View Full Version : Any groups around the Uni of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN?

Honor Bound
27-09-2007, 16:23
Are there any groups playing around the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN?

I've been out of the loop for a few years and am interested in playing again.


27-09-2007, 20:55
Dude it might be a good idea to put the name of the uni in your thread title, that way people from the area will spot it without even looking in the thread ! Good luck, hope you find a good group !

27-09-2007, 23:18
the nearest decent game store to the st-thomas uni in st-paul is called THE SOURCE, its at larpentuer and snelling ave, just past the state fair. they do miniature gaming on a monday night, and open gaming on sundays, although sundays tend to be a bit dead. its worth checking out, and no i do not work there but i used to be a regular.
failing that there is a group called adeptus minneapolis. never had any dealing with then so coudnt tell you much.

just out of interest what armies do you have?

Honor Bound
28-09-2007, 00:18
I have a last edition dwarfs army, and I used to have a HE army and am looking in to them again now that they have been revamped.

01-10-2007, 23:15

I live in the Saint Paul area. I wouldn't recommend the Source for warhammer; there isn't a big fantasy group there anymore...

However, a new game store just opened in south minneapolis called Tower Games. It's on 48th and Nicollet, I believe. There should be a good following of players there. Another decent group is adeptus minneapolis, but they play a lot of 40k, Warmachine and other stuff. For info on them check out www.adeptusminneapolis.com

And if you ever want a game, PM me and I'd be happy to meet up, even if you have to spend time re-learning the game. I go to the U of M and work right off of Highway 94 and 280, so I'm pretty close. Most of my group recently moved or got out of the hobby. I play ogres and tomb kings, mainly.