View Full Version : 500pt Bret Campaign Warband

Marshal Augustine
25-09-2007, 16:03
Well I have been using the warband rules (US online web). Our gaming group is about to start a small Warbands campaign. I have always favoured a list with peasents, and have playtested this list before to good effect. I used to run it with a Lv2 damsel instead of a paladin, but I have routed for the paladin instead as I dont need a BSB and magic is not usually such a big issue in such small games:

Paladin, Warhorse, Lance, Shield @80pts

10 M@A Standard @60pts
10 M@A Standard @60pts

5 KotR Full Command, Standard of chalons @154pts

10 Skirmishing Bowmen, Musician @75pts

4 Mounted Yeomen Shields, Musician @71pts

Total 500pts. So what do you think!


Marshal Augustine
26-09-2007, 18:19
nothing?... man thats 3 forums already!