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01-09-2005, 16:50
Hey anyone else play this game, i found it absolutely awesome. It was very immersive, especially near the end. What kind of characters did you guys create? What path did you follow?

At the end of the game I finished lvl 23

Thousand Cuts: Mastered
Spirit Thief: Mastered
Jade Golem: Mastered
Hidden Fist: One away from mastered
various other ones had points into them

I followed way of the closed fist, and Attained it quite near the end of the game.

My Ending:

Furious Tom: After killing Master Li I ruled with an Iron fist
Dawnstar: I killed her to taint the Water dragon fountain
Princess: I killed her for not following orders
Sky: I killed him for opposing my Will
Deaths Hand: I bound him to my will, forcing out the prince's spirit thus having a bad ass Assassin to fight for me, who eventually attains a greater being outside of the Armor.
Flower Girl: Her and Kai failed heaven, thus are doomed to walk the earth for eternity, her never ageing, and him tormented.
Black Whirlwind: Captain of my guard, eventually disappeared and killed some of my troops.
Kang: Made an armada for my army then went nuts.

I think thats it.

What about you all, i'm sure someone has played this.

Strictly Commercial
01-09-2005, 18:03
It's a decent game. In fact, I like it quite a bit, but it doesn't have as good replay value as a number of other games. I felt like the paths (Open palm/Closed fist) didn't exactly vary their secrets to any great degree and the choices you made didn't quite result in too many great differences in the outcome. I'd elaborate but I fear I'd spoil the game.

But I do like the storyline, and I do like the gameplay, and it looks pretty good graphics wise. The missions where you fly the dragonfly are quite fun and refreshing, like a throwback to those old WWI fighter plane games. So I'd recommend the game. There are some seriously challenging opponents, and depending on how you change out your fight plans and style usage you can affect the outcome greatly. So Jade Empire gets a thumbs up.