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02-09-2005, 00:15
Tomb King
GW armour of ages; collar of Shap..;blue Khepra

Liche Priest
Casket of souls
dispel scroll

Cloak of dunes

dispel scroll

25 Skelleton
spears and shields Standard bearer and War banner musician

15 Skeleton heavy horseman
champion and standard and banner of undying legions

2*3 chariots
standard bearers

2* Scorpian

Screaming skull catapult with skulls of foes


I find the army ok exept for the lack of models. but on the table it seems to do ok

(came 2nd place in a hall of heroes tourny and a local hobby shop) and i was just

wondering if anyone sees some changes that could be made to it to tweek its

performance. Because if i dont feel this army meets my standard i always have a

empire army to take its place

And im not getting rid of the heavy horsmen because they have won me many of games..

Muffin Man
02-09-2005, 02:21
Its good to see people who stick to their horsemen (also Godhead's list). They aren't that bad, they just don't follow the normal point and click rules for heavy cavalry or the traditional roles for fast cavalry, which IMO is what the TK army is all about, being weird and different.

Anyways, about the list, the only thing I see is, what is the CoS priest doing? You could stand to have a SCC for him to cast on. Most armies won't want to get shot at twice by that thing so tempting them to use even more dispel dice is a good idea, especially as the casket goes last :skull:. That's the only thing I would suggest just looking at your list, of course your playstyle may make this unnecessary.

02-09-2005, 04:34
heavy horsemen are really under powered. Id drop them and get some more chariots or ushabti maybe another tomb scorpion or some carrions. you knowsomething that might kill something, skel statline models arent impressive even on a horse :)

02-09-2005, 20:44
Even though you specifically said you weren't getting rid of the horsemen, fubukii makes a good point. Think of those times they've won you the game and consider whether it HAD to be them. Could it possibly have been a different unit, one which cost less than 284 pts? (how do you rank 14 anyways? 5x3 with one missing in back?)
Chariots are more maneuverable and hit harder on the charge, though they aren't as great if they don't break the enemy immediately. Ushabti are better in pretty much every way except armor save (made up for by higher T) and speed. So consider whether or not you need those 8"--does it usually end up going to waste when you use horsemen? The other two fubukii mentioned (scorps & carrions) generally fill different battlefield roles than heavy horsemen, but have a good think about what you use your horsemen most for and see if one (or more--284 pts is a lot) of these more specialized troops would fill the role better.

Just a nitpicky note: "collar of Shap.."?? Those last few letters would've just done you in, eh?

03-09-2005, 07:19
I changed my army andtake a look at it and post more replies

but the heavy horsemen arent underpower they are pro and take on most units

head on and then run them down because they get the 8" movement then cast

urgency on them and there the are in combat with the charge.

And it would of hurt me to write 3 more letterss hahaha

03-09-2005, 19:09
your tryin to tell me that your skels on a horse that are heavy cav with a 4+ (my foot skels get a 4+ save) will take out most units.

thats just like saying my skels can take out most units.they are just mobile skels for 2x the point cost. i assume you rank them in 4 or 5 so lets do some math hear.

Skel hvy horse vs highelf spearmen - 4/5 attacks /2/2.5 hit 1.32/1.65 then they get a 6+ ^.^
your horses attack same deal 2/2.5 hit 1/1.25 wound then a 5+ save
we will assume you got lucky and killed 3 now the elfs get 13 attacks back 9-10 will hit about 5 will wound you lose about 2.5 models there now this is assuming that the elfs dont make any saves whatsoever or dotn have a warbanner you would win combat in that sitatuon. yes against one of the most fragile units in the game your knights can kill 3 guys on the charge :) explain to me why ushabti or scorpions or carrions for march blocking arent a better investment of 300 points?

04-09-2005, 01:26
A) Not alot of archers which are very usful in tomb kings(get 2 or three rounds of shoting then reform and use urgency for a surprise rear/flank charge)
B) drop casket and somthing else for a third socrpion or carrions(damn i love them scorpions)
C) to the post above: why do u give ur skelis light armor, skelies are spounge units not fighter units, per match my skelies with H/W kill 2-3 units per game they are meant to win by out numbering not surviving thats why we can summon more.

04-09-2005, 01:47
[QUOTE=fubukii]your tryin to tell me that your skels on a horse that are heavy cav with a 4+ (my foot skels get a 4+ save) will take out most units.

thats just like saying my skels can take out most units.they are just mobile skels for 2x the point cost. i assume you rank them in 4 or 5 so lets do some math hear.


mobility is one of the main factor. and since i said that youll probably say then get

chariots. but say the enemy has a squad of 30 men the only way the chariots

could win is if they charge the flank so if the go head on they may do a couple

wound but then they are dead. but the horses can charge in the front and do

some wounds and lets not say there charging head on into some HE spearmen or

a dragon or a regiment of dragon princes led by tyrion for that matter just a

normal average only get one rank attacks and two at te most and dont have 1+

armour saves or tufness 6 or any super magiacl powers. then the horses on average

send them runing and finish them of quick and easy and they can move 8" and

still have good unit strength and ranks and that movemens wat my kindof TK

army needs not a bunxh of slow moving squads of skelies 1 is good enough for me.

04-09-2005, 08:30
if you want mobility take carrionss, chariots, tomb scorpions and ushabti. Dont forget skel horsemen are easily shot down being tough 3 with a iffy save. ANd why did i give my skels armor? simple i had a few extra points left so i figured why not

04-09-2005, 20:29
I say stick with those horsemen. They can provide ranks and a cheap standard to work in a beautiful tandem with the chariots. They have a huge unit strength, cause fear and can carry either the warbanner or the undying legion. They benefit more from the fight a round of attacks spell than foot skellies, but less from the raise dead spell. I have had the same good luck with the horseman. With their speed and the movement spell, then can plow a hole in the weak spot of an enemy battle line on the first turn (assuming you went second) spreading panic amongst all the surrounding troops. The Tomb King army I play most is all mounted skellies supported by speedy undead constructs and I have had more luck with that than the static footslogger list.

I even use the poor icon bearer to some effect (killing blowed a chaos lord, but that was pure luck) with armor of ages and vambraces of the sun he can hold out against average fighting heroes, and the -1 CR damage really helps the scorps and ushabti stay in line. I started bringing the icon bearer because I found myself shorting the list one character to save points, and I figured that if I was down a liche anyway, why not try him out for only around 100 points kitted out. (thus defeating my saving points reasoning) All you guys can feel free to flame for having the icon bearer's back. I assure you my inner child will cry under your assertions of how stupid I am to bring him.

I've even brought a Mummy with the cloak of dunes in the unit of heavy horsemen for some great killing power (you do lose the charge range though)

Your style is unorthodox...

but effective

04-09-2005, 21:28
Exactly lord byron on your first paragraph is wat im talking about and an icon bearer isnt that bad if you play an army which uses him to his full extent. and

fubukii did you not read wat i said about chariots and did you not notice i already
have 2 units and that i already have 2 scorpians. and on the point of carrion i

dont have much against them exept for the point and money cost for a squad that can do somethingand only 2 strenth three attacks for 24 points each and

even if they get the good flank or rear on a unit they have to get lucky to even
have a chance to stay and fight. But i admit if i needed a good warmachine or

wizard hunter or a marhblocker(dont like using them i want the other army to get closer) they would be great but with the scorpians they do the job perfectly and

then the casket give help by sending the lone character back to the unit to hide. And i already said the horses are one thing here to stay why do you keep ranting

to get me to get rid of them and telling all how bad they are when they then

agree with me so unless you have something useful like Byron and muffin man
said just dont say anything at all. like wraithlord who spoke his oppinion once and

then left his thoughts there and didnt rant on to people who dont give a dam on wat you have to say exept to tell you your wrong

05-09-2005, 20:20
heres something constructive, you need a scroll or 2 in the army since you only have 5 dispel dice.

05-09-2005, 22:52
too get the 2 dispel scrolls do you think i should take off the blue khepra and one horseman (it would make sense sincethey are 5 by 3 most the time) or

should i keep the blue khepra and take off the war banner with the skellies and take off the champs in a chariot unit

05-09-2005, 22:59
i took out the two cahampions in the chariots( 20pts for one more attack) and a heavy hormen to put in two dispel scrolls and a musician in the skellies (extra points).

thans for the advice anymore?

Brother Edwin
05-09-2005, 23:18
Infantry is worthless.

You need 2 catapaults for paniking your enemy general turn 1..

06-09-2005, 00:49
if i took 2 SSC then i couldnt take the casket so i wouldnt mbe able to sit him beside the catapults to cast smiting on them so they can shoot twice.

so id rather have one to shoot twice and which has a liche at its desposal than two that could be killed and then doent have the casket to scare the enmy into wasting dispel scrolls or saving dice....

Lord Lucifer
14-09-2005, 00:13
Earlandir, you may notice your post has been deleted.
This is because it was spam.

In future, make legitimate critique, explaining your point of view, in a clear and easily understood manner.
Calling the author of the list an idiot and claiming his choices are 'teh suxxor' are not condusive of intelligent discussion

Forum Moderator

14-09-2005, 06:43
I think that you should add ushabti in place of heavy cavalry because they are more effective and look way nicer on the field. You should also add another block of skeletons or tomb guard to add a bit more melee and staying power in combat, by taking out the casket or SSC.