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28-09-2007, 13:12
Hi and thanks in advance for your responses. My friend is thinking of starting a lizardmen army but neither of us have access to a book until we go to the local store tomorrow. Could someone help us out with a rough guide as to how many points 80 tooled up saurus warriors (without command though) with a most expensive slann and a lord level tooled up warrior (oldblood ?) would be. Thanks in advance for your help as he is trying to get a rough idea of his starting points value. We both realise that this army alone would be boring, he is thinking of using it as a base only for a massive point army. Thanks again for your help.

28-09-2007, 13:20
Slann weighs in at about 800 points, +-200, a scar veteran (you canŽt take oldblood unless you are playing over 3k games, and already have a lord choice - slann) is about 150 +-25 pts. 80 sauruswarriors, without any equipment or command models/blessed spawnings is 960 pts. YouŽd have 2k army right there, if you took some upgrades to the saurus warriors. Effectiveness is another point entirely.

28-09-2007, 13:22
80 saurus warriors with spears > 1120

Slann Mage-Priest, 2nd generation, 100 pts magic, standard bearer > 585

Oldblood on carnosaur, 100 pts magic, spawnings < 524

Total of 2229...

28-09-2007, 13:43
Remember that the army needs to be at least 3000 points for two lords choices. It's one or other at two thousand. Also, the slaan and the oldblood each take up two character slots (if the old blood is on a carnosaur). The slaan takes up an additional rare too, so this limits your list in some ways. Finally, some advice-- buy some skinks too.