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12-04-2005, 18:25
in the Isenhorn trilogy it mentions that the different ordoes have different symbols...

so what are the differences between them?

any one have any pics?

Inquisitor Engel
12-04-2005, 19:25
Well, chances are the Ordo Xenos symbol is rather similar to the Deathwatch icon. With the skull and crossbones in the =][=. The Ordo Hereticus tends to flash the Ecclesiastical 'I' instead of the Inquisitorial one, or it might just be a combination of the two.

The Ordo Malleus probably don't, since officially they don't exist. ;)

12-04-2005, 19:42
Actually I believe the unofficial symbol of the ordo malleus is the thunder hammer, or just a regular hammer. Can't be quite sure however..

12-04-2005, 20:36
The Hereticus uses the Inquisitorial symbol exclusivley for their own forces, it's just that a good many of their forces are on loan from the Ecclesiarchy.

Remember that the plain I is generic Imperial, whereas the crossbars is the Inquisition and the halo the Ecclesiarchy.

12-04-2005, 23:00
The forces of the O:H tend to have Fleur de Lys' on their armour, the O:M have books (look at the GK's) so I assume the O:X use skulls.

12-04-2005, 23:17
That's the Sororitas who bear the Fleur, not the Hereticus.

13-04-2005, 05:37
In the sisters transfer set, there is an I with a haloed skull set within it. Is that a sisters icon or an ordo hereticus symbol?

Ordo Xenos is definately an inquisition I with a skull and crossbones overlaid on it.

Ordo Malleus is the order of the hammer so I think it's safe to assume their symbol (hidden of course since they are a secret society) is a hammer.

13-04-2005, 08:02
The I with a halo is, with or without skull, the symbol of the Ecclesiarchy.

Wolflord Bloodangel
13-04-2005, 09:09
Oldschool fluff also brings up the idea of electro-tattoos that can be activated on command to display an Inquisitor's ordo... though at the time the only named Ordo was the Malleus, and it was their job to watch other Inquisitors as much as it was to hunt daemons, so the fluffs may have changed.

Delicious Soy
13-04-2005, 10:15
Malleus isn't secret. They are officially the watchers of the Inquisition itself. THe secret is that daemons exist and they kill them.

Brother Munro
13-04-2005, 11:35
The =][= symbol tends to be the same, usually having a skull in the middle, though variations may exist they are more likely to represent Inquisitiorial factions rather than be official ordo variations.

13-04-2005, 13:36
I don't think there is much of a difference in the =I= icon itself. There are variations in that icon but it doesn't mean anything different. The Chamber Militant however have different icongraphies. The Grey Kinghts have the sword piercing the tome, Adeptus Sororitas have the Fleur de Lys' and the Deathwatch has a skull with a lens in the right socket in the middle the =I= icon.

Brother Munro
13-04-2005, 13:54
The deathwatch have the specific deathwatch shoulder pad which looks like this:

Inquisitor Samos
13-04-2005, 15:08
Deathwatch Chapter icon....

13-04-2005, 16:25
But the new termie deathwatch pad, only has the skull on the =][=, theres no lens in the skull or crossbones.

Rich 123
13-04-2005, 16:36
Well Im sure GW will jump on the chance to change the fluff ;)

For someone, like me, that doesn't game - just enjoys converting, painting and reading the fluff this gets a little annoying.


13-04-2005, 18:24
But the new termie deathwatch pad, only has the skull on the =][=, theres no lens in the skull or crossbones.Perhaps it's just a variation - or GW indeed changed it.

I know that the old metal Deathwatch pad had the lens and crossbones, what about the newer plastic one (form the command squad)?

Or the Terminator one is not intended for Deathwatch marines, but for Xenos Inquisitors? There is probably a heraldic difference between the Ordos and their relative Chamber Militant?

Though I'm not convinced GW has put much thought into it - look here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/daemonhunters/downloads/1), the first wallpaper, and it's Daemonhunters. The =][= accompanied by a skull is probably a more generic Inquisitorial icon.

Wolflord Bloodangel
14-04-2005, 01:05
Yeah, Im pretty sure the =][= shoulder pad on the termie sprue is just a general 'inquisition' shoulder pad, whether to give to a model as a 'reward' or for use in an Inquisitor conversion...

14-04-2005, 07:55
But the new termie deathwatch pad, only has the skull on the =][=, theres no lens in the skull or crossbones.

But it isn't a deathwatch shoulder pad rather a generic shoulder pad probably for Inquisitor conversions as Wolflord Bloodangel suggests.

14-04-2005, 19:26
A quote taken from WD216, p.86:

"The electoo depicted a many headed serpent entwined around the holy cross of the Inquisition, its many tails and heads trying to swallow, or strangle, or even engulf in fire the seal of the Inquisition, the few that knew of its existence would recognise it as the symbol of the Ordo Xenos."