely against missiles with the 2 or 5 Spell. Vs Bretons he really shines-they can't get him, he casts Slaanesh magic,can scare them with terror and he has armour-ignoring weapon.
So that's how I play a deamon prince :)

28-09-2007, 16:58
In my opinion, a Greater Demon will suit you better most of the time...For example, a Lord of Change has the same abilities as a tzeentch demon prince but he's US 6 has more wounds and will fare better in combat. However, he represents a huge chunk of your points and forces you to make your army god-specific.
So, the main pros of a demon prince would be: more options during cofiguration (no magic or lvl1-4, undivided or not, cheapish or really expensive). I can't see what he can do that an Exalted demon can't, and that's his main problem...
p.s.:if you fielded him along with an exalted demon, that would be totally different, though... :D

winter has ended
29-09-2007, 23:56
just wonderiong what the thoughts on a nurgle prince is and how to kit him out

30-09-2007, 11:35
I have to say every time its better to take a exalted daemon over a daemon prince, i think its pretty much the same as taking exalted heros over lords, really you paying all them points for a larger gifts allowance which frankly you dont need. I find that for 300pts a exalted khorne daemon with might of khorne/Ax if Khorne and Soul Hunger more than enough to deal with most enemies, killing blow is handy if i want a charcter killer, strength 6 is great for killing knights and big things.

I think every time i have used a daemon prince he has never earned his points back, my exalted usually does.

For a nurgle exalted daemon i think you best option is stream of corruption and us it like a cheap dragon, perhaps make him a wizard as well.

01-10-2007, 11:22
Always remeber the con of having a 360 los... really nasty for a combat monster with flight

01-10-2007, 23:40
it has unit strength 3 so moves like a monster and thus has a 90o line of sight, i used to think it had 360o myself, kinda glad it dosnt

03-10-2007, 09:06
Thanks for the corection...

Defender of Ulthuan
10-10-2007, 23:37
My favorite DP by far (and let me preface this by saying I would only ever use one in a very high pts, undivided army) is as follows:
Lvl4 lore of fire-160
Radiance of Dark Glory (-1W from any combat losses)-40
For 505pts, you get an Ld9 flying caster that can not only lead a more stable army, but with the lore of fire is a magic beast, and in combat the 6 always hit on 2+ S8 attacks he pumps out with FSoR takes out most anything at I8 w/flying.
Moreover, I almost always take an exalted instead, and either big daemon needs to be used with extreme care. Another helpful thought on taking an exalted is that he doesnt have to be the general, and still does well.
As to the "4":
1.Tzeench-10pts freed for Lore o' Tzeench could be better
2.Khorne- much cheaper w/out the magic, and the dispel die is nice, but i think he's too vulnerable w/the flying-frenzy combo
3.Slannesh-ASF is nice, and so is lore of slannesh, but at those pts I'd say go w/the GD
4.Nurgle-+1W is really cool, and lore of nurgle is highly underrated. Between that and greater deamon the choice is massive statline (GD has 10W at T6) or manuverability (flying vs M4)
All in all, I would say at that pts cost, take the GD (unless of course you're like me and go undivided most of the time, in which case Bel'Akor is an outstanding model). But, as stands above everything else, it's your decision, and you should do what you want, be that point efficiency, fluff, or just whatever you d*** well like best.
Hope that helps with your dilemma :).
P.S.- I once got a unit of Knights of the Realm to flee off the table with a well-placed, Terror-imbued landing. You should've seen his face :)

13-10-2007, 14:16
I like the Daemon Prince with MoK, soul hunger, might of khorne, MoM, and ether blades. I thought aboout taking him in My khorne horde 5 months ago, but went for my lord instead. I would take him in large pt games. Point him at the enemy's uber unit of cavalry with his uber character and laugh as he eats them. Take that Kurt HElborg and inner circle knights. HE'll kill Kurt, and then wipe out then wipe out the rest of the unit. HA HA HA. He is 415 I think. Just to clarify, Daemon Princes see 90 but as they are a single model they end thier move facing any direction they want, and can change the direction their moving in at any point during the move