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25-09-2007, 22:21
Is there a section on this site that I'm blindly missing or another site anyone has had some luck with for meeting other 40k players?

I generally avoid most hobby shops and games workshop stores as i don't really enjoy the younger atmosphere. Not that I'm an old school player or anything but i just haven't had great experiences playing there (encountered mostly...lets say musky... players and younger players who were a tad too immature for me)

I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada

25-09-2007, 22:25
Do you have a problem with the fact i haven't showered since v4 came out? =)

25-09-2007, 22:47
why not try 'veteran's night' at GW, NO kids - lol

25-09-2007, 22:57
Na, not no kids, just a lot less. However I heartily recommend Veteran's Night at GW stores

25-09-2007, 23:03

There's a fair few Vancouver players on this Thread. :-)

I, on the other hand, am on the *proppa* side o' da moat. :p