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26-09-2007, 16:14
So, after many many years of tournament play with lizardmen, I wanted to try something a bit different... I recently bought a second stegadon and I wanted to put it to good use. Hence, this list:

-Slann Mage-priest, 5th Gen, Huanchi's Blessed Totem,Plaque of Dominion, BSB

-12 Saurus Warriors
-12 Saurus Warriors
-12 Saurus Warriors
-11 Saurus Warriors
-10 Skink skirmishers, blowpipes
-10 Skink skirmishers, javelins

-4 Kroxigors
-6 Saurus Cavalry
-3 Terradons
-3 Terradons


The army uses the MSU approach, with small, cheap and durable units of saurus warriors diverting charges or lending support to the heavy-hitters. I plan on using the slann on its own, as a magic-missile platform and a rank-breaker (with the help of his banner). On top of that, he will give the low-ld terradons and skinks a much-needed ld bonus and help the saurus blocks with the break tests.
So far, I've only had the chance to give it a try once, against an empire army. The battle ended a draw, mainly due to the fact that the slann fled from a charge only to be caught by a cleverly-cast steed of shadows in the magic phase. (oh, and that mace-of-helstrum-totting arch lector didn't do much good to my stegadons, either...)

Well??What do you make out of this list? Will it fare badly in a competitive environment, will the 2 stegadons hurt the composition score, any advice on how to amend the army? Don't hold back :D

28-09-2007, 12:32
Don't stick the Slaan by himself. You might want to drop the the 2nd stegadon for a unit of temple guard, or sking priest and a warcheif or saurus hero

28-09-2007, 12:59
Thank you for the reply, this part of the forums seems to be getting slower and slower these days...
-I usually field the Slann in a unit of TG and it is truly rock hard. However, I have recently seen many tournament players use the slann on his own with great results. He becomes more manoeuverable, and can be deployed wherever he is needed. This is something I want to try... I acknowledge that it might seem odd, but I've seen it work and it's something new at the very least. (plus, you don't want to field a 5th gen slann with TG..one serious miscast and there's saurus dying everywhere...)

-The 2 stegadons are the theme of the list, the very reason it was created... And they are fun to play with!! :D

Any other suggestions, people?

28-09-2007, 13:21
I've always seen stagadons as being brilliant models, but suffering in the rules department. The skinks are too weak to do much in combat and the Great Bow is rarely effective for more than annoying the opponent. The Stegadon's charge is fine, but if it doesnt break the enemy straight away it gets bogged down. Used like a chariot to support the cavalry it might do fine, but most people seem to prefere Salamanders for effectiveness. If your going themed, maybe use them as mounts for a skink hero? I haven't seen anyone use them like this, so I dont know how much it'll do.

Armywise, with only the slann you'll be short vs magic, especially in a competetive (Powergaming) environment. Nice to see an army minus the scroll caddy, but people take him for a reason. You dont seem to have any chunky units, only the Krox and the cavalry with any hitting power. Finally with no choppy heroes, you might suffer vs Vampires, Choas Lords or even Orc heroes.

Love the stagadon though, Lizardmen need more Dinosaurs. I saw a Golden Deamon Ankleosaurus "Stagadon" and the converted Engine of the gods, but more Big Dinos!

02-10-2007, 16:08
Oops!Sorry for taking so long to reply, real life took over (absurd, isn't it??)

Ok, let's address the points BigRob made one by one:

-Stegadon effectiveness: Contrary to popular belief, Stegadons are quite reliable.
1)They cause Terror (ok, a bit random but it can work wonders for you).
2)They cause impact hits just like a scythed chariot, while being able to march.
3)They are effectively immune to psychology without having any drawbacks (ie.they can flee charges)
4)They have a 5+ ward save VS shooting and Magic...That's right, I'm talking about the skinks here :evilgrin:
5)They carry a bolt thrower.
7)Being stubborn at Ld5 coldblooded with a reroll from a BSB equals having an Ld value of 9...
8)US 8--->Rank breaker!

So, to sum up, if used correctly they can be battle winners. What most people don't get is that they are not the equivalent of a Dragon (and that's why you can have more than one!!) Thus far they have been fire magnets, but their survivabillity is quite high (just keep them away from banshees and the Casket of Souls!)

-Characters: True, I too would like an extra hero in this list..Probably a JSOD with the mark of tepok for added magic protection. But I find it hard to get the points without messing the list up too much... If any of the hard hitters goes, then I'm afraid the list won't have enough punch in CC...

-Magic: True -yet again-, 7 PD won't guarantee a magical barrage, but it's the equivalent of 2 lvl 2 mages plus a power familiar, a staff of sorcery and a staff-of-+1-to-cast! Below par for a slann, but remember that his main role is giving Ld, keeping up with the core of the army, casting low-level spells (mistress of the marsh and the 1st metal spell are both personal favorites..), and keeping the worst of enemy magic at bay. The lack of a Dispel Scroll may seem disturbing, but I rarely pay the points for one..It's my playing style and has so far proven me right! (even against tzeentch-14 PD armies!)

Hitting Power-enemy heroes: As far as hitting power is concerned, I will have to combine charges of the "lesser" units in order to gain the upper hand. But I see that as a tactical challenge! Heroes can be a problem (although i hope rule of burning Iron kills one before he reaches my lines)

So, no changes so far, but what I'd like to include is the Bane Head magic item and a saurus scar veteran of doom...Any ideas as to where I might find the points?

warlord hack'a
02-10-2007, 23:38
you will rely on getting more than one unit into any one combat (which as you say is the tactical challenge you seek and like), this is also the weakness: if somehow the hard hitters get held up the small units of suarus warriors are not going to stand a chrage by ranked up enemy infantry. So you NEED those 4 heavy hitting units. Fortunately you have skins and stegadons to handle those enemy units that could delay your heavy hitters (eg fast cav, scouts etc.). All in all an interesting list and nice to see one without a 2nd generation slann..