View Full Version : History of 40k and Apocalypso(German GW Website)

27-09-2007, 16:29

That teaser appeared on sept 27th on the german website.

It basicly describes some background ie Armageddon, post-Damokles campaigns, Age of Apostacy, GC, HH..

Could this little thing be a glimpse of the future of 40k battles(new orks on Armagitzon in January, maybe some new sisters models for an Age of Apostacy Campaign).

You may ask yourselves why i bring that up. Every aspect of this history overview is covered by a wide mini range, except for the GC HH und Age of Apostacy stuff.

Maybe GW will widen its scope to the "history" of 40k..

27-09-2007, 17:23
Hmmmm, interesting. I can see GW doing more historical campaigns rather than continuing the system since medusa was in M40 998 or something silly. Age of apostasy is likely, but the HH i dont think will happen because that would exclude so many factions (Tau, nids, necrons, any SM list that was not a legion, chaos as we know it).

27-09-2007, 17:30
well there was once a GC/HH bit in WD mainly made up from GW staffs SM legions, but they also included IG, nids and tau as random alien races. However it was an CP system with "loyality" points which you assemble by victorys(more LP mean more points to spend in Battles).

One just has to bring this on a 3000p+ scale..