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Strictly Commercial
01-09-2005, 16:21
Ooohhhh, now this game is cool. In Darkwatch, set in the American West in the late 1800s, you play an outlaw named Jericho Cross, who gets tainted by an ancient evil and becomes an undead agent of justice. Although 1st person is generally best on PC, I have it for XBox and it works out quite well.

The overall gameplay gets about eight out of ten, with a couple of flaws that I can manage to accept just because it's that cool. You have a variety of smoke wagons with which to deal out justice to your demonic foes, all with a different type of melee attack (which you have to master in order to survive). My weapon of choice is the standard issue redeemer, which you can fan the hammer and send hot, righteous lead out toward your hapless foes at a good rate. One thing I like is that it is quite difficult to keep your reticule on target when you do, making it a bit more challenging but more rewarding when you do plug your enemy full of holes.

Of course you get powers to boost your abilities, although these are not overwhelming and generally just get you out of tight spots. You have to make the choice between good and evil in the end, and there are some typical components that are a bit commonplace in games today, but the thing I really like is that ultimately it's your skill at the gun that wins the day and not which gun you have, what armor you find, etc. The storyline is relatively original, although veteran roleplayers will see a number of inspirations from the Deadlands RPG. I give it about a 7 of 10 overall, which is a pretty good rating from me.