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26-09-2007, 16:12
i was just looking at the new high elf minatures and was amazed by the detail and awsomeness of the new models especially tyrion (weapon needs converting)

is tyrion worth taking in game terms and what is his potential in close combat or would a norm tooled out lord be better to go with?

27-09-2007, 00:30
There are certain values to taking tyrion. He suspends your intrigue at court rule, has s7 and can unleash a strong fury of Khaine. He gets an extra attack sriking last and rerolls all failed hits in first round of combat. PRoblem is HIs m10 is wasted because he is not strong enough to go out by himself. His horse dies easily so after a single tough combat of unlucky rounf of shooting (for you) and he's footin' it. I would take a prince, pure of heart, sword of might, gryphon, amulet of purifying flame, vambraces of defence, and an enchanted shield.

27-09-2007, 01:05
i only feild tyrion on games of 2500 or more. his abilitie to go toe to toe is excellent but he needs support from his silver helms. If i take him, he goes with 6 silver helms with sheilds and heavy armour. i wouldnt think of having him on his own as the lack of support isnt worth the risk. The model looks great and the special rules he has can work for your but having him on his own will draw most if not all of the enemy missile fire.

the first game i took him everyone in my gaming group knew of him and his skills but had never faced him. he had a guard of 5 silver helmds and together they took out 40% of the enemy army before the silver helms started to drop.

Id recomend a prince with swordmaster honour armour of gods enchanted sheild and stick him with a unit of 19 swordmasters. use a mage to cast bears anger on him to help buff up his stats. This guy and tyrion are my main charector choices. the best thing to do is play with him see how he fits with your army and decide for yourself

27-09-2007, 04:44
yeah ill do it that way because even if i dont start a HE army i will buy him any way because he looks really cool and with a little bit of converting i can make him look like tyrion or a normal prince

this is unrelavent but is their a new army book coming out with these releases?? and do you know when they are going to be released

27-09-2007, 07:09
New Tyrion is very good and would be worth taking.

With the 'Speed of Asuryan' ability he always strikes first.. not to mention the fact that he has Initiative 10... also, Malhandir is no longer a monstrous mount which helps Tyrion ALOT. He has lost the 'Curse of Aenarion' rule and the ability to revive but he now has a 1+ save, a 4+ ward and regeneration (from the Heart of Averlorn, take that Von Carstein ring!)

27-09-2007, 10:14
so are the high elves getting a new army book?? because i have the current one and it says he still has regen thing and malhandir is still classed as a monster. and im hoping they dont have a new book because i just bought it and i dont want to have wasted my money when the new book is comming out in just over a month. and now that i have actually had a read of him he seems to do different things to what i thought he would.

like i thought he was more of a combat machine but he seems to be more of a stay alive character and a once per game blow some stuff away with the sunfang

27-09-2007, 11:01
@ lector#1: where have you been :O

You should always check to see how much longer your gw stuff is gonna b current before you buy it, but yes they are getting a new one and new models.

27-09-2007, 11:42
ahhhhhhhh is tyrions profile changing at all seeing as they are taking away his revive.

and i havent used regen before does it have a similar effect to revive or is it less harcore?

27-09-2007, 12:00
also do you know if they will be changing the army box because i was plannin on getting 1 or 2 of those tyrion and a couple of mages to start my army that way i can play 2k games and i would be able to change it around abit to see what works well but either way i will be using tyrion because i have absoluty fell inlove with the damn model and is it possible to find his new rules ?

27-09-2007, 12:13
Just for your information, you can use the Tyrion model to represent a "regular" HE hero if you want to, quite legally. That goes for all special characters that appear reasonably as their "mundane" counterpart.
Most tournaments - and alot of gaming groups - disallow the use of special characters.

27-09-2007, 14:05
no but i actually like tyrions current rules i just hope they dont get warped toomuch when they re-do him because IMO he is the strongest and most survivable elf like i havent used rejen before and i havent got a rule book just yet so im trying to figure out how much worse or better it is than the revive he currently has
one thing about tyrion that is kind of anoying is the fact that he is the main close combat special character yet he only gets 4 attacks (im aware they are strength 7) but he would seem more Knightly if he had even 1 extra attack

27-09-2007, 15:10
Regeneration is essentially a second 4+ ward save that is taken after armour and normal ward saves. It is also taken after wounds are multiplied by attacks such as a cannon ball. It is however negated by flaming attacks and killing blow - it being difficult to regenerate your own decapitated head.

27-09-2007, 18:12
has any one herd or read about a new release tyrion?? because if a new tyrion doesnt come out i will be converting a lion (from the new white lion chariot) to be a lion lords mount and say counts as tyrion and have heavy units of white lions

27-09-2007, 18:45
can a prince ride a chariot because i have seen the new lion chariot i was thinking of sticking him in one of those drawn by 4 lions
can regeneration be used more than once if he survives the first one???

29-09-2007, 08:15
what are the new rules for tyrion?

29-09-2007, 22:33
In the old rules charactes could ride in chariots, Tryion is awsome but not worth it in under 3000. His new rules are pretty similar but his heart of averlon is no longer a reserve wound it is a regenerate save. His curse is suspended, but he gains speed of asurya and his horse is no longer a monster, so ignore what I said in my previous post

30-09-2007, 07:18
Has tyrions sword changed???

30-09-2007, 14:01
the only reason why im going to take him in 2000 points is so i can get used to him and then when i step up to 3k points i will have him and a tooled dragon lord with star lance fire ammulate and some armor

but i will buy both lords and use them for different games so if im using a ranged heavy army i would probably use dragon because he can get their fast backed up buy 4 or 5 eagles would be nasty and against magic heavy i would use tyrion.

do any of you know if there is a new tyrion model comming out other whise i would just make him from the plastic general box