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26-09-2007, 18:31
As much as it pains me, I'm cutting down my Empire list to make room for other stuff. So I'm sticking to Warbands games for my Empire army instead of getting rid of it all together. Here is my list.. if there is something that isn't right either in me messing up the rules (never played Warbands) or you just have suggestions, let me know.

Here we go:
Warrior Priest (suppose I can swap it with Battle Wizard or Captain)
10 Swordsmen - detach of 5 xbows
10 Swordsmen - detach of 5 handguns
10 Greatswords - detach of 5 Halberds
4 Pistoliers with musician

I can easily cut the pistolier squad down. I want to try to keep 2 different squads of Swordsmen for personal reasons (I have 2 distinctly converted regiments).

Squad upgrades worth it at this level? If I go with a Battle Wizard, is it even worth taking a level 1?

I'm even considering taking out another pistolier and including a pegasus captain with a pistol.

Thanks in advance for any input.

28-09-2007, 09:08
Hmm, so no one else wants to put any input?

I made another list that seems pretty fun.

1 Pegasus on Captain, full plate, shield, pistol
5 Handgunners
5 Xbow
10 Greatswords with 2x5 detachments of swordsmen
3 Ogre Ironguts

My options are to maybe take less ogres and get squad upgrades to the greatswords+add more greatswords.

28-09-2007, 17:26
It'll be amusing seeing a Pegasus riding a captain.

The first list of the two is the one I wouldn't want to face at 500 point sized games as it just looks mean. The amount of ranged firepower in it is lethal against most things at a smaller level and I doubt most people would be able to survive a few good turns of shooting.

No comments on the second list, it definitely looks more fun!

28-09-2007, 21:30
Hmm, maybe I'll go with the second list then. I'd rather my opponent have fun than to face something that might be considered too menacing. I build my lists mostly on the models I like.