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26-09-2007, 15:49
Deciding that I should stop blatantly plagiarising other people's lists (at least for now), and try out some of my own ideas, I came up with a list of my own, without an Anvil this time:

(from memory, so some of the fine detail may be off)
Thane, shield, RoCleaving, RoFury, RoStone, Oath Stone (he was meant to have MRoSwiftness too, to make a proper Thane of Pain, but due to last minute tweaks it got forgotten)
Thane, BsB, MRoGromril, RoCleaving
Runesmith, shield, RoStone, RoSpellbreaking, MRoChallenge
25 Warriors, shields, full command
20 Warriors, shields, full command
20 Longbeards, shields, full command
10 Quarrellers, shields
10 Slayers
Grudge Thrower (For fun - guess range weapons were one of the main reasons I started Dwarfs)
2 x Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration (one had RoBurning to keep it legal)
9 Miners
Organ Gun

My opponent (H)'s Infantry-heavy Empire list:

(even more likely to be slightly off I'm afraid, particularly in the wee detachments)
Knight Order Grand Master, 1+ save, lance, probably more items
Lvl 2 Mage, Rod of Power, Lore of Death (2d6 S4 hits, and Steal Soul)
Battle Standard Bearer, Imperial Banner (? The banner that gives Psychology re-rolls)
25 Swordsmen, shields, full command + 8 Crossbowmen and 8 Halbediers
25 Swordsmen, shields, full command + 8 Halbediers and 6 Archers
20 Greatswords, full command + 8 Halbediers and 6 Archers
5 Outriders, champion
5 Pistoliers, champion
6 Inner Circle Knights, full command, War Banner
Great Cannon

I was pretty relieved to see a general lack of shooting and big monsters - H is quite fond of his Griffon Lord usually.

I won the roll for table sides and chose the hill side, to give my war machines a good view of the field.


Deployment saw the main combat blocks of both armies face off in the centre of the board. On the Empire side, H's infantry units with all their detachments were very closely packed (the diagram doesn't quite show this properly), with the Pistoliers and Outriders behind the main lines, ready to pop out and shoot. Meanwhile the heavy cavalry were placed last on the right flank. The cannon was deployed on its own on the left, with a good view of the centre of the field.

On the Dwarf side, the war machines occupied the hill, with the Organ Gun defending that flank (when I deployed them, the knights were still yet to be placed, and there was a cavalry shaped hole opposite the hill...). The Slayers held the right flank, with the Quarrellers nearby to deter the Pistoliers. The thane with the oathstone went into the smaller warrior unit, that would be most exposed to flank charges.

I won the roll for first turn too (woohoo) and chose to go second.


H's Empire advanced en masse, with the detachments manouevring frantically to allow the Pistoliers through to the right flank. The Inner Circle Knights advanced boldly down the right, and the Outriders swooped around the ruins on the left to get into a shooting position next turn.

Magic saw the Death mage attempt a magic missile on the Stonebearing Warrior unit, to no avail.

In shooting the Cannon went for my war machines, spotting a ridiculous error in deployment: the Bolt thrower and Grudge thrower were in a straight line from the Cannon, so both could feasibly die this turn :wtf: Fortunately, the Cannon misfired on the bounce, falling short of both machines. The crossbowmen opened fire on the Bolt thrower on the hill (I didn't realise that due to its elevation they could not only see it but shoot in both ranks at it - oh well....), scoring two wounds on the machine itself and killing a crewman.


Undeterred by the advancing red-and-white Empire troops, the Dwarf throng moved up towards the centre of the board. The Bolt thrower on the hill changed postion, sacrificing a turn's shooting to stop the 2-for-1 cannon shot. The Organ Gun, out of shooting range, also advanced. Faced with the onrushing Inner Circle Knights, I decided to try and block/divert them with the Gyrocopter, moving the Slayers up in support.

No magic (duh), except for H storing his dispel dice in the Rod for use next turn, which he did for the rest of the game.

Shooting this turn was rather pathetic. The Grudge thrower, on its debut, misfired, no shooting this turn. The second Bolt thrower missed the righthand Swordsman unit. The Quarrellers and the Gyrocopter's steam gun downed one knight.


Responding to the Gyrocopter's invitation, the Grand Master charged out of his unit. The Knights then shuffled sideways to get a clearer route to the Slayers. As the Pistoliers circled around the right flank, the rest of H's army advanced.

Again the Death Wizard summoned a wind of death, and again the Dwarf Runesmith dispelled it.

The Cannon aimed this turn at the Longbeard unit, with the hope of also hitting the Bolt thrower lurking behind it. However, the Dwarven luck again held true, as the Cannon misfired on the bounce for the second time in a row. The crossbowmen fired again at the exposed Bolt thrower, downing another crewman (a 6 on the machine would have killed it right then), while the Archer detachments fired at the Longbeards, more out of spite than any real expectation of hurting anything - which they didn't. The Outrider champion used his Hochland Longrifle to target the Runesmith, but failed to wound him. The rest of the unit's shooting was remarkably ineffective.

In combat the Grand Master managed to destroy the Gyrocopter on the charge, overrunning into the Quarrellers (I had tried to angle the Gyro so this wouldn't happen, but failed apparently)



With no sign of my miners yet I pushed the Slayers in front of the dangerous Inner Circle Knights, and advanced my 3 main units further into the centre of the board. Thinking back to H's shooting, an idea struck me - his Outrider champion had been in short range with his Longrifle, which meant that they were within 18" of my unit. Feeling quite smug, I advanced that warrior unit 3" forwards, ready to Challenge the Outriders next turn.

Shooting was on the whole better this turn. The Grudge thrower excelled - I guessed bang on the left Swordsman unit, and rolled a Hit, it was beautiful. The Bolt throwers, on the other hand, either failed to hit or failed to wound - a lot of 1s rolled that turn. The Organ Gun didn't want to risk a misfire at extreme range and so waited for next turn (I couldn't advance it any further without making a line with the other machines again - wasn't about to make that mistake again). The Swordsmen passed their panic check.

In combat the Grand Master was held by the Quarrellers, despite losing four of their number.


The Knights declared a charge on the Slayers, and, invoking my Master Rune of Challenge, I forced the Outriders to charge my larger Warrior unit. The Pistoliers circled around the combat on the right to threaten the Bolt thrower, and the second Archer detachment entered the woods on the right , to clear out the centre of the battlefield a bit.

Magic was again ineffective, with my Runesmith using his Spellbreaking Rune to prevent the Death Mage stealing my Thane's soul.

The Crossbowmen continued pouring bolts at the Bolt thrower, but failed to damage it this turn. The Cannon finally found its range, hitting the Grudge thrower, but only causing a single wound on the machine (it also bounced off a crewman - tough, these Dwarfs :))

Combat saw the Runesmith challenge the Outrider champion (to avoid attacks) and strike him down. The Warrior champion added a wound, and with no losses and full ranks the Outriders fled. The Warriors couldn't pursue fast enough to catch them, or to bring them in range of the Swordsmen.

On the other flank however, the Quarrellers broke and were chased off the table by the Grand Master, despite only losing the combat by 1 this turn.

The Knight/Slayer combat went nowhere, with a few Dwarfs falling.



Still no miners. The Runesmith and his retinue resist the urge to charge the fleeing Outriders, as they would only expose themselves to the Empire infantry. The Longbeards and Stonebearing unit advance, to close up the space in the centre.

The Organ Gun, finally with a chance to shoot something, pulverises the Outriders, leaving them unable to rally. The Grudge thrower is again bang on, with only a tiny deviation - another swathe of Swordsmen fall from the left hand unit. Both Bolt throwers fare appallingly again - hitting, but failing to wound (they're both S7 for goodness sake)

The Slayers and Knights continue to trade blows, with one Knight falling and several Dwarfs.


The third Halbedier detachment on the right hand side of the field, charged into the flank of the Stonebearing unit, hoping to trigger the stone, which I duly oblige to do. (If I had had the MRoSwiftness as I intended, I probably would have taken the charge without setting the Stone. As it was, I didn't want to risk losing my general and his unit, and exposing my army's flank)

The Grand Master re-enters the fray. Staring down the barrel of a Bolt thrower, he orders the Pistoliers to step into the breach. The remainder of H's force shuffles around (the pictures don't quite due justice to how cramped things were),edging out of charge range of my Runesmith's unit, and trying to bring the detachments to bear.

Magic saw a couple of Longbeards fall to another Wind of Death.

In shooting the Bolt thrower succumbed to a volley from the Crossbowmen, with a bemused engineer left alive. An unlucky cannonball killed only a single Grudge thrower crewman.

The Slayers felled another Knight, but couldn't win the combat. The Halbediers took a pummelling from the irate Thane and fled, but their job was done - the Thane's unit was stuck for the rest of the battle.

(contd. below)

26-09-2007, 16:57
The situation after Empire turn 4:



My miners finally arrive! They come on and pester the Cannon on the left flank.

After much dithering and pondering, I advance the units that can, in the belief that H's detachments, as things stand with the other detachments crowding the way, won't be able to make their charges to cancel my ranks.

The organ Gun targets the Crossbowmen, who are in range, and causes 5 wounds. The Grudge thrower continues its streak, hitting the Greatswords perfectly, taking out several ranks. The Bolt thrower, possibly due to the pressure of knowing it was going to be shot at a lot next turn, missed.

The Slayers and Knights continue to flail away at one another with little effect.


The Grand Master charged into the Slayers to show his shamefaced brothers how it should be done. The Greatswords charged the Longbeards in the centre, with the huntsman detachment charging into the flank in support.

The Death mage left his Swordsman retinue, as they were gearing up for combat soon. The Crossbowmen detachment moved up in support of it's parent unit on the left flank.

The Cannon finally managed to destroy the Grudge thrower, sending splintered wood and bent steel crashing down from the hill. The Pistoliers and Archers fired on the remaining Bolt thrower, but failed to do any significant damage.

In combat the Grand master skewered several unsuspecting Slayers, leaving only a couple left standing. The Greatswords failed to cause any damage to the grizzled Longbeards, with the champion falling in a challenge with the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearer. The wounds sustained by the archers in the flank were enough to swing the combat in the Dwarf's favour - the Greatswords held, but the archer unit fled.



The miners made their long-anticipated charge on the Great Cannon. The Runesmith's unit shuffled across to protect it's flank from the Swordsmen's detachments as much as possible.

Shooting saw the Organ Gun misfire, and the Bolt thrower killed a Pistolier (first time either of them killed anything all game)

The Miners destroyed the Cannon, their one contribution to the game. The Greatswords lost to the Longbeards in combat again, with the two armies' Battle Standard Bearers facing off in a challenge - the Dwarf came out on top, but only scored one wound on the Empire hero. Ignoring their losses, the Greatswords stubbornly refused to flee. The Grand Master finished off the last of the Slayers.



The Greatswords second detachment, a unit of Halbediers, rushed to the aid of the parent unit, charging the flank of the Longbeards. Responding to the taunts of the livid Dwarf Thane, the Swordsman unit and Halbedier detachment on the right charged the Stonebound unit (I think this was mostly frustration and a break in concentration from my opponent)

Faced with a possibly risky combat with the Runesmith's unit, the left hand Empire units retreated. Shooting and magic were both unsuccessful, with the Bolt thrower surviving to the last turn, and the runesmith's unit losing only a few Warriors.

In combat the Longbeards unit fought back valiantly against the flank charge, and held. The Battle Standard Bearer was unable to finish his opponent, however. The Thane's unit proved equally resilient, and taking few wounds, managed to win the combat (due mostly to the Thane's runic hammer), breaking both units! To add insult to injury, the Swordsmen fled through the wizard, panicking him :)



Not fancying a dicey combat with the remaining swordsmen unit and it's detachments either, the Runesmith did not charge. The Longbeards again beat the Greatswords, but couldn't break them with the Battle Standard still alive and kicking.

The Bolt thrower finally redeemed itself, killing another Pistolier, panicking the unit :)


All that remained was to count up - and the Dwarfs win! I think the difference was ~500/600pts. My first win with the little guys at 2000pts :D

My opponent was pretty angry at himself for charging the Stonebearer unit, as it had fairly disastrous consequences, for little possible gain - and I think he was almost certainly right.

I think my list held up ok, although it would probably struggle against more outright killy armies, and so will need some tweaking methinks. The advantages of going second are quite attractive now, so long as my army survives till the last turn to make use of them. Losing the Anvil allowed a lot more troops, but also cut down on my options hugely. Will need thinking about....

Coming soon, rematch vs the High Elves with this list

27-09-2007, 14:10
Okay, woah, woah, woah.
(that's meant to sound like a cowboy reigning in his horse, where's a cowboy smiley when you need one?)

Some major alterations i'd like to point out. I like all this 'valiant longbeard' talk but I think you'll find they were sat next to your warriors all game. The only charge they received was from my greatswords in the last turn of the game. None of this flank charge business from their detachments. The final victory point difference was about 320pts too, just beyond a draw.

27-09-2007, 16:12

To be fair, I was doing it from memory, and I needed something for the detachments to be doing all game.

I did wonder when I was drawing it up how the longbeards survived....

Next time (if there ever is one sniff) I'll take detailed notes :)

Oh, and I'll edit the closing points values, as clearly I was way over optimistic :)

27-09-2007, 23:19
Okay, woah, woah, woah.
(that's meant to sound like a cowboy reigning in his horse, where's a cowboy smiley when you need one?)

Some major alterations i'd like to point out. I like all this 'valiant longbeard' talk but I think you'll find they were sat next to your warriors all game. The only charge they received was from my greatswords in the last turn of the game. None of this flank charge business from their detachments. The final victory point difference was about 320pts too, just beyond a draw.
gracious in defeat i see... :p

28-09-2007, 06:54
Well, if I write it up wrong, he's got a right to be a bit miffed :)

To be fair though, all the big stuff's right, and that business with the detachments didn't affect the outcome of the game.

With the VPs I must have gotten confused with another game I played 2 days later, a loss by 500/600pts