View Full Version : 1K DE Temple of Khaine Army

28-09-2007, 00:22
Thought I'd see what everyone thought of my Temple of Khaine themed army. This is my first army/list ever so be gentle. :eek: Guys at druchii.net seemed to think it would be solid. I'll mainly be playing against another DE army, and will eventually expand it to 2k. My friend is going with more heavy hitters (Cold Ones, Black Guard), so I need to combat that.

Hero (115 Points)
-Armour of Darkness
-Sword of Might

Core (336 Points)
Warriors x 23 ***Noble marches with Warriors
-Full Command

Dark Riders x 5
-Repeater Crossbows

Special (548 Points)
Witch Elves x 12

Witch Elves x 12

Executioners x 12
-Full Command

Total: 999 Points