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27-09-2007, 01:28
Hey there!

First of all, let me say that I don't play Wood Elves, I'm a Chaos-player.
However, I'm looking to expand and I've been thinking about Wood Elves.
Now, the Wood Elves I play mostly come with a standard Wardancer Lord, sporting Blades of Loec, Stone of the Crystal Mere and An Annoyance of Netlings. They're all well and good, but having read through the WE army book, I find that the Stone could be put to better use if worn by someone riding a big green thingy.

That's right, a dragon.

Now, the Stone reminds me of the Golden Eye of Tzeentch, although it has both pros and cons in comparison.
The Stone offers a 3+ Ward Save for bearer+mount in CC as well as against shooting, but will only last until the save is failed.
The Eye only grants a Ward Save vs. shooting, but stays there.

Now, I thought of two possible setups for a Dragon Highborn and they are:

Highborn on Forest Dragon #1:
Spear of Twilight
Helm of the Hunt
Stone of Crystal Mere
Light Armour

Highborn on Forest Dragon #2:
Spear of Twilight
Stone of Crystal Mere
Enchanted Shield
Annoyance of Netlings
Light Armour

What I need to know is:

Is a Dragon-riding WE-lord any good at all, or should I just drop the idea?

If he's crap, please tell me why.
If it's a good decent idea at least, please tell me which of the above setups you think is best and why - and/or perhaps you could give me another (better?) alternative?

Thanks in advance,


27-09-2007, 09:49
A Dragon is always good in any army if it is used with some care - avoiding concentrated shooting, getting isolated, etc.

It of course uses up lots of points and reduces the size of your army somewhat. WE armies tend to be small and if you include a Treeman (almost obligatory for WE) it will shrink even more.

Both lists are possible. Recommended changes -
Give Helm of the Hunt to your Alter Noble - the 2 complement each other.
Annoyance of Netlings might be better with a Branchwraith so that the strengths of your army are spread out and not wholly dependent on the dragon. The Dragon is more likely to charge then be charged and it can therefore select combat it can easily win i.e. it can avoid combat involving challenges and therefore needs less protection from them.

27-09-2007, 14:32
Giving Annoyance to the dragon rider is a bit of waste, since your opponent can always attack the dragon and thereby circumvate the benefit of Annoyance (although he might waste one round of attacks, but if dragon riding WE Highborn issues a challenge, it might be safer bet not to even try to hit the rider. Naturally that can be used for your benefit, until the true carrier of Netlings is revealed).

27-09-2007, 14:36
The dragon is T6 though, as opposed to T3 on the rider. Less likely to cause wounds at all that way as I see it. Or am I wrong?

27-09-2007, 15:03
I love monstrous mounts for characters. I'm constantly fielding my Bretonnian Lord on a hippogryph these days.. they can inspire alot of fear into your opponent.

My preferred build of those is number 2, simply for the enchanted shield. I've noticed that characters on mounts are very lacking in the armour department and can fall startlingly easy to even light attacks. The whole idea with characters on dragons, hippogryphs etc. is that you don't really want to be around for extended combats. You want to charge it into a flank, negate ranks and break the unit and the ability to see over units (being a large target) is very handy.

As an added bonus, the new High Elf dragon is awesome and prime for conversion to become a forest dragon!

28-09-2007, 05:20

I use my Forest Lord on Dragon a lot actually and I find it to be very effective if it's used with finesse ;) A threat of a dragon basically can take the pressure off your other units who would get the chance to better position themselves for your assault.

As for your builds I think the second one is better. I always find that annoying little spite to be crucial for the health of the Lord who is a T3 fragile elf after all :( As for the arguments that your opponent can hit the dragon, it is a d-r-a-g-o-n for Isha's sake, they will try hurt it at their own peril :D The Enchanted Shield is also a fine addition when you have the spare points while I can't imagine a dragon rider without the Stone of Crystalmere (just be carefull to not be hit by archers, the will waste your stone fast which should be reserved to the cannon ball :cool:

As for the spear that is a personal choice and I tend to furnish my lord with a regular spear and the Hail of Doom Arrow. KB is nice but your dragonlord is not the perfect character hunter out there anyway. He should be used to engage infantry and low numbered cavalry as the uber lords out there usually prove to be a too hard nut to crack for the Asrai Lord.

30-09-2007, 06:40
As an added bonus, the new High Elf dragon is awesome and prime for conversion to become a forest dragon!

It looks great but it's *uugh* PLASTIC!!!


01-10-2007, 00:11
plastic is good! Have you built one of the new spawn kits. They're fasty easy, you can do whatever you want and they're so much fun