View Full Version : druchii anointed.. what would you give him?

warmaster tz'arkan
26-09-2007, 22:04
im just wondering what equipment all of you would give a druchii anointed.:D:D:D

26-09-2007, 22:35
On foot with Great Weapon, Quicking Blood, Heart-stone of Darkness,
5 strg 7 attacks always first, with +4 ward, excellent character killer! For even more dual power throw in Soporific Musk and most people will hit you on 5's

There is some controversy by mixing Albion, (eg Gauntlet of Power) with SoC items, which has been banned in many tournaments, but that is also a popular combo

vampires are cool!
26-09-2007, 22:40
Drache of power and a ward save. Nasty nasty nasty!

27-09-2007, 00:23
Draich of Dark Power, cold one, avatar of Slaanesh, enchanted shield, lvl 2 mage.

27-09-2007, 13:27
Apart from the weapons/blood, Pendant of Slaanesh in combination with Dark Magic (possibly using a spell familliar to give you 3 rolls) is also a combination I used to good effect. Heal wounds (assuming you roll the spell, of course), and gain more attacks when you are wounded.