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Lord Asuryan
27-09-2007, 05:54
Hi, my firends list is as follows:

Warrior priest: meteoric iron, GW

Battle wizard (lore of death): lvl 2

Battle wizard (lore of light): lvl 2

20 swordsmen: full command (warrior priest+light wizard go here)
detachment: 10 halberdier

10 handgunners: marksman with repeater handgun

5 knight: full command, lances, inner circle

5 Outrider

Great Cannon

Ok... we've played approx. 10 games, he's lost every single one, though my general has died at least 3 times, almost every game was a massacre. he needs help, evidently. I personally, would recomend to him:
swap great cannon for helstorm
swap battle wizard for captain (or at least swap lore of death for lore of fire)
poss. swap outriders for pistoliers?
Icon of magnus, maybe?

he doesn't exactly listen to me, so a little expert advice would be helpful. I play the following at 1000 points:

Necromancer Seethruen the deathlord: lvl 2, book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll

Necromancer Villius the Damned: lvl 2, staff of damnation

Wight Lord Aranak the evercursed: Sword of the Kings, Heavy armour, the enchanted shield

20 skelly: full command

20 skelly: full command

6 dire wolf

6 black knight: full command, barding

all advice on either list appreciated, focus on empire tho.

27-09-2007, 06:34
i say go all fire or shadow

drop the outriders

i say cannon snipe the necro general ;)

the wizards should be scroll caddys so that invocation doesnt go off

dont put the wizard in the fighty unit sit him on a hill undead dont have shooting

im split on how i feel about the priest

for the undead

if your general keeps getting killed give him the cloak of mist and shadows and sit him in a forest invocation doesnt require line of site most necro spells dont (at least the good ones)

i dont see the point in the 6 black knights mabey use there points to give the skelies light armour and take another unit of wolves if you need them

well thats what i got feel free to take my advice

27-09-2007, 06:48
Stick the WP on a barded horse, heavy armour and shield and you get a 2+ save for cheaper plus better movement. Use you newly acquired point to get a good magic Item (sword of battle + gorgon shield is good combo). Stick him in the knight unit.

If you play Empire you HAVE to take the rod of power if you have a wizard

Swordsmen unit should be 25 men min

Never take a marksman with repeater handgun you can take 3 men instead of that marksman (remember –1 to hit with multi shot weapons). If you take a marksman a long rifle will put the fear into the General

Take a mortar or hellstorm over a cannon V’s horde armies.

Up the knight unit by one

Outriders for Pistoliers is a good Idea you will run rings around all of the VC units

Stick the Wizards In a non combat unit eg handgunners and outriders and put them on horse's (just for the movement)

Maybe take the VHS if your having trouble killing the generals

27-09-2007, 08:31
my god you told him the exact oposite of what i told him

bigbear bailey
27-09-2007, 09:33
Ok here we go...

Knights: they are good just need to make sure he hits flanks with them...

Handgunners: Drop the champ and make them a detachment...

Wizards: Unless you REALLY like them, drop them and take cheap captians on steads for better saves and more attacks... He can give one of them the Icon of magnus (the one that is with the swordsmen) and make the other fight with the pistoliers...(that you should have other then outriders)

27-09-2007, 13:28
my god you told him the exact oposite of what i told him

Well that's because cannon sniping is unlikely to kill him because you have to hit him, he gets a look out sir roll and he will most likely have a ward save.

A VC will have no trouble magic missileing you wizards if there alone

the rod of power can turn power dice into dispel dice so he will have up to 5-8 dispel dice or 6-9 power dice plus a prayer (which can make you unbreakable)

Oh I did forget one thing take the casket (you know the one that steals spells):) stick it on the wizard in the pistoleers. *inserts evil laugh*