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25-09-2007, 19:15
I am at an impass. I am not sure which army to play. I have been thinking of building a GK army, but I am not sure I like the way it would play. And I am also thinking about adding more to my DA to make a full Deathwing army.

DA- I have a lot of Terminators just kind of hanging around waiting to be put in to an army. The Deathwing is more flexible than Gk.

GK- I have always wanted to build it (well i did build it in 2nd ed but no rules for it then), in the USA i have an old 2nd ed Grey Knight Terminator squad that I painted years ago. But the cost of building a new GK force is not too fun, and also the lack of AP 2 or 1 weapons is a big down side.

I am not sure which to work on, my extra terminators could also go in my SW or my g/f's BA, and the GK do look nice. Both play kind of the same. GK can also go with my IG and I can use my Assassins. Just not sure. What do you think?

25-09-2007, 19:27
I would paint the termies you've got and play with deathwing. Find out if you like the army. Both armies are quite weak in terms of competitiveness, and play similarly (hang at 24'' range and blast enemy). If you like DW then get the GK's.

25-09-2007, 22:05
Go with the DA. the GK's will play very similarly and not look as cool on the table with your other stuff. plus then you can play in some larger games.

25-09-2007, 22:09
Agreed, go DA for the moment. GK is a 3.5 list atm, and worse they're largely metals. I'm waiting for plastics before i start GK.

26-09-2007, 00:08
If you already have normal termie, I'd say go Deathwing. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try the GKs. They aren't as restrictive as you seem to think, in fact they are now one of my favorite armies in term of gameplay. I have never used a Deathwing army, but I'm pretty sure that GK termies are better than them, they really are crazy good. Plus, they can ally with all the armies you just mentioned. This IMO is a big plus, since like me you seem to have lots of Imperial armies, you may soon find yourself dabing with DH and IG stuff.

Hand of Dume
26-09-2007, 02:17
go with DA. Deathwing armies a totally cool. use the GK as allies. get the best of both worlds.

26-09-2007, 03:57
I have had both armies, and I enjoy the DA/Deathwing far more of the two.
A massive Deathwing DA army, and a large GK army.
The GK army was expensive, heavy to transport, and not as flexible as i would have liked. Cool looking, but just not to my taset after a while.
The arguments against GK like "poor antitank, outnumbered..." etc.etc. are all valid, I guess.
I sold the whole GK army last week.
I just found that they started to get a little boring after a while. I had some spectacular wins against Guard, Khorne and some Marines.
I just got bored...
DA/Deathwing all the way baby!!!