View Full Version : Baneblade Tank Commander plastic model

26-09-2007, 21:08
Has anyone seen the new Banblade Tank Commander? He looks sweet. I'm hoping that GW will be selling his plastic parts separately mainly his lower (longcoat) half. I would love to do a whole IG with longcoats. Would be sweet.

26-09-2007, 21:26
You may have to look at an on-line store or trading to get one. He is 3 or so components of one of the 6+ (can't remember) sprues for the baneblade. You even get a base to put him on in the baneblade box!

He is also plastic, and right now, GW doesn't sell plastic components separately... yet...

Very nice mini though!

26-09-2007, 21:43
Hey..as long as I can get the model separatley from the tank, I'm happy. Online or otherwise. :)

26-09-2007, 23:04
Indeed, he looks great.