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Mad Doc Grotsnik
25-09-2007, 20:56
This is a pretty straight forward thread, meant for the discussion of which units you feel are the best example of their field. Kind of like an Awards ceremony, where everyone is the in the running, but nobody actually wins anything because it doesn't have a budget, and the instigator cannot be bothered to tally up the results! Hurrah!

As ever, I will kick you off with my opinions, which also neatly introduces the categories. If I forget one, feel free to heap abuse in my direction! And when listing your faves, please try to add reasons why!

So, without further ado, heres my winners....

Characters : Dark Elf Beastmaster. He's cheap, he's cheerful, he's got a Pet Manticore, and he knows how to use it in games of under 2,000 points! In particularly small games, this big brute ridden by a mincing effeminate nancy (yes, I do play Dark Elves before the tirades begin) is obviously deadly, rather than the pin cushion it often resembles in turn two of bigger games!

Rank and File (Core). Definitely, in my opinion, my beloved Empire Detachments. Nothing special on their own, but not only are they cheap, but they really get the old addage 'strength in numbers'. Okay, it rarely works out how you want it to, but the extra consideration required to avoid being shot at lots or flank charged usually delays your opponent by a turn, allowing you to make things that little bit more favourable. An honourable mention though must go to Dark Elf Corsairs, who are sensible enough not only carry two weapons, but to wear more than a linen sheet to battle, which is more than can be said for most 2CCW units! And another one for Savage Orcs with two choppas just for being completely bonkers!

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare). Bit of a wild one this, as I detest the term 'Elite' infantry, and refer to such things as 'Heavy' Infantry. I wish to include *All* infantry units not in Core listings, be it lightly armoured units of Witch Elves, or diminutive, surly walking tanks, like Ironbreakers. My award in this category has to go to Dark Elf Executioners, as sure, they aren't terribly surviable, but they do pack a punch, and cost next to nothing for what they are capable of. Plus, given the right Banner, they can carve up (no, literally carve up) absolutely anything the enemy can throw at them (apart from Steam Tanks. Which, when thrown at most things (including a whinging opponent) cause quite a lot of damage. Especially if aimed at temples. But that sort of thing gets you arrested, and isn't to be reccomended. So put it down, and relax) from characters, to Rank and File, via Big Monsters, and horrendously Heavy Cavalry, when the dice aren't being naughty little Chance-Goblins, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Light Cavalry. Here, I'm truly torn, between Dark Riders (and their luvverly repeater crossbows) and Pistoliers. Both are swift, and both can happily collapse a flank on their own, or just dance around the enemy army using their superior firepower (compared to other Light Cav) to whittle off ranks here and there. Overall, I'll give it to the Dark Riders, as Pistoliers occasionally find their lack of range working against them! Plus they have Spears and WS4, which means when engaging an enemy units flank, they have just enough oomph to pack the right punch all on their own....

Heavy Cavalry. Once again, those Savage Orcs have reared their ugly, warty, foul smelling heads. Upgraded to Big'uns, these fellas kick out a whopping 4 S5 attacks *each* on the charge. 2 from the Rider (if armed with a spear, and why wouldn't you?) and 2 from the Boar (who conveniently benefits from it's rider Frenzy...check the rules!). Sure, they are expensive brutes, but most Heavy Cavalry is. The key to my favour here, is that, unlike normal Orc Cavalry, they can safely operate away from the general on their own, as being Frenzied, they will of course never flee from shooting or magic. Frenzy can also be a big let down, but they can be offered support from smaller units of Spider Riders or Wolfboyz to blinker their LoS against unfavoured targets. Before anyone claims that a unit which needs army cohesion shouldn't really qualify, I would say all units need support from the rest of the force to perform to their best!

Skirmshers. Here, I have a stand out winner. Ghouls. For their points, they are *amazing* in my book. 8 points a pop (cheap enough for Undead, who tend to pay a premium for being dead, much like British Inheritance Tax, only stinkier) T4, 2 poisoned HTH attacks each. When used against Skirmishy targets of choice, these little guy excel. Light Cavalry, opposing skirmishers, lone characters will all fall pretty quickly to these guys, and causing fear means theres always the chance that either the enemy will be fighting an uphill, 6 to hit struggle, or won't be allowed to charge them if your out manouvered. Although not inclined to stick around should things go belly up, it's their low cost, and Core choice status that really sells me on these guys.

Chariots. To me, they are all much of a muchness, but I tend to prefer either Khemri Chariots (because they can be healed, and come in units) or Dark Elf Cold One Chariots, because despite their stupidity, they are relatively cheap (for their army) come in twos, and can also shoot quite competently if the crew are bought RxBs. Fear is also handy, as although your not going to auto break anyone any time soon (unless it's a particularly wheel-resistant character, or teenytiny unit) like the Ghouls, it can prevent the deadly counter charge, and often has for me!

Artillery. Shockingly, I have to nominate the Scrap Launcher. It's the Killing Blow that appeals to me. With it's low strength, half it's wounding hits (statiscally speaking) will be killing stuff outright, barring Ward Saves, which makes it very deadly indeed. Using the big template, and being pulled around by a beasty capable of eating stuff doesn't hurt either!

Monster. Toughy this one, as there are lots to choose from. I really like the War Hydra, as thanks to its two handlers, it can soak up a lot of firepower, and then deny the enemy (ideally) half it's victory points should the two scamps survive then go and hide up a convenient tree. Plus, being able to march and breathe really helps it out now. Flame Templates rock in Warhammer! I'm sure I'm more or less alone on this one, but this is all about personal opinion rather than some boring number-crunched nonsense!

Ogreytypebigthingshenanigans. Ogre Maneaters. Clearly. Stats of an Ogre Hero, but in a unit, with a choice of weapons. Plus everyone (except those namby-pamby Bretonnians!) can have, given two rare slots and a lot of points! Plus, they just look so cool, and offer conversion opporchancities!

Sacrificial Unit. You know the type. You bring them get in the enemies face, then die! Nothing more, nothing less. Toss up here for me, between Empire Flagellants (who are quite dependable, and pretty cheap for what they offer) and Skaven Slaves, who are so cheap it's ridiculous!

So there you go. Must have missed some categories off, so feel free to add them in!

25-09-2007, 21:00
For Best Skirmishers, I nominate Wood Elf Dryads and Vampire Counts Ghouls.

25-09-2007, 21:30
Skirmshers. Here, I have a stand out winner. Ghouls.

I don't know the point value, nor how they factor into army comp, but skinks seem annoyingly effective to me. They don't even need to engage in close combat like the ghouls. We hates them.

edit: Ach! Just caught grickherder's dryad comment... yeah, we hates them too.

Sacrificial Unit. You know the type. You bring them get in the enemies face, then die! Nothing more, nothing less. Toss up here for me, between Empire Flagellants (who are quite dependable, and pretty cheap for what they offer) and Skaven Slaves, who are so cheap it's ridiculous!

Although you get fewer figures for the points, a single handler with his 6 giant rats at 30 points can maneuver in tight spaces, is faster, and is only throwing away 30 points instead of 40. When placing them early in deployment, they take up less room as well, leaving you more room for placing your more *cough* valuable units like huge blocks of clanrats *cough*cough*

25-09-2007, 21:32
Characters: For me it is easily the Exalted Champion of Chaos. His stats rivallng most other armies Lord choices and his amazing resilence in the face of a lot of things make him my most versatile and outstanding hero choice. when you say your army has an exalted champion, people are never quite sure whether to expect a quick ItP hero, a devestating Khorne combat god or a swift wizard capable of outdoing them in the blink of an eye. The bane of most things in smaller games.

Rank and File (Core); For me this goes to the humble Dark Elf Spearmen. I have never seen core infantry able to absorb as much damage and deal it out so efficiently in return. Their base toughness of 3 might not seem like much but skimming everyone else's is 3 too. Special mention here goes out to Chaos Marauders.

Rank and File (Elite/Heavy): Bestigors, in particular of the Nurgle variety. I have never seen a unit that can take a charge on the nose and come out fighting like these guys do. Their abilities and what they have access to in the Beasts and Chaos books are frightening. Even the Undead have trouble shifting these guys when they get going.

Light Cavalry: I'll agree with the Mad Dok and say Dark Riders are my fast cavalry unit of choice. Everything I could say has already been said by him.

Heavy Cavalry; Black Knights for the undead without a shade of a doubt. These guys are monstrous. Who wants to have to face up to fear causing 2+ armour save wights with Str6, Killing Blow and magical attacks? Show me a better unit and I will call you a liar!

Skirmishers; Beast Herds all the way. Nothing can adapt to their task like Beast herds and being the skirmishers who ca rank up, they have all the advantages of ordinary units of skirmishers while retaining a lot of the advantages of core infantry.

Chariots: Khemri Chariots (again see Mad Dok Grotsniks reasons)

Artillery; Screaming Skull Catapult is what wins here for me. being able to have a free guess with it before firing is the most fun thing, especially when you get a direct hit in the actual shooting phase.

Monster: The Giant. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of people like a giant simply because your Lord may end up in his pants.

Ogre-sized: Ogre maneaters for being an amazing none hero sized hero choice.

Sacrifical Unit: Warhounds of Chaos. Nothing seems better in a chaos army for keeping your knights safe.

Lord Malakai
26-09-2007, 13:22
Sacrifical unit: I love the good old chaos spawn. Cheap, stupid and tough. Through them around the board and let your opponent either waste time killing them or ignore them and have them bite them in the ****.

Best overall unit: This possibly says a lot about my personality BUT I love the Snotling Pump Wagon. Not because its good at anything but because it's just COOL.

Gorbad Ironclaw
26-09-2007, 13:37
Hmm, lets see.

Blood Dragon or Carstain thrall BSB. With Flayed Hauberk and Sword of Might these guys are crazy, and quite cheap too.

Rank and File (Core):
The only place where I think Dark Elves deserve a real look in, there RXBs with shields are outstanding.

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare):
My own Grave Guards does an amazing job, but I'm actually tempted to go for Tomb Guards instead. Less armour, but they get that oh so very nice reform banner, and you can heal them back.

Light Cavalry:
Hmm, good question really. I'm not sure there really is any truly outstanding choices here, but there is a number of good ones. I think I'd nominate Pistoliers in the end tho, Dark Riders have always seems overrated to me, even if mine does a good job.

Heavy Cavalry: Can I just nominate the entire Bret list? No? Ah well, I'll go with the Realm Knights then. Cheap(ish), hard hitting, easy access to CR, and very well protected.

Dryads, by far. Although Ghouls, War Dancers and Skinks deserves a mention as well I feel.

Hmm, possibly the beast chariots, for cheapness and general hitting power.

Best Warmachine:
Cannons, any sort of cannon. Great counter battery fire, and great to keep a lot of the other heavy hitters honest. Not my favourite warmachine, but the most effective for it's points.

Though one this one, as none of them are actually all that good. Well, the Stegadon if that counts.

Ogre-sized: Maneaters.

Sacrifical Unit:
Skaven Slaves. A sacrifical unit with Ld 10, worth virtually no points and don't cause panic in your army? Yes please.

Colonel Fitzgerald
26-09-2007, 13:46
I adore Goblin Wolf Riders for light cav as they are cheap and fast as hell. Almost like s4 flyers.

For Heavy Infantry I reckon I'd go for the classic Chosen of Khorne Chaos Warrior with twin hand weaponage. They butcher so efficiently it's sickening.

Characters - I still have to say the Empire General. Yes, he may quail before a vampire & get smacked like a child by the average Orc lord, but he knows it and turns up anyway. Such valour!

Heavy Cav. See my heavy infantry entry & give it a horse. They're the best & they know it. Although I admit that killing blow is enviable...

Core - Empire Swordsmen - cheap, ws 4 ld 7 sv 4+ in combat - annoying little fellas to fight unless you totally outclass them, in which case the cannons probably got you first anyway

Expendable annoyances - Dwarf Giant Slayers. HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THEY DO TO THE UNDEAD? :eek: They die horribly though, so it's all just good clean fun.

Arty - the Dwarf Bolt Thrower - rune me! Nothing says 'love me' like a bt with 3 runes of strength on (I forget the name but it's like deploying a barret light 50 in medieval europe)

Special - A cheeky little number for me - the Skaven attached guns - like the Ratling Gun. When it works, say farewell to any cavalry squadron you may have grown attached to and hello to having an exposed flank. They're fast, they hit like a train sometimes and they're not even the main attraction; being like a sidearm for the regiment.

Monster - The Chaos Dragon. IT CAN FLY and causes Terror and has a Chaos Lord on the back. All round nastiness. s6 attacks? Yes please!

Ogre sized unit - Kroxigor - i love the bronze axes

Skirmishers - Beastmen - it's like watching a 13th warrior remake of Zulu.

26-09-2007, 13:55
Yeah, I nominate wolf gobs for light cavalry too. They're so fast I can use them for anything, redirecting, artillery/mage hunting, marching interdiction, and they can even hit hard with a cheap gob character in them.
They also take the cake as the most sacrified units in my army, too :p

Colonel Fitzgerald
26-09-2007, 14:01
Yeah, I nominate wolf gobs for light cavalry too. They're so fast I can use them for anything, redirecting, artillery/mage hunting, marching interdiction, and they can even hit hard with a cheap gob character in them.
They also take the cake as the most sacrified units in my army, too :p

Just looked at your army - NICE - Hope my greenskins look that good one day:)

26-09-2007, 14:04
Firstly <,< take all my ratings with a grain of salt (preferably a whole shaker actually); as I've not actually gotten to game yet. Still, just in building lists, I've come to like a few things.

Characters: Tzeentchian Chaos Lord - Expensive as all heck, its true; but to me at least, there's just something appealing about a character who can look at the entire enemy army, including their expensive general, and say "I can do anything you can do. Better." Casting every bit as well as most Wizard Lords, but more fighty than most fighty lords! Egad, whats not to like? Granted, you'll wind up with nearly a quarter of your army invested in the character; but the versatility is just... well neat.

Rank and File (Core):

Chaos Chosen Warriors - Yep, you can only get one unit of them, and yep, they're costly as all get out. But they're core "Heavy Infantry" as Mad Doc Grotsnik likes to call it; can get a 2+ save in close combat with Hand Weapon and Shield, or dish out 2 attacks each at Str 6 with great weapons. Or give them Halberds if you feel like taking advantage of their high initiative. To top it off, you can customize them to your designs with 5 marks of Chaos, one of which is free! Probably not really 'the best'; but I just love them in concept; and I think the Chaos Warrior models are fantastic.

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare)

For me this one has to go to Empire Greatswords. 10pts a pop, Great Weapons, Plate Armor, Stubborn, ld8 - they're cheap enough you can give them a significant rank bonus, you can give them a Magic Banner if you like, they're actually relatively hard to kill; hit back hard, and yeah... stubborn. Oh, and conceptually they're just neat.

Light Cavalry

Someone is going to beat me in the head for this one, but I'm going to say it anyway!

Dogs of War Light Cav with Bows. They're cheap - that's the first reason; but the BIG one is that you can stick them in any army where your rare choices aren't all that appealing. That means even slower armies can have a potential march blocker that can also fire off their bows. Not exactly an awe inspiring unit, but for their low cost, I think they're pretty nice.

Heavy Cavalry

Tough one for me... There are many good heavy cavalry choices...

Its got to go to either Empire Knights of the Inner Circle with Lances, being not exorbitantly expensive, yet very very painful to be hit by; as well as having a glorious 1+ Armor Save...

Or Chosen Knights of Chaos. The Chosen Knights are very expensive, but they never lose their Str5 under any circumstances, have a 1+ armor save; and just like Chaos Warriors, can be fine-tuned with a Mark if you like; or you can just keep the Mark of Chaos Undivided.

In the end, I probably vote Empire Knights of the Inner Circle. As good as Chosen Knights are, they cost almost double what the Empire Knights cost; which means if you lose the unit to shooting or a war machine, its going to cost you A LOT more.


Wardancers win my vote here. Not because I think they're "the best" by any stretch; but I just love their crazy dances, and I think they're models are great. They also have some very enjoyable background imho.


I'm going with Tuskgor Beasts of Chaos Chariots; largely due to their low expense. I'm not really huge on Chariots though.


Dwarven Bolt Throwers - Cheap, able to take a Master Engineer AND runes! And 2 for 1 as well. In the words of Dethklok "Oh man that's brutal."


Hmm... if I say Giant, am I going to be hurt? I'll say it anyway; I love giants. There's just so much conversion potential with them honestly; you can make them fit any army you can take one in! Plus they have some pretty vicious potential.


Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons - What's scarier than a Str 4 Ogre with heavy armor and a Great Weapon? A str5 Ogre with M7, the equivalent of Heavy Armor, and again, a great weapon.


I don't like the idea of Sacrificial units, they just don't suit my perspective; so I changed this category to Anvil, because if I want a unit to take a charge, I want it to be tough, and cheap; and I don't really care if it hits anything back at all.

That said, its a tough call. I think though I'm going to go with Dwarven Longbeards. Not only are they tough to hurt and hard to break, but they make nearby units harder too. Plus I just love the "Old Grumblers" rule for its description.

26-09-2007, 15:32
character, scar veterans. with the ability to dish out 4-5 s7 attacks and an 18" charge, this guy has kept my chariot worries at bay and the black coach on the shelves in every battle.

Vampire skeletons. Because you can start off with none, and (with a bit of luck) end the game with a few hundred (or maybe thousand) points worth.

Heavy infantry
Saurus warriors with a blessed spawning or black orcs; both are very hard hitting, however the saurus have more staying power.

Light cavalry; see chariots

Heavy cavalry
Either the saurus cold one riders or (though i hate to admit it) the black knights could get my vote here. both are very fearsome on the charge, one dishing out a load of s6 attacks while the other hitting with twice as many attacks at s5 and a handful of s4's to boot. bad points, cold ones are stupid and occasionally fail their tests, black knights crumble and cant break large units with a high enough ld (and are especially vulnerable to skeletons and other undead units, which can't run away and if they're not destroyed in turn one of combat, will start winning on combat res quickly).

skink skirmishers. 6 points a model and 2 ranged poisoned attacks, don't think i need to say more.

Tomb king chariots because they're fast cavalry that can be healed, and come in units. having a standard comes in very handy towards winning combats, and being in units gives the outnumbering and fear causing auto break rule a chance against units.

Either the screaming skull catapult (because it can be healed, which it sorely needed in my first game with it) or the dwarf bolt thrower, because it can be kitted out magically and is the only thing that has managed to take wounds off my slann (excluding dying due to being run down).

stegadon or bone giant. neither take up a character slot.

Ogre sized
Spirit hosts. they make a complete mess out of my skinks with a 12" charge and the ability to move through forests without penalty, and are a complete pain when you give your general a great weapon and forget that its not magical.

Sacrificial unit
skeletons and skinks. both are expendable

Thommy H
26-09-2007, 16:47
Light cavalry: Hobgoblin wolf riders. Their basic cost is the same as Goblin versions, but they have +1 WS. Oh, and you can give them shields and they still count as fast cavalry (meaning a 3+ save in close combat if you stick with the hand weapons). Oh, and they have access to bows, rather than measly little shortbows.

I have a unit of fast cavalry than can shoot 24", charge 18" and has a 4+ save. Not bad for 16 points a piece, I think.

27-09-2007, 08:59
Characters: JSoD is pretty good as a sort of all around useful dude, but Warlock Engineers have to take the cake here for being the best scroll caddies and getting (by default) the best magic missile in the game.

Basic Infantry: Clanrats because 5 points is fantastic for their statline and armament. Or Red Crested Skinks because 7 points a model buys you a skink with 2 attacks on the charge, m6, and is pretty much impervious to terrain.

Chariot: lol screaming bell? In all seriousness, Tiranoc Chariot or Slaaneshi Chariot for the movement rate.

Skirmishers: Skink skirmishers.

Artillery: Goblin Spear Chukkas - they're just so damn cheap

Ogre: Kroxigors. Charging thru skink screens gives lizardmen the potential to play like Ogre Kingdoms, only better

27-09-2007, 10:57
For me this one has to go to Empire Greatswords ... Oh, and conceptually they're just neat.

That's because they're lifted right from history:


A couple historical miniatures maker make Landsknect mercenaries with 2 handed swords. Old Glory, who's stuff is a touch smaller than GW's and not quite as nice, sells a beg of 30 for $30. $1 for a metal miniature is solid:

Old Glory has always been good for the economical miniature collector, but their stuff is not exactly wonderful.

Holy Crap! Manticores!
27-09-2007, 11:38

Rank and File (Core). Beastherds. They skirmish, they get ranks, they have mixed types, the models are decent, and the unit is flexible from a 10-strong LoS/missile screen to the "cheesy" Superherd. With the right General, they can Ambush to boot, making them a cheap and flexible unit that does everything but fire missiles.

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare). Black Guard. This is mostly based on fluffiness (Eternal hatred and Stubborn), but the unit can actually tear stuff up if they don't get blown to pieces befrooehand. Plus, again, very cool models.

Light Cavalry. Dark Riders. Flexible fast cav, can be given RxB's for an effective 42" reach, or not, where they can really screw with people's plans. Plus, they don't need a character to babysit them.

Heavy Cavalry. Chosen Knights of Khorne. NASTY! They can take it, and can dish it out as well. And as opposed to Bret Grail Knights, they're only slightly "cheesy".

Skirmshers. Dryads. Very survivable, very fast, and can actually kill stuff given the oppurtunity.

Chariots. Chaos Chariots (all flavors). Hitty, and can take a beating afterwards. Pop in a character and deny rank bonuses at will.

Artillery. Goblin Doom Diver. For sheer fluff purposes, this wins hands down. It fires GOBLINS! :p Plus actually effective.

Monster. The War Hydra has grown on me in playtesting. The model is still *****, which would normally disqualify it in this competition, but it just does so much more than cause terror, I give it two thumbs up.

Ogreytypebigthingshenanigans. Dragon ogres. They're big, they're bad, and best of all, they have lovely kit options. Want to hit at S7 Pay +6 pts per model. Want a 4+ AS? Pay +3 pts per model.

Sacrificial Unit. Harpies. They fly,they skirmish, they bait, they redirect. Aside from that, they kinda suck, but it's only 65 pts min of suckage in an army that has expensive troops. So they fulfill the criteria for "expendable" and "best of class" for expendible.

For Players Choice, I like the Casket of Souls. Technically, it doesn't qualify for anything listed, but it is potentially useful and has wicked fluff. (Plus it reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so bonus points)

27-09-2007, 14:23
Characters : Exalted champion of Tzeentch- they do it all and more. Bray shamans coming in a close second though.

Rank and File (Core). Difficult choice, I would go for DE RXB with shields as well-thats an awful lot of flexibility in one unit.

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare).
Saurus with Quetzl and maybe something else. What a save, what a toughness, what a leadership, what a lot of S4 attacks.

Heavy Cavalry. Chosen knights of slaanesh with rapturous standard, grail knights a very close second.

Light cavalry. For combat light cavalry I would have to say mounted marauders Ws4, S5 is priceless. For all round versatility dark riders.

Skirmshers. skinks, oh so useful.

Chariots. Beast chariots, cheap, hard hitting and with Ld re-roll, what's not to like.

Artillery. For effectiveness, definitely the earthshaker. For fun, modelling potential and universality I would say the halfling hotpot.

Monster. Bull Ogre Rhinox standard bearer (war banner) with heavy armour. Very powerful on the charge, causes terror, hard to kill, very respectable combat resolution for an ogre- all in all pretty damn useful.

Ogreytypebigthingshenanigans. Very close call here between maneaters and dragon ogres. Overall I would say maneaters with handguns for shooting and combat goodness and that ever important stubborn.

Sacrificial Unit. Warhounds, no question- cheap, fast, US2, one of the best units in the game without doubt.

27-09-2007, 18:12
Characters : Necromancer, these guys just inch ahead here due to the sheer utility of the necromancy lore which can lead to game winning situations if you correctly and you have good luck.

Rank and File (Core) - Definately the humble dwarf warrior. Hard as nails with a good toughness and armour save and can be tooled up to combat almost any threat

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare) - This one I would have to say would be a clash between the rumoured Swordmasters, which I think has now been confirmed, or Hammerers. Both of these units are extremely capable in offense due to being armed with great weapons, and both units are also capable on the defense. In the case of swordmasters the strikes first rule means they can pursure the idea if you hit before the enemy hard enough there will be noone left to strike back, and with the hammerers a high toughness combined with an ok armour save can mean they can be very resilient add into this the extremely useful runic banners and you can have a unit that will very rarely run away.

Light Cavalry - Pistoleers, these guys can easily hold thier own against other armies light cavalry and skirmishers, and with the addition of a cheap mounted empire hero can easily turn into a unit that can threaten whole flanks and be easily underestimated.

Heavy Cavalry - Black knights the wight blades are just too effective and make anyone reconsider fighting this unit. Or if you are been really crazy ogre rhinox cavalry just for the sheer wow factor.

Skirmshers - A three way tie here between skirmishing skins to harrass the enemy with blowpipes and javelins. The other two here are ghouls and dryads which both are very reasonably priced for their combat ability.

Chariots - Here it is khemri chariots, the ability to have a unit and also to heal them lifts them head and shoulders above other chariots for the sheer survivability.

Artillery - Warplightning Cannon, might not be the best unit again but whats not good (fun) about a giant cannon that shoots lightning bolts accross the battlefiled

Monster - Salamanders, these can really threaten similiarly priced units with the high volume of auto hitting shots and are easily the best option in the rare section of their army list.

Ogreytypebigthingshenanigans. Dragon ogres not the biggest fan of the models, they really need redone, but they really do hit hard in combat if they do not get destroyed by cannons on the way there.

Sacrificial Unit - Skaven Slaves: These guys are so cheap and fill the role of a sacrificial unit perfectly, if they get killed off you can have another unit of them to fill the gap for not much more points than a regular unit in most other armys

27-09-2007, 18:34
Characters: Easily Saurus Hero of any flavor. Most people use them with 18" charge and GW which is devastating, but you can also throw him on a cold one, give him a spear and venom of firefly frog and he is perfect at taking out dryads, spirit hosts, or anything like that.

Fast cav: Marauder horsemen. Throwing axes make them the most accurate shooting light cav in the game hands down. They are also S4. Cheap too. Give them flails and they hit as hard as a chaos knight!

Heavy Cav: Empire Knights. Hands down. 1+ Save and cheap as dirt. They will always outnumber heavy cav they face, and are cheap enough to get ranks.

Core Infantry: Skaven Clanrats. 5 points per model, 4+ save in hand to hand, and +1 LD per rank makes these guys VERY rteliable and tough in combat.

Heavy Infantry: Ironbreakers. They never die. Nuff said.

Ogretype thing: Mostly, these types of units suck IMO. If I had to choose, I'd say Kroxigor hands down. Tough, reliable (Cold Blooded), and have a very high strength. Very reasonable cost esp. compared to Maneaters.

Artillery: Hellcannon. It totally dictates how the opponent sets up, and plays. It gives range force to an army with none. And it whips ass in combat.

Monster: Salamanders. They rock so much, and are so good at what they do. I'd never leave home without them.

Throwaway unit: Skaven Slaves. So cheap, never cause panic.

Skirmishers: Dryads. Hands down. 12 points, fear, 5+ daemon save... Thse guys are insanely underpriced and amazingly good. Their statline is hideous for the points!

28-09-2007, 02:49
Monster - Great Eagles. 50 Points worth of flying, marchblocking, redirecting goodness. Oh wait..Salamanders, yep, definetly them.

Chariot - Gobbo chariots all the way!

Fast Cav - Pistoliers > Dark Riders > Goblin Wolfriders. I do not gobbos taken as a large offensive unit though.

Sacrificial - Skaven slaves of course.

Elite Infantry - Witchelves (and all units with 3 attacks) for being very focussed on doing what they do well.

War Machine - Earthshaker without a doubt, honourable mention to the Hell Cannon.

In 6 weeks time, I nominate HE Swordmasters for Elite Infantry, Whitelions get an honourable mention as a sacrificial unit as they can be taken in units of 5 and are stubborn.

28-09-2007, 04:10
Fast Cav: Glade Riders... being able to march 18" and then fire with a 30" range with no penalty for moving and shooting is very nice for hunting mages etc.

Heavy cav: Grail Knights without a shred of doubt, I'd back them against the best of Chosen Chaos Knights any day of the week. 2 strength 6 attacks on the charge (which is 16" by the way), weapon skill 5 and against those 'amazing' chosen knights they have a 4+ armour save and a 5+ ward save. Plus, no cavalry can muster static combat res. like a lance formation can.

Basic Infantry: I would have to nominate the new High Elf Spearmen for this... getting charged and then dishing out 16 strength 3 attacks is very nice.

Heavy infantry: This goes to Dwarf Ironbreakers... 2+ armour save infantry... yikes... honourable mention to the new Swordmasters.

War Machine: Screaming skull catapult. Those things are game winners.

Skirmishers: Dryads, without a doubt. 12 points for two weapon skill four, strength four magical attacks that are movement 5, toughness 4, cause fear, are immune to psyschology and have a 5+ ward save vs. mundane attacks? Yes please. Oh and they are initiative 6.

Ogres: I would say... Treekin are up there... so are Maneaters and Kroxigor.

28-09-2007, 05:04
Most of mine have been mentioned already but I thought these two need recognition.

ogre sized: Treekin. Pretty solid with Str 5 T5 4+save then 5+ ward

Monster: My beloved treeman.

28-09-2007, 05:17
Characters: The Brettonian Reroll lord of Doom. Never saw a challenge he would turn down and all the girls love him.

Rank and File (Core); Here we have the rise of the Empire. Best bang for the buck in the game is the cheap and amazing: Swordsmen.

Rank and File (Elite/Heavy): I would say none but I guess I have to pick right? In this case I go hard core and pick the best of the best the lovers of doom... the: Dwarf Slayer.

Light Cavalry: Here we once again go Bret. Now I know most of you have never seen them on the battle field. But if you want a cheap, fast, versatile, shooty, and rare unit then you pick the: Bret Yeoman!

Heavy Cavalry; I'm starting to wonder how this worked out but... once again you want pure all powerful heavy cav? You don't fool around with normal knights you jump right up to: Grail Knights!

Skirmishers; Here we have a tough choice.... But I think that at the end of the day you have to pick that amazing deal the..... Dryad (with beast herds being annoyed they didn't get picked)!

Chariots: So many are so useful. But only one has the combination of being a troop choice, hard hitting, marked, and cheap! The Beast Chariot!

Artillery; So many choices... that all got eaten by this next winner. Its big, its huge, and its demoniacally possessed! The Hellcannon!

Monster: There is only one monster that all armies fear (or terror I should say) not because they can't kill it (well that too) but because they can't see it! The Treeman!

Ogre-sized: Here we can only pick a army filled with them: The Ogre Maneater!

Sacrifical Unit: We love it we fear it we all need a unit that we can just throw away laughing at someones waste of time! So I pick the always annoying: Summoned unit of Zombies!

28-09-2007, 22:57
Characters : Warlord with weeping blade: could almost win CR on his own, and at more or less 150 points (depends on rest of equipment) he just does so much for all your units around him! Cheap, very effective. He's the one guy I never ever want to lose.

Rank and File (Core). I agree that empire units with detachments are great! It's a good thing I have night runners or else they'd be my bane every single game!

Rank and File Heavy (Special/Rare). Well, there's 2 ways I see it:
-swordmasters, if the rumours are right (15 points, 2 attacks, strike first), will be totally incredible. However, they will be a huge bullet-magnet, and thus aren't that good. If you can bring a unit with no casualty into a combat...ouch!
-a unit that can do a lot on its own. Including kill and survive. I think big'uns with 2 choppas are a damn good unit for that, as black orcs. And wardancers. I hate playing against wardancers. I really do.

Light Cavalry. Mounted daemonettes. for. the. win.

Heavy Cavalry. Brets. Brets. Brets. And the brets. Oh and those bret ones. And brets.

Skirmshers. dryads. Pretty strong, not that costy, daemonic... I hate playing dryads too :(

Chariots. The current HE chariot. My friend uses 2 close together. And at M9, they're so much of a threat. And the rumoured lion chariot just seems way too good (6 S6 attacks, plus impact, for 140 points is rumoured).

Artillery. Bolt throwers with a rune of penetrating and mass-spear-chukkas are pretty mean. But my "worst nightmare" award goes to the trebuchet. I don't want to face that ever again!

Monster. I have not played against many, but the hydra struck me as particularly good.

Ogreytypebigthingshenanigans. Ushabtis and leadbelchers. Leadbelchers win by a long shot if you manage to keep them alive long enough for them to shoot AND fight.

Sacrificial Unit. slaves. Definately. I always use as many units as I can. I don't care if I lose them, and they will win if they get the flank charge. All you need is to negate panic tests, or keep them near the general.

NEW AWARD: SHOOTERS!!! My award goes to jezzails, because they're just very strong and not anything can come to get them (mine killed quite a few stuff, like BSBs, dark riders, dire wolves, etc.). I especially love it that they can take out anything my cheap troops just can't get through.

29-09-2007, 20:20
Rank/ file- goes to ZOMBIES

yes the humble zombie, a nice cheap cost with the fearsome undead rules, causes fear, unbrakable, sure he may never kill anything and he ALWAYS strikes last (which is why i dont give a flying hoot about the new high elf rule lol) but they can sure win combats! max size, max ranks, command, you get such a high CR bonus you can grind a oponunt down and hold them up forever!