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01-09-2005, 22:31

As some of you know, Im with the band "the Emperors Canaries"
my reason for creating a new post is because I am runnning out of things to write about. So it would realy help if you guys would cough up all your imaginations can muster. if not for me...do it for the Emperor.

For those who have no clue...pay attention. We are a band that uses almost any style of music to get our comedic point around(please no country...make it stop) and we are just a group of friends who go to the same school(and play warhammer...who knew?) we are all registered on warseer...Im lead vocals(and the space marine) Templersstorms is our lead guitar(Eldar)
and SmashemtaBitsa is on Bass(Ork) we are still looking for a drummer and a rithym guitarist...now for the Emperors sake help us out!

sincerely TheyJackedMyRhino...(you can call me Rhino for short)

02-09-2005, 00:45
I'm sure you'll find this (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=333) thread intresting.

03-09-2005, 01:20
Thanks Crux, that was interesting...but the thing is our songs are original...and some of them have a double meaning..we have nine songs wich I will post real soon....(now where did I set that warp damned note-book?!)

03-09-2005, 14:08
There may be small print regarding the posting of lyrics on the net and recording it for a record company, as with literature.

03-09-2005, 14:14
By the Throne, We're the Emperors Canaries

If by the throne you're the Emperor's Canaries, what are you when you aren't next to the toilet? :confused: ;)

03-09-2005, 15:12
so are you all god emperor birds??

06-09-2005, 04:09
you know..its arrogant idiots like you why most warhammer based bands never make it!...I was hoping to be taken a little more seriously!(and when my title said "by the throne" it was referring to the Emperors Golden throne...any 40,000 gamer knows that) so evreyone...please take my band and I seriosly...we're really trying to apeal to evreyone(meaning..if you guys have an Idea for a song, tell me and I'll try to write it)

so...Im still looking for my notebook, I wont keep you waiting much longer for my songs to be posted(and I assure you that there are no parodys in the line up...and there never will!)

06-09-2005, 09:03
Oh come on, can't somebody have a little fun anymore. If you're making comedic music, surely you must be able to appreciate a joke like that.

Emperor knows I liked it. Thanks for making me laugh, N'bel. :D

06-09-2005, 12:52
jeez, jacked. Chill, man. Just a little light-hearted humour. Besides, we don;t want to be taken seriously. We have a song about being raped by a Daemonette. You try to take that seriously, you'll get yourself an aneurysm.

09-09-2005, 03:27
Im sorry...I just felt a little offended...but any way...I now present one of our hilarious song about having the worst luck ever(damn dice made me lose again! :wtf: ) its your every day rock song...."Dice Rolls from Hell"

V1 One day, my friends and I were playing a game
and we were just havin fun
all of a sudden, things went arie
and I was just rolling ones
It seems lady luck has given me the cold shoulder
This streak of bad luck is getting sour, getting older

[chorus] My bad luck grows its in the past that I dwell
I keep getting these dice rolls from hell
To the Emperor I pray that my luck will change
but its when that I cant tell
Now its no tale as my space marines wail
in shame their armor fails
I suspect your loaded dice
but theres proof that I cant nail

V2 Ive lost every game Ive recently played
I feel like such a fool
I try not to mind, I just take my time
I hope I dont lose my cool
To me Lady luck has given me the cold shoulder
I'll keep tryin Im getting tired, getting bolder


[bridge] Im just sitting here drenched in sweat
this is the worst game Ive played yet!


We Love you Dark Continent...Good night!!!
thank you...in other news...Temp and I are trying to get our audio recording of one of our songs posted(or I should say making a link to his web site) so when we do..I'll notify you...or he will, wichever way works. :eek:

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
09-09-2005, 03:58
Where do you live?

I play drums...

09-09-2005, 13:59
We're all Michiganders... (Which is a dumb way of saying we live in the mitten state.)

He Who Laughs
09-09-2005, 14:10
[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Im sorry...I just felt a little offended...

Yeah, I think it's a right of passage for Warseer - most of my mates (and myself) that have started on Warseer have been offended within the first few posts they've made - but then you get used to all you smart-arsed b#stards
:p :rolleyes:

Good luck with the band. I've not been in one - but have been a casual roadie for a local band, and I know how tough it can be starting out. The only thing I can stress is - make sure someone in the band (preferably the singer) is very charismatic. And if not, practice at it. When you get gigs - get the crowd involved, don't mumble into the mike "we're the emperors canaries - buy the CD's up the back"... it just oozes un-professionallism. With the band I roadie-ed for, it got so bad during the first couple of gigs that I had to jump out the front and psyche the crowd up myself - fat lot of good the singer was....

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
09-09-2005, 19:31
We're all Michiganders... (Which is a dumb way of saying we live in the mitten state.)

Hmm. I can see how this will be a problem, since i live in maryland. Oh well...

Tormentor of Slaanesh
09-09-2005, 20:05
have u wrote any of ur own songs?
can we see/hear any?

09-09-2005, 21:15
all the songs we have written are entirely original (no parodies even). We have posted some of our lyrics on this thread, and also the thread simly titled 'The Emperor's Canaries', also in Random Musings. We don't have any of the music available yet, but are working on uploading a guitar/vocal demo of one song. We will post links as soon as we get it set up.

09-09-2005, 21:18
ooh ooh, good name for a song:

"I swallowed a tau sprue on a bet"

09-09-2005, 21:19
this wouldn't by any chance be based on a true story, would it?

09-09-2005, 21:21
.....Well, we'll keep that between you and me.

09-09-2005, 21:31
I know of far worse things that people have done and didn't even get money for, so don't feel bad. (speaking in third person here, really!)

09-09-2005, 21:43
I've just been notified that the first uploaded demo is on the site. Click here to hear it!


The site is just that before the Tooth part, but it is definately WIP, so disregard the mess!

14-09-2005, 03:24
Ive been considering a song about the Tau for awhile...but dont know where to start...Help, by the Golden throne of Terra help me... :eek:

14-09-2005, 11:15
write about the vaginas on their faces. HA-CHOO! Eww, you snooged all over me!

14-09-2005, 16:45
...and if you've just Gone to last unread post here:..what the hell are we talking about?! :D

18-09-2005, 14:24
well...I had an idea during the week for a song about the Tau. Its called "Crisis"...I havent finished it yet...but I'll post it as soon as Im done :evilgrin:

23-09-2005, 03:28
If anyone has Ideas for a song, post it, and I'll write it(if its good)....I need more Ideas!!! :skull: :cries:

16-10-2005, 02:18
now...I feel pretty stupid now, why no reply...thats all I ask, I just want an awesome idea or an opinion on the band.:cries: